TikTok debuted in 2016 and has since claimed its top spot among social media platforms. With over 1 billion active users in 2024, the platform has become a ground for minting millions of dollars for our generation, with more and more people turning to TikTok as a way to make money online.

But how much can you make on TikTok? Let's explore a list of the highest-paid TikTok stars in 2024.

The Highest-Paid TikTok Stars

100. Abby Roberts

Abby Roberts

Abby Roberts is a sensational British TikToker who has captured many on the platform with her creative makeup videos. She's has a beauty brand who has partnered with brands like KVD Good Apple Foundation and Essie nail polish.

TikTok: @abbyroberts
Followers: 16.2 million
Net worth: $1 million

99. Evan the Card Guy

evancardguy tiktokEvan the Card Guy

Evan is an American social media influencer and a magician who wows people with his card magic tricks. He is a member of The Magic Castle club, which he joined when he was only 13.

TikTok: @thecardguy
Followers: 16.4 million
Net worth: $1 million

98. Sarah Magusara

sarahmaugsara tiktok

Sara Magusara rose to fame through her lip-syncing videos and fitness content. The Filipino-Australian influencer is famous for her makeup tutorial videos on both TikTok and YouTube.

TikTok: @sarahmagusara
Followers: 18 million
Net worth: $1 million

97. Twin Melody

twinmeldoy tiktok

The Spanish twins, Aitana and Paula, have become TikTok sensations with their singing talent. After producing the Twin Melody song, they rose to stardom and have continued releasing music.

TikTok: @twinmelody
Followers: 19 million
Net worth: $1 million

96. Kris Collins

kriscollins tiktok

Kris Collins is a Canadian tiktoker best known for her authentic comedy content. Her videos incorporate hilarious takes and comedy skits.

TikTok: @kallmekris
Followers: 50.6 million
Net worth: $1 million

95. Holly H

hollyh tiktok

Holly Hubert is a beautiful British aspiring actress and a social media influencer. Hubert is known for her humorous videos and has collaborated with several famous influencers such as Ant and Dec, and Selena Gomez.

TikTok: @hollyh
Followers: 15.5 million
Net worth: $1 million

94. Virginia Sanhouse

virgina sanhous tiktok

Sanhouse is among the highest-paid tiktokers in 2024. The Venezuelan star posts dance videos on her TikTok account, making her among the celebrated TikTok influencers in 2024.

TikTok: @virginiasanhouse
Followers: 5.3 million
Net worth: $1 million

93. Drea Okeke

drea okeke tikok

Okeke is a former engineer who joined the digital world as a comedian. Her street interviews have propelled her to fame.

TikTok: @dreaknowsbest
Followers: 7 million
Net worth: $1 million

92. Anokhina Liza

liza tiktok

Anokhina Liza is a Russian tiktoker, content creator, YouTuber, and singer. She's best known for her lip-sync comedy videos.

TikTok: @anokhinalz
Followers: 40.4 million
Net worth: $1 million

91. The French Guy

french guy tiktok

The Belgian TikToker goes by the name David Rodriquez. He's a hilarious guy who thrills fans with lip-syncing and prank videos. Rodriquez has amassed impressive users who enjoy his sense of humor.

TikTok: @davidyrodriguez
Followers: 8.2 million
Net worth: $1 million

90. Joe Albanese

joe albanese tikok

Albanese is a talented dancer who posts comedic videos on his TikTok account. In 2020, Joe joined Sway House, where he makes content with Josh Richards, Anthony Reeves, and Bryce Hall.

TikTok: @joealbanese
Followers: 43.8 million
Net worth: $1.5 million

89. Salice Rose

alice rose tiktok

Salice Rose uses her TikTok account to post comedy and lifestyle content. The Peruvian-American influencer is loved by her fans due to her authenticity.

TikTok: @officialsalicerose
Followers: 19.5 million
Net worth: $1.5 million

88. Ondy Mikula

ondymikula tiktok

Ondy Mikula started his TikTok career in early 2019. He has captivated followers from Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

TikTok: @ondymikula
Followers: 37.2 million
Net worth: $1.5 million

87. Beauty Khan

beautykhan tiktok

Beauty Khan is an Indian social media influencer known for her dance and lip-sync videos. She keeps her fans entertained by posting glamorous photos and comedic videos.

