Dropshipping is one of the original and most popular ways to make money online. You don’t have to worry about manufacturing unique products, you don’t need to manage inventory, you don’t need to handle shipping… you really just set up a store, run ads, and profit.

Easy, right?

Well, no. The business model is simple and, for that reason, dropshipping is hyper-competitive.

However, you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Here at Whop, we have plenty of courses from some of the top dropshippers to help you learn about and succeed with dropshipping.

What is a Dropshipping Course?

A dropshipping course is a digital education library that teaches you how to start, grow, and scale your dropshipping business. It takes you from beginner to expert through modules on topics like winning products, Facebook Ads, Shopify setup, and more.

A dropshipping course compiles years of expertise into one place.

One of the best parts of Whop’s dropshipping courses is that they also include Discord communities where students can submit questions, talk to real humans who are also running stores, and connect with others at the same level.

Why Take a Dropshipping Course?


The main reason to take a dropshipping course is simply to fast-track your education. Sure, you could watch a ton of YouTube videos from so-called gurus and read limitless ebooks. But the reality is, you’ll save time and money by learning from an expert and being in a community.

A dropshipping course accelerates your learning from people who have already done it before.

Faster Learning

Courses take the information currently available online and synthesize it into a structured, logical collection of videos and reading materials. Because you’ll be learning from someone who has likely already been successful with dropshipping, these courses teach you common mistakes and pitfalls. They’re also tailored towards dropshipping specifically, versus courses on starting just an ecommerce store or Amazon brand in general.

Individual Coaching

Oftentimes, courses offer private access to the instructor or a team of experts. All of the options below available on Whop have an accompanying Discord channel. This type of learning can be crucial, as they’ll be able to offer you specific advice on your store, strategy, and selling points. It’s like a business doctor who can diagnose exactly what you’re doing right and where you can improve.

Like-Minded Community

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of a dropshipping course is the students who are in the community alongside you. You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with, so being “in the room” with people who have a similar mindset as you will keep you motivated and hopeful about your dropshipping venture. Especially when times are tough, having peers to encourage you will help you push through so you can find that success that you’re after.

🏆The 12 Best Dropshipping Courses in 2024

These are the best dropshipping courses available, and you can find them all on Whop today.

1. 🥇Jordan’s Library

jordan's library

Jordan Bown is one of the most widely known dropshippers and educational YouTubers. He has made tens of millions of dollars through ecommerce and has helped hundreds of students with their own online businesses.

His private community, Jordan’s Library, is one of the best places for dropshipping education. He even offers a free 18-hour dropshipping course that includes Shopify templates, FAQs, email flow templates, and other PDF guides.

For those looking to get even more advice, he offers a paid community. Within the group, you’ll get access to Jordan and his team, live coaching calls, direct feedback on your ad campaigns and store, and more. It’s like having a dropshipping mentor at your service, anytime.

Best for: Anyone just starting out or looking to get to the next level in their dropshipping journey.

Pricing: Free Trial Member Course, Community: $97.00 per month, $497.00 for 6 months, $897.00 for 360 days, or $1,999.99.00 for lifetime access

Get access to Jordan’s Library

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2. The Yard

the yard

The Yard is a full dropshipping course and premium Discord membership. The course covers everything you need to know in four phases, exploring things like creating a store, sourcing products, launching ad campaigns, and more.

In the VIP community, you’ll get direct training from a multi-million-dollar dropshipper who has helped others achieve over $100 million in ecommerce sales. There are weekly coaching calls, 24/7 support, and in-depth sections to help with specific aspects of dropshipping and take your business to the next level.

Best for: If you’re looking for a one-time investment to learn the basics or premium monthly coaching to help diagnose specific issues with your store.

Pricing: $299.00 for A-Z Dropshipping Course, Community: $99.00 per month + $50.00 initial fee

Get access to The Yard

3. Blue $trip Motives


Blue $trip Motives is the place to learn how to generate sales with organic (not paid ads) traffic. The best part? You don’t have to pay a dime to access the community. The B$M Discord is free to access and allows you to connect with others on their journey. It has case studies, weekly calls, a supplier list, and more. The B$M Premium membership also comes with a 10+-hour course entirely focused on organic dropshipping.

