Etsy is the most popular marketplace to buy and sell handmade products, vintage goods, and other artisan items. In a given year, over 90 million people shop from the site, buying all sorts of things from custom rugs to religious jewelry.

Etsy dropshipping offers online entrepreneurs an interesting opportunity: A more niche, focused source of traffic. Similarly to Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon service, you don’t have to create your own store and drive traffic to it because your store (storefront) is housed on the website.

In this article, we’re going to cover what Etsy dropshipping is, advantages and disadvantages, and the best products to start selling this year.

What is Etsy Dropshipping and How Does it Work?

Etsy is an online marketplace that was started in 2005 to specifically offer unique, often handmade products. Unlike Amazon or eBay, Etsy focuses on one main category.

Etsy is essentially an online crafts market, with access to artisans from all over the world.

Dropshipping on Etsy is very similar to Amazon FBA in that sellers don’t have to find new customers from the internet, but rather capitalize on the existing customer base that Etsy has built over the years. It becomes a game of finding the right products to sell and boosting your listings rather than acquiring new customers from places like Facebook and Google.

Etsy Versus Traditional Dropshipping


Dropshipping on Etsy is a bit different from traditional dropshipping. In a typical AliExpress-to-AutoDS (automation tool)-to-Shopify setup, your brand is essentially how you design your Shopify store versus the product itself.

You can customize the website theme, logo, and more, but generally speaking, the product is whatever the supplier produces as-is, and you don't have a say in the design process. So, you can find the best dropshipping products in your niche, set up your storefront, and start selling! With Etsy, you have to go a bit further—which is hard because you actually need to create something, but also better because that means less competition.

While Etsy is not 100% clear on the exact products that are technically considered “handmade” and which ones are not, you do need to be able to have a hand in the design (i.e. you can personalize it with your own branding or offer customization options to the customer).

But still, you don’t have to physically ship the products yourself. A tool like AutoDS will help you find suppliers who can handle fulfillment.

Pros of Etsy Dropshipping

Dropshipping on Etsy has a lot of benefits:

Higher Quality Customers

The type of customer that is shopping on Etsy is likely higher than the customer that you’d acquire from Facebook or Google. They’re probably buying something as a gift or for their home, so they may want multiple things or could be a returning customer.

Also, since they’re looking for more “handmade” products with a story behind them, it’s not a race to the bottom to find the best deal or the cheapest materials. This means that if you have a great product and you can market it well, you can charge more.

More Targeted Traffic

In addition to attracting customers that are spending more, Etsy has such a well-known brand name that people know exactly where to go when they want a crafted product… Etsy! It’s the first thing that comes to mind.

If someone is browsing Etsy, then they’re not looking for mass-produced utilitarian goods. You can tailor your copy and images to serve this demographic.

Lower Competition

Because of the number of rules that Etsy has put in place involving dropshipping (more on those below), there is less competition compared to traditional dropshipping or Amazon FBA. The opportunity is smaller because of the niche focus, but there are also fewer sellers attempting to do it.

Cons of Etsy Dropshipping

Dropshipping with Etsy definitely has its challenges.

Lower Upside

As previously mentioned, Etsy is a niche site, so unlike Amazon and eBay, it doesn’t have unlimited categories to sell in. This means the market and the possibility of scaling an Etsy dropshipping business is smaller than others.

Complex Regulation

Because of Etsy’s signature artisan-first approach, they implement strict policies on what can be sold on the platform. Here are a few of their guidelines:

  • Products marketed as Handmade must be made and/or designed by you, the seller
  • Products marketed as Vintage must be at least 20 years old
  • Products marketed as Craft Supplies are “tools, ingredients, or materials whose primary purpose is for use in the creation of an item or special occasion. Craft supplies may be handmade, commerce, or vintage”

Expensive Fees

Etsy has some of the highest fees around compared to other marketplaces or owning your own store, which means that your margin will get smaller. There is a one-time setup fee of $15, a listing fee of $0.20 for each item, and a transaction fee of a whopping 6.5% of the sale price (plus the price of any shipping or gift-wrapping fees you charge).