TikTok: @cutybeautykhan
Followers: 21.4 million
Net worth: $1.5 million

86. Keemokazi

keemokazi tiktok

Born Kareem Hesri, Keemokazi is among the highest paid tiktoker in 2024. He's a certified prankster who entertains his audience with prank videos.

TikTok: @keemokazi
Followers: 36.9 million
Net worth: $1.5 million

85. Demi Bagby

demi bagby tiktok

Demi keeps her TikTok audience by providing workout and lifestyle content. The American bodybuilder and CrossFit athlete is an inspiration, especially after overcoming breaking her back in 2014.

TikTok: @demibagby
Followers: 14.2 million
Net worth: $1.5 million

84. Lauren Godwin

lauren godwin tiktok

Lauren Godwin rose to prominence through the TikTok platform by posting amusing videos. She creates comedy skits and has over 900,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.

TikTok: @laurengodwin
Followers: 22.6 million
Net worth: $1.5 million

83. Zoe LaVerne

zoe laverne tiktok

On TikTok, Zoe LaVerne is a star who rose by making lip-sync and dance videos. She was close to her mother, who was her biggest cheerleader. Unfortunately, Zoe's mother passed in November of 2023.

TikTok: @zoelaverne
Followers: 21.9 million
Net worth: 1.5 million

82. Alan Chikin Chow

chikin chow tikok

Chow has an army of followers who have helped him ink deals with Netflix, Coachella, and McDonald's. He collaborates with other actors to shoot his all-around videos.

TikTok: @alanchikinchow
Followers: 40 million
Net worth: $1.6 million

81. Riyaz Aly

rkiyaz ali tiktok

The Indian tiktoker is also a fashion blogger, model, and actor. Riyaz's lip-syncing videos are the reason he has a huge fan base.

TikTok: @riyaz.14
Followers: 31.7 million
Net worth: $2 million

80. Niana Guerrero

niana titok

Niana is a young Filipino singer, social media influencer, and dancer. She rose to fame with the "Despacito" dance routine.

TikTok: @nianaguerrero
Followers: 43.1 million
Net worth: $2 million

79. Tony Lopez

tony lopez tiktok

TikTok: @tonylopez
Followers: 31.7 million
Net worth: $2 million

Tony Lopez is a social media influencer, content creator, and TikTok star. He loves posting funny and duo dance videos on his account. Lopez has worked with other TikTok celebrities like Addison Rae and Chase Hadson.

78. Dylan Mulvaney

dylan mulvaney tiktok

Mulvaney is an LGBTQ activist and an actress. Her controversial highlight videos on TikTok have received more than one billion views.

TikTok: @dylanmulvaney
Followers: 12.5 million
Net worth: $2 million

77. Piyanka Mongia

piyanka tiktok

Piyanka is a familiar face on the TikTok platform, and she began posting her videos and photos on Instagram. She later shifted to TikTok, where her comedy and dancing videos have kept her audience entertained.

TikTok: @piyanka_mongia
Followers: 23 million
Net worth: $2 million

76. Olivia Dunne

olive dunne tiktok

Dunne is an American gymnast and a million-dollar tiktoker. She has endorsements with brands like AI assistant Caktus, Vuori, and Motorola.

TikTok: @livvy
Followers: 12 million
Net worth: $2.3 million

75. Jacob Sartorius

jacob sartorius tiktok

Jacob Sartorius is a young American internet personality and singer known for lip-syncing videos on TikTok. His "Sweatshirt" single debuted in 2016, and charted on the Hot 100 in Canada and US.

TikTok: @jacobsartorius
Followers: 23.7 million
Net worth: $3 million

74. Vivian Tu

vivian tu tiktok

Vivian Tu shares informative and entertaining videos with her audience. The former equity trader brings her financial expertise to her TikTok viewers.

TikTok: @yourrichbff
Followers: 5 million
Net worth: $3 million

73. Julia Menu Garcia

julia menu tiktok

Meet Julia Menu Garcia, a TikTok star, luxury lifestyle influencer, and model. She's best known for her dancing and comedy clips on the platform.

