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#alwaysminting take your trading to the next level and join a community of like-minded investors and traders

Gain exclusive access to Always Minting VIP, our premium Discord community designed for trading enthusiasts. Unlock a wealth of knowledge and market insights, interact with like-minded individuals, and transform your trading journey. Experience real-time updates, tips, and more after your purchase. Trade better with the Mint, it's always fresh!

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Market Minnow

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TP Mint - Unlocking The Fractal

TP Mint Community
Active trading community where trading ideas are posted, questions are answered, and connections are made
Market Analysis And Coaching
Learn from the TP Mint team on how best to master the world of trading from our experience
Daily/Weekly Chart Markups
Learn what the TP HQ team are watching and the strategies at play
Price Action & Market Cipher B
Approach the market with laser focus with our TP MINT strategies to put you on the path to success
TP Mint Indicator Access
Use the TP Mint indicator to set alerts for your preferred timeframe pairing
Customer question & answers
HI I thought TPmint were running a 50% off monthly subscription for 6 months if you join by 30th November.
Hey mate, it is currently the 1st Dec in Australia. We will be looking into running more deals post Christmas & for New Years. Cheers.
Answered 3 months ago
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4.92 out of 5
(10 reviews)
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11h ago
Been in a few Discord groups... this 1 is the best. Specially DrSlater (I follow her Vids since the Zilliqa altcoin trades back in the days, pew pew). Her explains about using MC are gold.
Purchased Always Minting VIP (plus free eBook) 24d ago
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3d ago
Such an awesome group to be a part of! Dr Slater and Aaron are top notch and are always willing to take time to explain concepts and help traders along in their journey. Multiple times per week trades are both discussed for the upcoming week and then reviewed after they played out. The knowledge you'll gain being inside the discord is invaluable. I've seen multiple dozens of times special videos created for questions made from members answered by Dr Slater, some posted on YouTube, others exclusive to the discord. If you are a fan of Market Cipher / VuMan this is the place to be if you want to master the indicator with a nice twist!
Purchased Always Minting VIP (30 Day Trial) 3 months ago
4d ago
This is the greatest community I’ve ever been in! People helping each other and the tpmint members are always there to support you! Thank you very much you made my trading experience a whole more better
Purchased Always Minting VIP (30 Day Trial) 4 months ago
What technical indicators do you recommend for beginners?
The members of TP Mint use Market Cipher B (we are not the creators of this indicator, so it's important you do your own research and contact their team before deciding if this indicator is right for you). We also make use of exponential moving averages and price action concepts
About the seller
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Trading β€’ Technical Analysis

10 reviews

TP Mint is where trading meets education. Our passion and our goal is to cultivate well informed, skilled traders who excel in the world of finance. Step into our amazing and active trading community and get premium access to top tier traders: engage in conversations, hop on voice calls, live streams, and absorb wisdom from experts. Be ahead of the curve πŸ“ˆ Founded by @tp.aaronc , @drslater06 , @tp.bens

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