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Trading University

(113 reviews)

Join our trading community for strategies, insights, signals, education, and connections!

Premium Benifits:

• 30+ Alpha Caller Channels (Crypto, Forex, NFTs)

• Weekly live trading sessions

• ICT,SMC,elliott waves and more educational material

• Exclusive Chat Rooms + 24/7 Support

• Beginner's Guide to Trading (FX & CRYPTO)

• Analyst-Member Tournaments

• Feel free to ask any question you want!

• Exclusive Trading Ebooks & Events

• Automatically Receive Your Membership Role

• More Surprises Directly In Premium

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30+ Analysts
Choose your analyst with detailed strategies, analysis, explanations, and more
Weekly Live Streams
Exclusive sessions from Reputable Trading Analysts (Crypto, Forex,NFTs)
Trading Education
Our team is committed to helping you learn everything about the markets.
Funded Account Passing
Get a funded account passed inside 24 hours by our team to increase your trading capital as well as your profits
24/7 Support
Gain access to support 24/7, so you're never left unsure. Join the discord and open a ticket to speak.
Customer Q&A
Q: What is the average % winrate and RR for the forex analysts? Thanks :)
A: we have average 81.1% winrate for forex signals and last month it was 83.25%. The RR depends on every trade but its if the trades goes correct then easy 1:3RR, 1:5RR trades
Asked on Feb 14, 2024
Q: I really want this premium access for lifetime Do you guys offer lifetime?
A: Yes we do, open ticket in the server
Asked on Feb 12, 2024
Customer reviews
4.99 out of 5
(113 reviews)
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12 hours ago
If you're serious about trading, look no further. Impressed by the professionalism of this trading server
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13 hours ago
Found my trading home in this server. Mentorship is supportive, and signals are like gold nuggets
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13 hours ago
Couldn't be happier with my decision to join this trading community. Mentorship is like having a personal coach
Are new traders welcome?
Yes, we are beginner friendly and have helped hundreds of new investors make profitable trades and understand the fundamentals of trading. With our complete start-up guides, any level of experience is suitable to join
Are there any support channel available to me as member?
We provide 24/7 support. Use the discord to open a ticket to reach out to our team.
How many signals will I receive in the discord?
There are many trading signals given although the amount of trades given per a day vary depending on the market conditions. Our traders do not like giving trades to give them. We only like taking high conviction trades. Some day there can be as many as 10-15 trades. Some days there can be 2-5 trades. All depending on the market conditions of what works best for our traders.
Will the prices be increased?
Yes, prices will be increased as we get more features rolled out.
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Trading University
Trading • Crypto

113 reviews

We are a fast growing trading community which consists of experienced traders of all levels. Join our community today to get exclusive access to our custom trading indicators, daily signals, educational sessions and all things alpha within the markets!

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