TikTok: @juliamenugarcia
Followers: 25.2 million
Net worth: $3.5 million

72. Dina Saeva

dina saeva tikkok

Saeva is a Russian TikToker who posts daily content on the TikTok account. Her audience enjoys the comedy and lip-syncing videos.

TikTok: @dina
Followers: 25.1 million
Net worth: $3.5 million

71. Nisha Guragain

nisha guargain tiktok

Nisha is a singer and a social media personality from India. She posts Bollywood and fashion videos on TikTok, which have millions of views.

TikTok: @nishaguragain
Followers: 28.2 million
Net worth: $3.5 million

70. Younes Zarou

younes zarou tiktok

Zarou started his account in 2019 and has risen to be among the best tiktokers of our time. He shares creative illusions and photography tutorial videos on TikTok.

TikTok: @youneszarou
Followers: 55.5 million
Net worth: $3.5 million

69. Spencer X

specner x tiktok

Spencer started his social media influence on YouTube before rising to stardom on TikTok. Today, he shares smooth beatboxing and fast-paced tracks on the platform.

TikTok: @spencerx
Followers: 54.9 million
Net worth: $3.5 million

68. Carlos Feria

carlos feria tiktok

The TikTok sensational star, social media influencer, and YouTuber was born in 1996 in Colombia. Feria shares family videos that entertain his audience.

TikTok: @carlosferiag
Followers: 46.2 million
Net worth: $3.5 million

67. Junya Gou

junya gou tiktok

Junya Gou is a tiktoker known for his funny videos where he films home experiments with the likes of balloons, mentos in cola, and odd food pairings.

TikTok: @junya1gou
Followers: 44 million
Net worth: $3.5 million

66. Monet McMichael

monety mcmichael tiktok

McMichael is a beauty baron who has built a loyal fanbase on TikTok. She has secured deals with Fresh Beauty, Bumble, and MAC Cosmetics.

TikTok: @monetmcmichael
Followers: 3.8 million
Net worth: $4 million

65. Michael Le

michael le tiktok

Michael Le, a.k.a. JustMaiko, is an American choreographer, social media influencer, and dancer. The entertaining dance videos in TikTok propelled him to sign deals with brands like Bang Energy.

TikTok: @justmaiko
Followers: 51.5 million
Net worth: $4 million

64. Kai Cenat

kai cenat tiktok

Cenat posts hyperactive videos that become viral. His engagement rate with his followers is above 25%, and he has partnered with celebrities like Kevin Hart.

TikTok: @kai_centa
Followers: 13 million
Net worth: $4.7 million

63. Josh Richards

josh richard tiktok

Josh Richards started entertaining people when he was young. Today, he commands over 20 million followers. He uses TikTok to inform people about causes for protecting the ecosystem.

TikTok: @joshrichards
Followers: 25.7 million
Net worth: $5.6 million

62. Domelipa

domelipa tiktok

Domelipa is a TikTok star who gained popularity through her choreographed and lip-syncing videos. She recently signed a lucrative contract with the legendary Westwood Entertainment.

TikTok: @domelipa
Followers: 75 million
Net worth: $5 million

61. Brianda Deyanara

briana deyanara tiktok

Deyanara is among the highest-paid tiktokers in 2024. The Mexican celebrity is best known for her comic, lip-sync, and dancing videos. Besides, she's active on YouTube and Instagram.

TikTok: @briandadeyanara
Followers: 37.1 million
Net worth: $5 million

60. QPark

qpar titok

QPark is a popular Instagrammer, comedian, tiktoker, and YouTube star who excels at posting hilarious videos. The Korean-American tiktoker began his online career in 2017 on Vine and successfully transitioned to TikTok.

TikTok: @qpark
Followers: 36 million
Net worth: $5 million

59. WigoFellas

wigofellas tiktok

WigoFellas has amassed a significant following on TikTok through their prank videos.

TikTok: @wigofellas
Followers: 36 million
Net worth: $5 million

58. JD Pantoja

jd pantoja tiktok

JD Pantoja is a talented TikTok star from Mexico. His magnetic online presence reels his fans, who are attracted to his musical videos.

