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upslidedown's Indicators

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expose the algo

  • Mojo Levels are my model for viewing the market. It is similar to SMC, allowing you to view discount and premium but with a twist. This pro version offers models for entry signals along with alerts and a lot of other customizations. It is my "playground" for bettering my own trading and I would love to share it with you.

  • Super Oscillator is a infinitely customizable oscillator. What makes this one unique is this one utilizes a machine learning algorithm in order to score crosses and anticipate strength or weakness and pivotal turning points in the market. Additionally, it includes a "roll your own" strategy creator that utilizes scoring components in order to create your own model for long/short entries into the market. It is the result of many months of my life spent with oscillators.

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Mojo Levels Pro
Mojo Levels are my personal model for viewing the market. Pro includes entry models and advanced alerts.
Volatility Radar
An extreme volatility event indicator like none other. It's weird, quirky, and amazing.
Super Oscillator
The ultimate oscillator. Includes a built in ML scoring algo with hundreds of backtest-able strategy components.
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5 out of 5
(2 reviews)
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2 months ago
Been using his indicators for many years and they are top notch, updates frequently and a good tool for elevate your skills and TA!
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2 months ago
Voodoo levels are a gamechanger. I have no idea what the secret sauce is, but they give me good "bounce levels" which serve as good entries for my futures and option plays. I strongly recommend this to all of my friends and as an added bonus, the developer upslidedown is a genuinely good guy and runs a discord to promote trading knowledge and education for all. This is the REAL DEAL and much better than the baloney indicators out there that just repaint and show you data after the fact
What are Mojo Levels?
They are a range expansion model, offering insight into where price could move on a variety of timeframes.
Are these indicators repackaged versions of freely available indicators?
If you're interested in this question, you probably know there is a lot of "fakery" in the indicator market today. I make a distinct effort to offer VALUE to the community by offering indicators that are not repackaged/rebranded versions of "common" indicators you can find for free on TradingView. I have a blend of free and paid-for indicators. By subscribing, you both get access to improved versions of my indicators and you support the hundreds thousands of hours I have spent building tools to contribute back to the community.
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Trading • Trading Indicators

2 reviews

I'm a real trader using my tools to take real trades. After struggling for years for a way to understand the market, I invented Mojo Levels, my model for viewing intraday price action and understanding price targets. By supporting me you'll have access to all of my private, bespoke indicators inside my preferred trading platform, TradingView.

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