All of that being said, these fees may not really be an issue depending on what you’re selling. With any platform or dropshipping route, you’re going to have to pay for marketing, inventory, and more. In this instance, rather than paying to run Facebook ads, you’re paying for the marketplace that Etsy offers. The benefit of selling through Etsy may outweigh the price you have to pay. Remember, no free lunch.

At Whop, we only charge sellers a 3% transaction fee, so if you’re thinking about selling a digital product on Etsy, check out how to get started on Whop and pay even less.

How to Find Winning Etsy Products

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to finding winning products on Etsy. Different times of year and different cultural events will influence what products are selling the best at a given time.

But, you can do some preliminary research to figure out what has the best chance of succeeding. Here are a few tips and tricks on finding winning Etsy dropshipping items:


Sell items that correspond to what season it is. If it’s winter, then chances are that sweaters or hot chocolate mugs will perform better. If it’s spring or summer, home goods like picture frames and decorations or outdoor supplies will work better because people are doing spring cleaning and getting ready to spend more time outside.

Keep seasonal trends in mind because you can “time the market” to capitalize on what’s currently moving fastest.

There’s no harm in checking other platforms. Chances are, items that have the highest search volume on Google or that are currently bestsellers on Amazon are likely to do well on Etsy as well.

While you can’t totally guarantee success from copying these strategies because those platforms have a different customer, you can rely on them to get a sense of successful categories.

Perhaps the best place to look is Etsy itself! Etsy’s Trending Now section has a list of the current best sellers. You can filter products by price, recency, customer reviews, and relevance to find what Etsy customers are currently shopping for.

If you find a product that interests you and you think you can put a unique spin on it, that’s a good place to start. Another option is to find a best selling product with poor customer reviews and make it higher quality or provide better service to beat out the competition.

The 20 Best Etsy Dropshipping Products in 2024

When it comes to dropshipping on Etsy, your product offering has to be either designed or customized by you, or, able to be customized by the buyer. As a result, it may seem like your options are limited, but there is actually a large range of products that are customizable. These are the best products to dropship with Etsy this year:

1. Thank You Cards

etsy cards

Thank you cards with customers' special messages (that suppliers on AliExpress than fulfill) are a great product to start off with for Etsy dropshipping. They’re something you really can’t get in a brick-and-mortar store and the target demographic is perfect to be selling to on Etsy. On top of that, they’re extremely lightweight and can command high margins, so overseas shipping costs are relatively low and profit can be high.

2. Personalized Cutting Boards

etsy chopping board

Moving into a new home? Going to a wedding? Etsy is known for custom products and a quality wood cutting board makes for a great gift. On top of that, as they’re usually purchased as a gift for a special occasion, you’re able to charge more compared to a product that someone may be buying for themselves. The only downside is that they’re quite heavy, thus being expensive to ship.

3. Cheeky Saying Coffee Mugs

etsy muig

If you follow any niche group or interest—whether it’s religion, anime, or sports—you can put a popular saying or quote on a coffee mug. Homes seemingly can never have too many mugs in its cabinets, though the market for each SKU may be small.

4. Leather Journals

etsy journals

Any product that gets a lot of use is a good route to go. Most people, especially artists and creatives that are likely shopping on Etsy, use a notebook and oftentimes more than one. Take it to the next level with a durable material like leather and the option to personalize and you have a winning listing.

5. Keychains

etsy keychain

Keychains are easy to ship, relatively inexpensive, and can be personalized in a few different ways (color, text, design, etc.). Margins are likely slim, but you can win on volume.

6. Sweatshirts

etsy sweatshirt

In a world dominated by seemingly thousands of direct-to-consumer brands offering new materials or functionality, there’s always the opportunity to differentiate yourself with a unique design on a classic cotton sweatshirt. Make sure that you have the sizing correct, as overseas suppliers can oftentimes follow different sizing guidelines that are too small or have a weird fit.

7. Framed Artwork

etsy artwork

Artwork is an interesting space to be in because aside from the most popular painters and high-end studios, the only thing that typically matters is “Does the customer like the design?” Find an artist, source a pretty design already available, or design your own and start selling!

8. T-Shirts

etsy tshirts

Just like with sweatshirts, the world doesn’t need another t-shirt. But, it could use a cooler design. Do research into what’s popular in culture and create a fun tee for it.