TikTok: @jdpantoja
Followers: 35.1 million
Net worth: $5 million

57. Kirya Kolesnikov

kirya tiktok

Kirya Kolesnikov is a Russian tiktoker and a social media star. His freerunning and parkour vlogs have amassed him lots of attention from the audience.

TikTok: @thekiryalife
Followers: 34.8 million
Net worth: $5 million

56. Papi Kunno

papi kunno tiktok

Papi Kunno is one of the best-paid tiktokers, boasting a huge following and more than 1 billion likes on their videos. They joined the platform in 2019 and released the "Caminata" video in 2020.

TikTok: @.kunno
Followers: 32 million
Net worth: $5 million

55. Larissa Manoela

larissa menoela tiktok

Manoela is a Brazilian model, actress, entrepreneur, and singer. Thanks to her hilarious videos, she joined TikTok and gained over 4 million followers within four months.

TikTok: @larissamanoela
Followers: 30.2 million
Net worth: $5 million

54. JeanCarlo Leon

jeancarlo tiktok

JeanCarlo is a Colombian TikTok star under the "jashlem" account name. He's famous for his challenges, collaboration, and music videos, which he also uploads on his YouTube channel.

TikTok: @jashlem
Followers: 28.5 million
Net worth: $5 million

53. Rodrigo Contreras

rodrigo tiktok

Contreras is a familiar face on the TikTok platform. He is a Mexican social media influencer who rose to prominence through captivating dance and lip-sync videos.

TikTok: @elrodcontreras
Followers: 43.4 million
Net worth: $5 million

52. Gil Croes

gil croes tiktok

Croes collaborates with his brother Jayden through their lip-sync videos. The Aruban natives also share their YouTube content, boasting over 34 million views.

TikTok: @gilmhercroes
Followers: 35.7 million
Net worth: $5 million

51. Baby Ariel

baby ariel tiktok

Born Ariel Rebecca Martin, Baby Ariel is an American singer, actress, and social media personality. In 2017, the Times Magazine named her among the most influential personalities on the internet.

TikTok: @babyariel
Followers: 36.7 million
Net worth: $6 million

50. Noah Beck

noah beck toktok

Beck is an American tiktoker who rose to prominence in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, the platform also listed him among the top 10 content creators.

TikTok: @noahbeck
Followers: 33.2 million
Net worth: $6 million

49. Liza Koshy

lizzza tiktok

Texas-born Liza Koshy is a top-tier and a high earner on TikTok. Her endearing and bubbly personality has opened the door to opportunities, including acting and production roles.

TikTok: @lizzza
Followers: 30.3 million
Net worth: $6 million

48. Brent Rivera

brent rivera tiktok

Rivera is an American actor, a social media personality, and a famous tiktoker. He is the CEO of Amp Studios. His content focuses on making people laugh with the aim of making the world a better place to live.

TikTok: @brentrivera
Followers: 48 million
Net worth: $6.5 million

47. Christina Najjar

tinx tiktok

Najjar transitioned from giving life advice to being a mainstream voice. Through her huge following, she got endorsements like Aldo and Kleenex.

TikTok: @tinx
Followers: 1.5 million
Net worth: $7.5 million

46. Daniel LaBelle

daniel labelle tiktok

LaBelle is a familiar face on TikTok and YouTube. He is well-known for his comedic videos, which have helped him to gain a considerable following.

TikTok: @daniel.labelle
Followers: 31 million
Net worth: $8 million

45. Marques Brownlee

marques tiktok

Brownlee is a tech reviewer who posts educational videos on TikTok (aka TechTok). He's also a YouTuber who once interviewed prominent people like Bill Gates, Barack Obama, and Kobe Bryant.

TikTok: @mkbhd
Followers: 2 million
Net worth: $8.5 million

44. Lil Nas X

lil nas x tiktok

Lil Nas X was born Montero Lamar Hill. He is an American singer and rapper who rose to fame in early 2019 after releasing the single, Old Town Road.

