DataWise is a sports picks Discord server that relies on data-driven bets on multiple sports. The team of cappers at DataWise knows they need meticulous study and advanced tools to have an edge over Vegas, which is why they also provide their tools and expertise to their community.

At DataWise, you’ll find daily VIP picks, all of which are very insightful and based on numbers and data instead of “instinct”. You can also access dozens of sports betting tools and bots to help you make up your own plays, which you can even discuss with other members.

Despite only being in its second year of operation, DataWise has enjoyed a ton of success and already has thousands of members on its Discord server. If you want to become part of their group and find high-value, data-driven picks, you can join them right now, or check out our review before you decide.

The Team Behind DataWise


DataWise is a collaborative effort started by several experienced handicappers. They wanted to create a community where members could find expert picks and access advanced tools and bots.

The DataWise team believes in the power tools and betting algorithms and heavily utilizes them to come up with their daily plays. This helps give them the maximum edge possible, which is essential if you want a chance at maintaining profitability in such a competitive market.

In a very short amount of time, the DataWise Discord server has already gathered thousands of members who actively participate in group discussions and even provide their own plays.

Sports Betting Guides for All Levels

One of the newest additions to the DataWise arsenal is the Sports Betting Guides on their whop. This built-in app allows you to access a bunch of knowledge at no cost, and there are guides for all levels of bettors.

Beginners can easily gain access to in-depth explanations of key concepts. For example, the team has a guide on +EV betting, which is their key betting philosophy, and every member should understand it. And advanced bettors can gain some useful insights on topics like how to avoid limits on your account and how “odds devigging” works.

The DataWise hub also has some additional resources. There’s an app that shows some of the group's advanced tools, as well as sign-up bonuses for the different platforms they play on.

Exclusive VIP Plays

VIP plays datawise

All VIP members at DataWise will unlock the full suite of picks from the team on a daily basis. The DataWise cappers rely on +EV bets, which are basically wagers with much better implied odds than what their sportsbook odds show.

The group’s cappers primarily play on DFS (aka Daily Fantasy Sports) platforms and usually prefer multi-leg parlay picks of player prop bets. They have crunched the numbers and found the ideal number of legs for each category and each DFS app, as well as the implied odds they need to beat to get positive EV.

However, the team doesn’t rely on prop parlays for all their picks. They give out several singles daily and even put out some main market plays if they find +EV on them. While their coverage mainly revolves around major American leagues, you can also find golf picks and eSports plays.

Another great thing about DataWise is that they’ve organized their VIP picks into different channels, with each channel accessible by multiple cappers. This way, you can pick and choose who to follow and enable notifications for particular channels that interest you.

Aside from the group’s expert cappers, you can also find a dedicated channel for Community Plays. These are picks from experienced server members who have been studying the betting strategies of the group and can provide adequate plays if you want something extra.

Utilizing all Resources

bankrolls datawise

DataWise is also known for its excellent resources within the Discord server. As soon as you join the group, you’ll find a Server Guide showing the different channels you should visit first. Most of them revolve around guides on the betting system and strategies the team uses, as well as bankroll management tips and unit allocation techniques.

What makes DataWise stand out, though, is the sheer number of Discord bots available. In fact, they probably have the most bots available among all sports betting Discord servers on Whop. These bots are built to scan different platforms throughout the day and notify members of +EV plays, so it’s an essential tool to utilize if you want a chance at profitability.

There are DFS bots for high and very high +EV plays, the latter of which you’re encouraged to bet more than 1 unit on. Then, there are dedicated bots for every popular DFS platform, so you can take advantage of them wherever you play.

The same goes for all major sports betting apps to cover members who don’t have access to DFS platforms. You can also find dedicated channels for big betting discrepancies and even some occasional arbitrage opportunities. Finally, there are special tools for lineups and injury reports that help you when studying for your own plays.

What You Get With DataWise

Here’s a quick recap of all the features DataWise offers to its premium members.

  • Daily +EV picks
    Several data-driven plays with a mathematical edge from a team of expert handicappers and analysts.
  • Unique sports coverage
    Find all kinds of bets, including props and main market picks from major leagues, such as the MLB, as well as golf and eSports.
  • Educational material
    Many in-depth guides explaining key sports betting concepts for new members, and providing useful insights for veterans.
  • Discord bots and tools
    The server is full of bots that search for betting opportunities and discrepancies on all DFS platforms and sportsbooks.
  • Growing community of sports fans
    Talk with other aspiring sports bettors using the Discord server’s dedicated chatting channels, and provide your own Community Plays.

How Much is DataWise?

datawise whop

With all this content and expertise, you'd think DataWise would be a costly community to join. However, the team wants to maintain a rather affordable membership, which is why they only charge $49.99 a month for the VIP membership. 

You only need a single membership to unlock the entire Discord server, unlike some sports betting Telegram groups with several memberships for different channels. Plus, you’ll get a three-day free trial with your first monthly subscription.

If you’re in it for the long term, you can save a bit by opting for the annual plan for $500, works out to be two free months. Remember, you can always join the DataWise hub on Whop for free and unlock access to the very helpful Sports Betting Guides.

DataWise – Join a Team of Experts to Maximize Your Edge

It’s clear that DataWise wants all members to gain the maximum edge possible and have the best chance at becoming profitable bettors in the long run. That’s why the team of cappers works tirelessly every day to come up with the best plays based on their expertise and betting tools at their disposal.

They’re also responsible for maintaining the Discord server’s organization, which can be chaotic when you have so many channels available. Nevertheless, the team offers excellent services, as is evident by their 130+ five-star reviews on Whop. And, they’ve acquired the illustrious Whop Verified badge, which is reserved for only the best communities on Whop.

If you feel like you belong on the winner’s side, DataWise will show you the path to it. As long as you’re willing to trust their process and learn their system, they’re confident of maintaining a profitable track record down the line. And you won’t be alone in this, as thousands of members have already joined DataWise through the Whop marketplace and are getting multiple +EV plays every day.