9. Pillows

etsy pillow

Home goods are one of the most popular categories on Etsy and customers will usually buy several to make a set. Bonus points if you can create your own design or colorway. You can also incentivize customers to buy a set by offering free shipping or a good discount.

10. Drink Coasters

etsy coasters

Drink coasters tend to be pretty boring, often just being cork or ceramic. People shopping on Etsy are looking for some extra "pizzazz." Connect with a supplier to create complex patterns and graphics and stand out from the rest. Additionally, these last a lifetime so with high-quality materials and good designs, you can charge a pretty penny.

11. Bracelets

etsy bracelets

Bracelets with personalization options are fun gifts and ship easily. You can also offer personalization through letters, stones, and lengths.

12. Unique Earrings

etsy earrings

Earring, like a lot of jewelry, can have high markups if designed well. Experiment with different raw materials to come up with something that looks good on a wide variety of people.

13. Floor Rugs

Floor rugs from well-known brands and retailers tend to cost hundreds of dollars. Take it to the next level with your own design that people will love to show off in their homes.

14. Digital Products

etsy digital products

Take the knowledge you have and offer digital products like courses and templates—with no burden of physically fulfilling an order. These have the ability to scale high, but typically, customers aren’t willing to pay that much (sometimes they’re priced as low as just a few bucks).

If digital products are your thing, Whop is the best option for you. We have features to sell just about anything and you can build a community around it! Also, we only take a 3% transaction fee so you can be more profitable.

15. Custom Dog Portraits

etsy portraits

Everyone loves their dog, and annual spending on pet products is only increasing. Let customers submit a photo of their dog to offer a totally unique product that they can’t find anywhere else.

16. Unique Necklaces

etsy neckalces

While you may not be the next great jewelry designer, you can offer simple wardrobe upgrades with special necklaces. Best of all, there are plenty of jewelry suppliers that already service dropshippers from all over the globe.

17. Crossbody Bag

etsy bag

Haven’t you heard? Crossbody bags are in vogue in 2024. Use quality fabrics and durable hardware to capitalize on this increasingly popular accessory (that’s probably going to be around for a while).

18. Novel Candles

etsy candles

Mmmm. There’s nothing like a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies. Find an interesting scent like foods and desserts, or an iconic place, and sell candles. They don’t last forever, so customers are also willing to buy multiple.

Just be sure to find certified, trusted suppliers so that you’re not shipping unregulated or unknown chemicals.

19. Themed Calendars

etsy calendars

Even though we all have smartphones and apps like Google Calendar to keep track of appointments, there’s something special about hanging up a calendar in an office or kitchen so that everyone’s on the same page (no pun intended).

Create them around landmarks, hobbies, or different passions to cater to specific groups. Make a note that sales are likely highest towards November and December when people are getting ready for the new year.

20. Home Decor

etsy decor

Finally, home decor offers you to be totally creative. There’s really no end to the number of decorations you could imagine. Shipping may be a challenge depending on how big your decoration is, so factor that into your pricing format.

Start Dropshipping Today

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You have almost unlimited options when it comes to selling things online. You can dropship with Shopify, use Amazon FBA, and much, much more. Etsy is unique in that it limits the number of options with a focused marketplace and rules around which types of products you can sell. This has its advantages and disadvantages, but if you play the game right, it could be incredibly lucrative.

Whether you're interested in traditional dropshipping or Etsy dropshipping, Whop is home to communities that help your business grow and thrive. Staying up to date and learning from the best is an efficient way to go from zero to 100 as quickly as possible. From coaching to courses, strategies and product lists, Whop's dropshipping communities have all the information you need, so check out Whop today and find the right group for you!

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Etsy Dropshipping FAQs

Here are answers to some of the most asked questions about dropshipping on Etsy:

Does Etsy Allow Dropshipping?

Yes, Etsy allows dropshipping, though it’s highly regulated. You have to follow strict guidelines on what types of products you can sell and Etsy isn’t the best place for most categories. Although, if you sell an artisan item that passes Etsy’s selling criteria, it’s a great place to market your product to a highly engaged audience.

How Profitable is Etsy Dropshipping?

Yes, though it depends on what product you pick, how high your margins are, and how scalable your business is. Etsy can be wildly lucrative with the right inputs, or another low-margin online business that can’t scale—it all relies on your expertise, hard work, and research.