TikTok: @lilnasx
Followers: 28.7 million
Net worth: $9 million

43. Bella Poarch

bella poarch tiktok

Poarch is a singer and social media personality. She is also among the most followed influencers on the platform.

TikTok: @bellapoarch
Followers: 94.2 million
Net worth: $9 million

42. Stokes Twins

stokes twins tiktok

Alex Stokes and Alan Stokes are twin sensational internet celebrities. Their content combines adventurous, everyday life, and prank videos.

TikTok: @stokestwins
Followers: 31 million
Net worth: $10 million

41. Tyler Blevins

tyler blevins tiktok

Blevins is the king of live-stream gaming. So, if you're a gamer, visit his account for the latest and enthralling games.

TikTok: @ninja
Followers: 10.8 million
Net worth: $10 million

40. Drew Desbordes

druski tiktok

Desborders thrives in telling digital jokes. The comedian has partnered with brands like Google, AT&T, and Nike.

TikTok: @druski
Followers: 6.9 million
Net worth: $10 million

39. Adam Waheed

adam waheed tiktok

Waheed is best known for his over-the-top skits. Through his fame, he has signed endorsements with L'Oreal, Old Spice, and Google.

TikTok: @adamw
Followers: 20 million
Net worth: $11 million

38. Nick Kolcheff

nickmercs tiktok

Nick has revolutionized the gaming world, uniting parents and kids. Over the years, he has secured deals with Beats by Dre and Under Armour.

TikTok: @nickmercs
Followers: 1.4 million
Net worth: $11.5 million

37. Lele Pons

lele pons tiktok

The Venezuelan-American social media celebrity, actress, tiktoker, and singer was born Eleonora Pons Maronese. Born on June 25, 1996, Pons is among the youngsters who rose to fame through the platform.

TikTok: @lelepons
Followers: 32 million
Net worth: $12 million

36. Burak Ozdemir

burak ozdemir tiktok

Burak Ozdemir is a Turkish restaurateur and chef. He is a TikTok sensation whose audience loves his lip-syncing videos.

TikTok: @cznburak
Followers: 75.1 million
Net worth: $12 million

35. Dani Austin Ramirez

dani austin tiktok

Dani Austin is a Dallas-based fashion and lifestyle influencer on TikTok. She shares her traveling episode on the platform, highlighting life with her toddlers, mother, and husband.

TikTok: @thedaniaustin
Followers: 2.7 million
Net worth: $12.5 million

34. Bailey Sarian

bailey sarian tiktok

Sarian is a makeup artist and a podcaster. She tells true crime stories while doing her makeup looks.

TikTok: @baileysarian
Followers: 2.9 million
Net worth: $13 million

33. Zach King

zach king tiktok

Zach King is known for his creativity and posts digitally edited videos on TikTok. He has accumulated over 85 million followers and about two billion views on the platform. He is also among the most followed influencers.

TikTok: @zachking
Followers: 82 million
Net worth: $13 million

32. Kaitlyn Siragusa

amarouanth tiktok

Kaitlyn, known as Amouranth, is a proactive tiktoker who signed a $7 million annual deal with Kick. She freely promotes her adult-theme products, which helps her earn about $1 million monthly. However, after multiple TikTok and Instagram bans, there is no official Amouranth TikTok profile.

TikTok: Unknown (multiple TikTok bans)
Followers: Unkown
Net worth: $15 million

31. Kimberly Loaiza

kimberly loaiza tiktok

Kimberly is a talented singer and YouTuber from Mexico. Her TikTok videos have received approximately 5.1 billion likes.

TikTok: @kimberly.loaiza
Followers: 81.2 million
Net worth: $15 million

30. Jason Derulo

jason derulo tiktok

Jason Derulo is a gifted songwriter, dancer, and singer from America. His "Savage Love" song made him rise to fame on TikTok.

Followers: 59.3 million
Net worth: $16 million

29. Addison Rae

addison rae tiktok

In August 2020, Forbes named Rae as the highest-earning TikTok personality. Her success has led to signing deals with brands like Hollister, American Eagle, Reebok, and L'Oreal.