Best for: Those wanting to try their hand at dropshipping without spending money on a course or ads.

Pricing: Free access to Discord community, Course: $67.00 per month

Get access to Blue $trip Moves

4. TRUST Dropshipping Group


TRUST Dropshipping Group is a great environment to learn dropshipping with TikTok ads and organic content. It’s broken up into two monthly membership tiers: Premium and Master Class. Both passes give you multiple courses, live calls, and even a pre-built store! The Master Class also has weekly one-on-one mentorship calls and personal contact info to get your questions answered by the coaches individually.

Best for: People looking for a done-with-you approach to dropshipping with TikTok ads.

Pricing: Premium Membership: $45.00 per month, Master Class Membership: $250.00 per month

Get access to TRUST Dropshipping Group

5. Etsy Mafia

etsy mafia

Etsy Mafia is the place to be for dropshipping with online arts-and-crafts marketplace Etsy. The free Discord access level gets you a full Etsy dropshipping fundamentals course, weekly calls, and an exclusive supplier network. The Diamond Member Pass has an even more in-depth course on topics like Etsy setup, keyword research, competitor research, team building, and Etsy ads. You’re also able to purchase one-on-one mentorship calls for personal instruction.

Best for: Anyone looking to dropship on Etsy, versus Shopify or with Facebook ads.

Pricing: Free Discord access, Diamond Member: £60.00 per month, Personal Etsy 1:1 Mentorship £100.00 per month

Get access to Etsy Mafia

6. Ecom Liberty

ecom liberty

While Ecom Liberty is purely a community, not a standalone course, the information available can help the ambitious get to seven figures in dropshipping revenue. The membership includes access to all the Discord channels, weekly calls, and strategies on funnels, ads, and company structuring. For those more advanced in their dropshipping journey, Ecom Liberty has PDFs on Facebook ad account structuring, winning sales funnels, and even info on VAT taxes.

Best for: Dropshippers who have already started and are looking to get to the next level with coaching.

Pricing: $49.95 per month, $399.00 for 6 months

Get access to Ecom Liberty

7. The Laboratory

the lab

The Laboratory is optimized for straight-to-the-point info on dropshipping. The free version includes a course and access to Discord, and the paid “Lab Pass” gives you direct access to the course creator, Nick. The community has recorded bi-weekly live calls, a database of various tools, and private channels for more dropshipping tips. If you’ve felt like you’ve tried everything or have been lonely on the entrepreneurial journey, The Laboratory could be for you.

Best for: Anyone looking for easy-to-understand information without spending hours trying to find the answer online.

Pricing: $50.00 per month, $120.00 for 3 months

Get access to The Laboratory

8. TREK E-commerce


The TREK E-commerce membership is another great option for going from zero to one. The free Discord community has monthly livestreams, Shopify templates, and FAQ sections. TREK Access, the paid membership, gives you exclusive access to expert Ryan, helpful sections on credit score and legal structuring, and tailored feedback on your store and ads from Ryan. And don’t worry, past livestreams have been recorded and are saved, so even if you’re just joining you’ll have access to all the information covered on the calls.

Best for: The nitty-gritty details like LLCs and financing.

Pricing: Free Discord access, TREK Access: $47.00 per month

Get access to TREK E-commerce

9. DSElites


DSElites is an elite-level Discord community that gives you the ability to hop on weekly calls with dropshipping experts, as well as submit individual support tickets on any questions you have. It provides winning product ideas, case studies, and proven ad strategies as well. If you have the basics of dropshipping covered and just want to get help on certain topics, DSElites could be the place for you.

Best for: Active dropshippers looking for specific advice.

Pricing: $100.00 per month

Get access to DSElites

10. The Ecom Guild

ecom guild

The Ecom Guild is a great place for people who know they want to start an online business, but not sure if they want to go the dropshipping or brand route. The free tier offers Discord access to multiple channels on ecommerce and the paid tier gives access to Premium Discord channels that give tips on multiple aspects of online businesses. It has step-by-step guides, PDFs, and case studies to help you find what’s working for others to implement in your business.

