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Welcome to TradeSharpe Exclusive


I feel there is a huge lack of clarity and an overload of information in this industry that it has taken away from the fundamentals. so I wanted to create an affordable solution so that individuals can have access to what has worked for me! I also wanted to build a community of very strong traders so that no one feels lost and progression will never stop.


This is not some basic group that has no substance this is really an intensive place to grow in your trading and as an individual. That is why every Sunday(8 pm Dubai time) I will be hosting webinars where we can discuss pre-planned topics as well as how the week has gone I will listen to what you have to say and any questions you may have, they will be all recorded so you can have access in the future.


Trading is lonely and you can get in your head quickly that is why it is important to surround yourself with like-minded individuals in your trading session. To combat this I have created rooms where we will continue the stream and have Zoom calls live in the London session and there is a voice chat for the community during NY to discuss and plan for the session.


I want people to be part of something bigger than just a group, and have the goal to expand this into something that can help people across all forms of business but we are all brought together sharing the same passion. With this goal, we build a very strong community that will be a safe place to grow and has more value than just trading.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed/certified financial planner/advisor. All content of Tradesharpe exclusive group is for information purposes only. Harry Sharpe Management Consultancies EST and I will not be held liable for any actions taken by you. Forex and ALL forms of trading contain substantial risk and are not for every investor. You can potentially lose your initial investment. Only risk capital you are comfortable losing. Tradesharpe assumes no responsibility or liability for your trading results and you agree to hold Tradesharpe & Harry Sharpe Management Consultancies EST harmless for any such results or losses.

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Access To Exclusive Material
Full access to the basic fundamental and advanced content + all webinar recordings.
Daily London Live Room
Join me Live in London + Post stream discussion and ask questions.
NY Live Chat
Gain access to the NY Chat where we navigate the NY session and discuss as a team.
Weekly Webinars
Be part of our weekly webinars where we plan and prepare for the weak ahead and cover important topics!
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(19 reviews)
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5d ago
Absolutely everything you need as a trader. TS is the most honest teacher you will get.
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15d ago
Well Verroess wrote it all below. Impressive comment, and everything he said here is true. I had a offline class, by a professional trader, watched a looot of videos, followed and watched many streamers, with different methods and strategies. The only one who made a lot of sense to me, or I would say the most sense, was Harry. I am very thankful to him for his dedication to the group of exclusives, and to the youtube daily live stream. He even shows up in bank holiday days to make sure people are not blowing their accounts, and instead teaches us discipline, methodology and patience. Best mentor I had until now. And I don't plan to change.
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15d ago
When I decided to study trading I've been into so many strategies and fake gurus. I tried SMC, ICT, different indicator, Support and resistance type of thing but one day I found Harry's live stream and can't thankful enough for the Price action knowledge he has shared. If you are type of trader who just want signals and don't want to learn then TS is not for you. This community is for those trader who wants to learn not just earn. Harry's discipline in trading is one of the trait I knew that he is real. Thank you is not enough for all the things I've learn for the past months. It's been less than a year since I join this community but looking at my trading journal im on track! For all TS peeps and future TS members cheers to Harry and cheers to everyone!
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Tradesharpe Exclusive
Trading • Technical Analysis

19 reviews

It is a long journey to master the art of trading, which in my opinion is never mastered! My initial exposure to trading came through the world of cryptocurrencies. After immersing myself in the crypto realm for over a year, I realized there was a crucial obstacle to overcome – profiting solely from asset appreciation. Fortunately, my path led me to discover the realm of trading, where I could capitalize on both upward and downward market movements. However, the volatility and inconsistency of cryptocurrencies prompted me to explore other avenues. That's when I stumbled upon the forex markets, offering a unique opportunity to manage risks through lot sizes and develop well-defined trading plans. Transitioning into the forex realm, I was inundated with a deluge of information, which often seemed overwhelming. I quickly realized that the forex industry was notorious for promoting get-rich-quick schemes and a luxurious lifestyle. However, I firmly believe that trading is not a shortcut to wealth but rather a dedicated profession that demands time, patience, and a disciplined approach. Motivated by this conviction, I present to you Tradesharpe, the culmination of my experiences and expertise in the trading domain. At Tradesharpe, we strive to provide a reliable community where trading is approached as a serious matter, offering the potential for financial/personal and emotional growth when coupled with the right strategies and diligent effort. Join me on this exciting journey as we navigate the world of trading, leveraging the power of probabilities and statistics, discipline, and perseverance.

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