TikTok: @addisonre
Followers: 88.8 million
Net worth: $20 million

28. Khabane Lame

kaby lane tiktok

Lame is a sensation Italian-based Senegalese who rose to fame through his TikTok videos. He wordlessly mocks overly complicated life hacks, and now has even held minor roles in Hollywood movies.

TikTok: @khaby.lame
Followers: 163 million
Net worth: $20 million

27. James Charles

james charlges tiktok

James Charles is a makeup artist and beauty content creator from America. He commands a massive following on TikTok and millions of subscribers on YouTube.

TikTok: @jamescharles
Followers: 38.7 million
Net worth: $22 million

26. Jojo Siwa

jojo siwa tiktok

Jojo Siwa is among the top-tier tiktokers in the world. She's an American actress, YouTuber, and singer who appears in dance videos with her mother. She got her start on the reality show Dance Moms.

TikTok: @itsjojosiwa
Followers: 45.8 million
Net worth: $25 million

25. David Dobrik

david dobrik tiktok

Dobrik is a co-founder of Dispo, a photography app. He is a fun-loving person who frequently posts hilarious videos on TikTok.

TikTok: @daviddobrik
Followers: 25.7 million
Net worth: $25 million

24. Karol G

karol g tiktok

Carolina Navarro is a Colombian songwriter and singer born February 14, 1991. She's a Latin and reggaeton musician who has bagged several awards.

TikTok: @karolg
Followers: 52.4 million
Net worth: $25 million

23. Sean McLoughlin

sean mclouglin tiktok

Sean is an Irish comedian and YouTuber who also has a decent following on TikTok.

TikTok: @Jacksepticeye
Followers: 5 million
Net worth: $27 million

22. Olajide Olatunji

ksi tiktok

Olatunji started as a video gamer on YouTube and has become a boxer and rapper. He turns the scandals into online views.

TikTok: @ksi
Followers: 12 million
Net worth: $27 million

21. Elliot Tebele

fjerry tiktok

Tebele is the meme king and the brain behind FJerryLLC. Although he earns from TikTok, his primary source of income is the board game "What Do You Meme."

TikTok: @fjerry
Followers: 4.6 million
Net worth: $30 million

Top 20 Richest TikTokers

20. Dixie D'Amelio

dixie damelio tiktok

Dixie is a sister to Charli, and she launched her TikTok account by posting trending dance videos. In late 2023, the sisters launched Be Happy Snacks.

TikTok: @dixiedamelio
Followers: 56 million
Net worth: $30 million

19. Ryan Kaji

rayans world tiktok

He is a titan of toys who attained social media success at 9. Kaji's family utilizes TikTok to review board games and toys. There is no verified TikTok account.

TikTok: Unknown (many fan accounts)
Followers: Unknown
Net worth: $35 million

18. Preston Arsement

preston tiktok

The 30-year-old gamer shares gaming videos on TikTok and YouTube. With the combination of two platforms, he commands a huge following, making him earn a passive income.

TikTok: @preston
Followers: 10.6 million
Net worth: $35 million

17. Arishfa Khan

arishfakhan tiktok

Khan is a tiktoker and actress who posts fashion and dance videos to grow her account. She's also a fashion blogger.

TikTok: @_arishfakhan_
Followers: 28.7 million
Net worth: $50 million

16. Marshmello

marshmello tiktok

Christopher Comstock, a.k.a. Marshmello, captivates the masses through his music. His songs Wolves, Friends, and Silence skyrocketed his fame.

TikTok: @marshmello
Followers: 25 million
Net worth: $50 million

15. Billie Eilish

billie eilish tiktok

Eilish is a famous American songwriter and singer, known for songs such as Bad Guy and What Was I Made For.

TikTok: @bilieeilish
Followers: 65 million
Net worth: $53 million

14. Blackpink Official

blackpink tiktok

Blackpink Official is a Korean girl group. The band released their single in August 2016 and continues to entertain audiences.

TikTok: @bp_tikok
Followers: 48.6 million
Net worth: $62 million

13. Charli D'Amelio

charli damelio tiktok

The D'Amelio joined TikTok at the same time as Addison Rae. Through her influential personality, she has signed deals with top-tier talent agencies.