Best for: Advice on how to build any ecommerce business, dropshipping or Shopify.

Pricing: Free Basic Access, Premium Access: $99.99 one time, One-on-One Coaching Call: $499.99

Get access to The Ecom Guild

11. Dropshipping Guild

dropshipping guild

The Dropshipping Guild is the all-in-one place for everything dropshipping. It started in 2021 as a Zoom call with expert dropshippers and turned into a Discord, Facebook Group, and collection of courses. It gives access to a TikTok Shops dropshipping course, Etsy digital products course, eBay dropshipping course, and Facebook Marketplace course, along with communities for each. The community also has weekly meetings with training and a database of virtual assistants to help your dropshipping store get to the next level.

Best for: People looking to explore alternate platforms like eBay and Etsy.

Pricing: $19.97 per month or $349.00 one-time

Get access to Dropshipping Guild

12. Branded Dropshipping Mastery


If you want to build a long-lasting business, and not just a trendy product, Branded Dropshipping Mastery is the course for you. The course takes you through how to build a dropshipping brand that will stand the test of time, with regular course updates on the latest strategies and winning products. The private community includes a monthly list of winning products, live training sessions, an accountability partner, and even giveaways and prizes. Andy and Steven, 7-figure operators, will also answer personal support tickets to help diagnose your individual issues.

Best for: Dropshippers who want to build a brand that stands the test of time.

Pricing: $400.00 one time fee

Get access to Branded Dropshipping Mastery

How to Choose a Dropshipping Course

You’ve seen some of the best courses and communities on dropshipping, now, how do you know which one is right for you? These are a few things to look out for.

Consider Your Learning Style

When picking a course, be sure to keep in mind how you learn best. Some people want a full, in-depth explanation that covers everything from just getting started with Shopify, to product research, all the way down to the details like ad copy and structuring your business. Others prefer to figure it out themselves and just have the option to ask an expert specific questions.

Courses that teach everything like Jordan’s Library will be better for beginners, while communities with private coaching calls and support tickets, like DSElites, will be better for advanced dropshippers.

Price and Value

As the saying goes, it takes money to make money. While there are plenty of great free resources on YouTube and the internet broadly, the reality is that you’ll have to pay to get the best information.

All of the courses available on Whop offer Discord communities, most which have weekly calls or private sessions with the creator. If you’re already up and running, it’s likely wise to get tailored help. Think about it, if you’re able to get expert advice that boosts your conversion rate just a little bit and results in $1,000s more in profit, isn’t that worth it? Look at where you’re at in your dropshipping journey and see where the extra help could get you to to calculate the value of the course and community.

Feedback and Reviews

Make sure to look at what past customers are saying, as they have actual hands-on experience with the information. Now of course, you can’t fully rely on others’ opinion as everyone has their own situation, but generally speaking, if multiple people vouch for the course and are giving the same positive feedback, the course likely has really great information. Look at what a majority of people say to get a sense of the quality of the course.

Are Dropshipping Courses Worth It?

It depends on the course, but oftentimes, dropshipping courses are absolutely worth it. If you’re a beginner, they equip you with everything you need to know to get started and if you’re already running a dropshipping business, they can give you advice on specific parts of your business.

Make sure that the course you go with has the right information for the stage of your business that you’re in. 

What Do You Need to Start Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a great business because of how little physical items you need. Since you’re not shipping the product yourself, you don’t need a warehouse to store goods or a ton of space to package products.

To start off dropshipping, you simply need a computer and money for ads and software. Additionally, buying a course when you’re just starting out could be a good way to save money in the long run as you’ll learn tips and tactics to acquire more customers profitably.

Learn How to Dropship with Whop

Dropshipping can be a lucrative business, but it’s not easy. With easy-to-use tools like Shopify, Facebook, and more, it means the industry is more competitive than ever before.

Whop offers a wide range of courses on topics like dropshipping, ecommerce, digital products, and more. Look into the course content, reviews, and price to understand if the course will be a good investment for you. Visit Whop’s dropshipping courses page to see all of the resources we have available on dropshipping.