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Trirex Bot

(3 reviews)

Fully Automated Forex Bot (EA)


  • 250+ users running every day
  • Fully automated trading by the bot
  • No need to manage the trades
  • Trades all currencies, indices and metals
  • Works on own capital & prop firms
  • Free Setups to Copy Over
  • Discord User Server included
  • In Depth (beginner) Guides


  • News Filter
  • Trailing Function
  • Custom TP
  • Breakeven Function
  • Compound Function
  • Risk Management Functions
  • Allow Single Pair Trading Function
  • Lot Multiplier and more.

Trirex is a Forex & Index bot and copytrader service. No matter if you have no experience or want to trade with a small or big amount of money: we got you covered with our in depth guides and 1:1 support. You can either start with simulation or real money and build your way up.

Trirex is a fully automated bot that makes the trades for you. With our bot, you do not need to open, close or manage trades. Join 250+ others in the journey.

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Trirex Guide

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Fully Automated Forex Robot
You'll get access to Trirex v2.1, the fully automated Forex Robot.
No Need to Manage the Trades
The bot opens, manages and closes the trades for you.
Beginner Friendly Guide
If you have no experience with trading at all, our guides got you covered.
Multiple Setups
We have mutliple lower, medium and higher risk setups for you to copy over.
1:1 Support
We have a team ready to help you every day.
Free Updates
All future updates will be free of charge.
Customer Q&A

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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(3 reviews)
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17d ago
I've been following this project since it was still in the making and I have seen every part of its development along the way. What started as a small service grew to be the excellent business it is today. Everything is super easy to setup and there is a great community behind Trirex who are always keen to help out. There is a very detailed guide available that can provide you with anything you need. The results of all the services are very impressive and they do not create false expectations. I would really recommend you to try Trirex out for yourself. You will not be disappointed!
24d ago
Bot works, nice community and support is great! Would recommend this to anyone :)
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1 month ago
As someone who has explored various trading bots, my experience with Trirex stands out remarkably. The community surrounding Trirex is incredibly supportive and engaging, which is a significant advantage for both novice and experienced traders. Whether you're encountering technical issues or seeking trading advice, there is always someone willing to help out. One of the most commendable aspects of Trirex is the proactive involvement of its owner. It is not just about the bot; the owner consistently adds a wealth of resources including instructional videos and live day trading sessions. This additional content is not only educational but also enhances the overall trading strategy by providing real-time insights and actionable advice. Moreover, the feature that allows users to automatically mirror the trades of the owner is a super nice feature. In conclusion, Trirex isn't just a tool; it's a comprehensive trading companion. The bot, coupled with the diligent support of the community and the owner's continuous educational contributions, creates a holistic trading environment that I would highly recommend to anyone serious about forex trading.
What is Forex?
Forex is a portmanteau of foreign currency and exchange. Foreign exchange is the process of changing one currency into another for a variety of reasons. Example: USD to EUR & GBP to EUR. With Trirex you do not need experience to start trading in the Forex market.
What is our goal?
By following several strategies we will open trades. With Trirex you do not need to do anything manual.
Do I need any experience with the Forex market?
No, you do not need any experience to start using Trirex in the Forex market. We provide very simple and in depth guides to get you started and provide 1:1 support.
How much money will I make with Trirex?
There is no legit answer to this question. One day you will make more than the other day. The goal isn't to make quick & easy money, but to grow your wealth overtime.
What do I need to start?
You need to be 18+ and need at least €500 starting capital.
About the seller
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Trading • Other

3 reviews

Welcome to Trirex, the revolutionary trading robot (EA) that takes the stress out of Forex trading. Trirex automatically handles the entire trading process for you, from opening to closing trades, so you can focus on other important aspects of your life. Whether you're a seasoned trader or just getting started, Trirex is designed to meet your needs. With over 250 users from around the world, Trirex has established itself as a trusted and reliable solution for automated Forex trading. You don't need any prior trading experience to start; our system is intuitive and easy to use. Plus, with our free trial option, you can test Trirex with virtual money to see how it works without risking any real funds. Trirex is perfect for those who want to benefit from the Forex market without dedicating hours to market analysis and trade management. It's the ideal solution for anyone looking to diversify their income streams and achieve financial independence.

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