TikTok: @charlidamelio
Followers: 154 million
Net worth: $70 million

12. BTS

bts titok

BTS is a South Korean band consisting of men only. The band collaborates in writing and producing captivating songs to entertain their audiences.

TikTok: @bts_official_bighit
Followers: 64.6 million
Net worth: $140 million

11. Logan Paul

logan paul tiktok

Logan Paul is a boxer, social media influencer, and tiktoker. His videos have more than 350 million likes.

TikTok: @loganpaul
Followers: 18.5 million
Net worth: $150 million

10. Gordon Ramsay

gordon ramsay tiktok

Gordon Ramsay is a British TV personality, chef, and restaurateur. His TikTok account is full of hilarious videos.

TikTok: @gordonramsayofficial
Followers: 40.5 million
Net worth: $220 million

9. Ariana Grande

ariana grande tiktok

Ariana is another favorite TikTok sensation. She entertains and inspires her fanbase with sensational music.

TikTok: @arianagrande
Followers: 35.3 million
Net worth: $240 million

8. Shakira

shakira tiktok

Shakira is a world-known songwriter, singer, producer, and dancer. She thrills fans with outstanding signature belly dancing skills.

TikTok: @shakira
Followers: 58.3 million
Net worth: $300 million

7. Justin Bieber

just beiber tiktok

Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer whom Scooter Braun discovered. He enjoys a massive following on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

TikTok: @justinbieber
Followers: 27.3 million
Net worth: $300 million

6. Will Smith

will smith titok

Smith's popularity goes beyond the acting world. He shares food prep tips and gym workout routines.

TikTok: @willsmith
Followers: 74 million
Net worth: $350 million

5. Kevin Hart

kevin hart tiktok

Hart's fame also goes beyond the comedy and acting world. The American tiktoker shares inspiration and comic videos on the platform.

TikTok: @imkevinhart
Followers: 34.7 million
Net worth: $450 million

4. Kylie Jenner

kylie jenner tiktok

Jenner has made a name for being a makeup brand owner, TV personality, and a tiktoker. Her entertaining persona on TikTok features cosmetic videos.

TikTok: @kyliejenner
Followers: 56.1 million
Net worth: $680 million

3. Selena Gomez

selena gomez titok

Selena began her career at a younger age. Her TikTok account has garnered approximately 629 million likes.

TikTok: @selenagomez
Followers: 58.3 million
Net worth: $800 million

2. Dwayne Johnson

the rock titok

Johnson is an American businessman, former WWE wrestler, actor, and producer. He is also among the highest-paid actors in the world.

TikTok: @therock
Followers: 75 million
Net worth: $800 million

The Highest Paid TikToker of 2024?


mr beast tiktok

With his huge following, it comes as no surprise that MrBeast tops this list. You may be wondering how he tops this list with less net worth than Dwayne Johnson or Kylie Jenner - that is because MrBeast has made his money purely on social media and affiliated deals. Whereas some others on this list have had prior success in acting, reality TV, or other ventures.

MrBeast was born Jimmy Donaldson on May 7, 1998. He's among the youngest and richest tiktokers in 2024.

TikTok: @mrbeast
Followers: 96.5 million
Net worth: $500 million

Finding TikTok Success: How Much Does TikTok Pay?

TikTok is believed to pay between $0.02 and $0.04 per 1,000 views. The platform introduced the program in 2023 to compensate digital creators for using the platform. At present, an influencer can earn approximately $20 and $50 for every one million views.

However, from this list it is clear to see that the most successful tiktokers monetize their content with multiple off-platform revenue streams. High-earning tiktokers do not rely on TikTok revenue alone. Instead, they sell access to paid communities, subscriptions, and digital products, as well as selling print-on-demand merch, collaborating with brands, and earning money from influencer advertisting.

Start Earning With TikTok and Whop


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  • Ebooks
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  • Masterminds
  • Downloads
  • Coaching Calls
  • PDFs
  • Sports Picks
  • Trading Signals

and so much more. If it's digital, you can sell access to it in the form of once-off payments or recurring memberships.

Simply create your own whop, put your link in your TikTok bio, and start earning recurring revenue.