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Trade Genius Fx

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Ready To Become A Trade Genius?!

  • Live Trading Room
  • Trade Ideas/Signals
  • Thriving Community
  • Quality Mentorship
  • Hands on teaching
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Live Trading Sessions
Go live 6 times a week with a trader that has already cleared multiple 6 figures!
You will be notified of every trade your educator takes, so you can profit alongside with him!
Growing Community
Join a thriving community that promotes teamwork, and collaboration!
Quality Strategy
This is not your typical education! Trade Genius prides itself on providing the best education on the market!
Active Mentor
Extremely active mentor that is always available to help students grow!
Customer Q&A
Q: Is it suitable for beginners with zero experience?
A: Absolutely many of the students are beginners.
Asked on Nov 4, 2023
Q: The price on your website is $750, but here it's $59. How is that possible?
A: My trading course and community are two separate services. The course is a self paced A-Z curriculum. The community is where you get to trade live with me, and take my signals.
Asked on Oct 22, 2023
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(13 reviews)
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7 months ago
I've been studying @Wallstreet_Ray's material for quite a minute from the content that he has for free and ive take advantage of what he has on the free side and i just want to get further into his material and concepts that is within his course/strategy.
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8 months ago
This course teaches all the ins and outs of his strategy! 10/10 highly recommend! Ray also does zoom calls and live trading 3/5 trading days as well as technical tuesdays! This course took my trading to the next level💪💯
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8 months ago
Really great community! Very hands on & does soooo many calls for such a low price, don’t know if I’ve ever seen such a low price with how active he is throughout the week!
What is Forex?
Forex is short for "Foreign Exchange" which is the largest financial market on earth where we seek opportunities to make money!
What is Discord?
Discord is the group chat initially made for gamers, but due to it's layout it's awesome for a trading group to communicate, and stay organized!
Do we offer refunds?
Sure! We offer a 7-Day refund for anybody that joins, and doesn't feel like the information is for them!
About the seller
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Trade Genius Fx
Trading • General

13 reviews

Trade Genius FX was created for the specific purpose of helping anyone who joins become a TRADE GENIUS! The methods taught in this mentorship has already helped thousands of individuals become profitable traders. The strategies have been tested, and proven for years, but we also put a heavy emphasis on the mindset required to win big! We believe that anyone can understand the markets as long as they can interpret the information properly, so our terminology and psychology is structured for maximum results!

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