Lev’s Locks is a sports Discord server that combines excellent daily picks with a friendly and well-organized online community of sports bettors. That’s not always the case with most sports picks communities, as some are informational only, with no talk between members.

For Lev and his team, however, the communal aspect is very important, so they’ve strived to create a safe space for all sports enthusiasts to participate. On top of that, the group is home to a bunch of expert sports cappers who put in tons of effort every day to come up with high-value plays on all sports.

Their picks come with in-depth analyses, including all parameters that led them to choose each bet. The server also teaches everyone how to properly bet on each play to ensure the best chance of making profits.

Let's learn more about Lev's sports picks community with this in-depth review of Lev’s Locks, where we dissect the entire Discord server to find out why so many members love it. We’ll also discuss all the features Lev and his team offer, as well as how much you can expect to pay to enter.

Who is Lev?

lev's locks

Lev owns the Lev’s Locks Discord server and is an avid sports enthusiast. A few years ago, he decided to turn his betting hobby into an online sports picks community. He began offering highly insightful plays on multiple sports, with his popularity increasing thanks to some excellent NBA player prop bets.

Throughout the years, he connected with several successful sports cappers and learned much from them. Then, in late 2023, Lev partnered with some of his associates to create Lev’s Locks.

Despite being relatively young, the community has already gathered hundreds of members and has 100+ five-star reviews on Whop.

Veteran Cappers for Every Sport

One of the key aspects most people choose Lev’s Locks for is the superb sports cappers. Lev has assembled the “Avengers” of sports betting, with every capper having years of experience. Everyone has their own “superpower”, whether it’s the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, or any other sport where they can find high-value plays.

You can find every capper on their dedicated Discord channel, where they post their daily plays. Keep in mind some cappers may have a specific schedule for when they post, so make sure to enable your notifications so you don’t miss out on any plays. Each pick has a thorough analysis of all the stats and factors that make it a good value, as well as how much you should wager on it.

Apart from providing their curated plays daily, the cappers at Lev’s Locks are always available to chat and discuss anything you want. It can be related to specific matchups and bets, general advice on sports betting, or any other topic you find common interest in.

The Discord group also has an extensive guide on bankroll management, an essential concept for every new bettor to learn. There’s a dedicated channel for it on the server, along with general tips about betting responsibly.

Welcome to the Clubhouse

lev's clubhouse

Now let’s move on to the main attraction and the primary reason most people choose Lev’s Locks as their preferred sports picks Discord server – the Clubhouse. Once you purchase a membership at Lev’s Locks, you automatically become a member of the Clubhouse, which is essentially the nickname of the community.

Clubhouse members get access to additional channels with news and updates, as well as the Lock of the Day, Lev's strongest play. There’s also the Sports Bar channel, where Clubhouse members can discuss anything about their favorite sports, teams, or players. Plus, there is a dedicated channel for Member Slips, where Clubhouse members can put in their own picks and plays for anyone who wants to tail them.

Apart from all the picks-related channels, the Discord server features dedicated channels to discuss other interests, like games, movies, music, and cars, among others. There’s also a very helpful section with tax information and a channel where Lev frequently posts motivational quotes.

What You Get With Lev's Locks

Here's a quick summary of all the features you can find at Lev’s Locks.

  • Wide variety of daily picks
    Several plays every day, including different bet types, like props, moneyline bets, spreads, and over/under bets.
  • Team of veteran sports cappers
    Large team of expert cappers with years of experience, each one specializing in one or multiple sports.
  • Live updates on all plays
    Get live notifications and updates on how every pick is performing as the game is going on.
  • Exciting sports betting community
    Active community with hundreds of sports fans who all have fun together and enjoy their favorite hobby.

Choose Your Membership

membership lev's locks

To unlock the full potential of Lev’s Locks, you need to become a Clubhouse Member by purchasing the Club House Pass. There are different pricing plans to accommodate all users, but don’t worry about missing out on any features, as you get everything with a single membership.

The monthly Club House Pass comes out to $29.99, a very fair price considering the amount of content you receive. You can also pay $74.99 every quarter or $249.99 for a yearly membership, which will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Lev’s Locks also offers a short-term Pass that comes with three-day access for $9.99. However, you should only really use it to test out the server, as the cost is significantly higher compared to the monthly Pass.

Finally, you can enter Lev’s Locks for free, although you won’t gain access to all channels on the server and will only get one free pick per day.

Lev's Locks – Join Lev and his Team of Expert Cappers Today

It should be obvious by now that Lev’s Locks exceeds expectations when it comes to the communal aspect. There are few sports betting Discord servers on Whop that feature such a healthy and active community of members.

And don’t forget about the excellent picks provided by Lev and the group’s veteran cappers. They put in many hours of research daily to ensure they’ve considered every possible factor that could affect their plays. Their goal is to give all members the best chance to make long-term profits if they follow their sports betting strategies.

Subscribe to Lev’s Locks on the Whop marketplace today and unlock a group filled with excellent picks and an amazing community of aspiring sports bettors just like you! With the help of Lev and his team, you’ll be able to elevate your sports betting game in no time!