Reselling is an attractive business model, but it requires a certain degree of knowledge and the right tools in order to succeed.

That is why some successful resellers have decided to give back and share their hard-earned knowledge, rather than gate-keep it, by launching a reselling community. One such community is Resell University.

Resell University was founded in 2017 with the intention of being the #1 source for all things reselling. Since then, they have grown to become one of the go-to private communities for all things reselling, covering sneakers, electronics, low-key flips, and more. Other opportunities to make money (as well as save it) exist inside the group, including free food and other freebies.

In this article, we’ll go over what Resell University is, and what makes it a top pick if you want to join a private reselling community on Discord. You’ll find out what you’ll get as a member and how you can join.

Who is Behind Resell University?

resell university
From Ricky’s Twitter: a glimpse at his come up story.

The Resell University team is led by a founder known as Ricky, who has experience from going completely broke, with less than $300 to his name, to building a reselling business that would eventually scale to seven figures.

He’s known for capturing reselling opportunities in larger markets like sneakers, where he succeeds despite saturation, saying that saturation isn’t as real as people make it out to be. 

Ricky and his team also uncover low-key and highly profitable opportunities that they share quickly and discreetly within the walls of their community.

Plus, they are dedicated to helping members become fully financially literate by offering many methods and actionable opportunities, like exclusive discounts and freebies, to save money in addition to making it.

Source for all Things Reselling Since 2017

resell university

Several years ago, when sneaker reselling was in its prime, the demand for quality cook groups was at an all-time high. One of the standouts was Resell University, which quickly gained a reputation as being one of the best resources for sneaker flipping. 

As the years continued and the markets changed, reselling groups were forced to go broader with their coverage, and some groups that did not innovate died out.

Resell University was one of the survivors and has since expanded to incorporate many other reselling strategies, keeping them relevant and on the cutting edge even in 2024.

In addition to a private group hosted on Discord, Ricky and his team have a highly intuitive and helpful mobile app that is free for all members.

Reasons to Join Resell University

join resell
A peek at the freebies and discounts to be had inside of Resell University, from their Instagram @reselluniv 

If you join Resell University, you can be assured you are in a good place if you are a money-minded individual. Not only will you learn all about how to make money with reselling, you will learn how to save money by lowering your cost of living with an abundance of exclusive deals and freebies, including free food.

On top of all the features within the group, Ricky and his team actually care. They remember the early days of not knowing where to go or who to follow, and they are happy to give back with their abundant knowledge to help share a piece of the growing reselling pie. They’ve now helped to generate over 8 figures in reselling revenue, and they have a documented track record to back it up.

Not only is the team highly accessible and helpful even to total beginners, they are constantly innovating and finding new opportunities in reselling, money saving, sports betting, and investing. 

Resell University also offers exclusive resources including private monitors covering 500+ sites, in addition to many more tools which we will dive into next.

Resell University Private Discord: What’s Inside

resell university discord
A Resell University member displaying their profits.

As a member of Resell University, you’ll immediately be granted access to tools and resources that will help you achieve your goals. The private Discord server is complete with diverse reselling channels led by dedicated and expert team members. 

Here are the goodies you’ll get inside this exclusive Discord community:

Amazon FBA/FBM Coverage
Many successful ecommerce companies built by solopreneurs are on Amazon, which has a huge group of six and seven-figure sellers, some of which are resellers. Resell University uses a combination of experience and private tools within the Amazon world in both Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) and Fulfilled By Merchant (FBM) categories.

Elite Sneaker Resell Coverage
Ricky is famous for being a shoe reselling guru, thriving in booming markets and also innovating in recent days when things have become slower and slightly more saturated. In the group, you’ll find sneaker resell coverage that keeps you profitable no matter what the market conditions are.

Highly Diversified Random Resell
If you want to increase your income as a reseller, you will need to diversify so you can capture any and all opportunities that present themselves. With Resell University, you’ll find low-key flips including random and overlooked but profitable opportunities that are pushed in real time with exclusive announcements and super-fast monitors.

Global Ticket Reselling
Ticket reselling is an opportunity that is especially attractive as it can be done entirely online without any need for shipping, and in Resell University, you can capitalize on this fully. Coverage in both the US and EU complete with dedicated cashouts and private tools will amplify your success.

Freebies and exclusive deals
It’s always nice to get things for free, and when you’re in this group, you’ll have an abundance of freebies including food and even cash giveaways. Additionally, you’ll get access to exclusive deals so you can save money and lower your cost of living, even during times of inflation.

Custom Mobile App
While Discord has an excellent infrastructure complete with diverse channels, tools, and functionality, it is not immediately user-friendly and can potentially confuse beginners. Resell University recognized this and made a slick mobile app complete with a user interface that is an absolute pleasure to use, with notifications pushed in real-time so you can quickly act on any opportunities.

Step-by-step, actionable money-making game plan
Sometimes information is pointless if you don’t have a plan to carry it out, and as a beginner, this can be the hardest part about finding success. Resell University offers a time-tested and proven game plan that will help you make your membership fee back in 24 hours.

Choosing Your Plan

resell university

Joining Resell University is as simple as picking a plan and connecting your Discord account, which you can create in minutes if you don’t have one already.

Pricing is simple–the current membership fee is set at $65 per month, and access is granted immediately upon payment. The group is popular and is often at capacity, so you may have to sign up for their waitlist, in which case you won’t be charged until you are granted access.

Even if you’re totally strapped for cash, you can get a test ride of the paid goodies inside by joining their free server, SideHustleCord. You can also check out their Make Membership Back in 24 Hours Gameplan for free.

Become a money-making expert with Resell University

Resell University will empower you financially all around, with a diverse set of strategies to make money in addition to saving it. You’ll never be lacking in opportunities as a member of their community, and if you check out the reviews, you’ll see that the vast majority of the members agree that the value inside far exceeds the monthly cost.

So, if you’re ready to become part of a group of money-savvy experts and hardcore hustlers, join Resell University and start capitalizing on the immense opportunity that reselling has to offer!