Welcome to Sharptank, where the sharpest betting minds gather to find the best plays in all sports. This Discord server was established in 2023 and has already attracted hundreds of aspiring bettors looking to tail and learn from the Sharps.

Who are these Sharps? They’re the group’s expert cappers who’ve been honing their skills for years before deciding to collaborate and create the Tank. Each capper in the server has a unique betting approach and focuses on specific sports and leagues, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

In addition to sharp plays, you’ll learn the ins and outs of betting through tips and advice from the pros. Even if you’re an advanced bettor, there’s always some new strategy, approach, or small tip you can learn.

If you’re ready to play with the Sharps, join Sharptank for tons of +EV bets and tips, or read our review to learn more about the community before you commit your money.

Who’s Behind The Tank?

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Sharptank operates as a collective effort from multiple cappers and sports analysts. It all started with “Hype”, a veteran bettor and soccer specialist who also offers tennis plays. He wanted to create a sports picks Discord server but knew he couldn’t attract a massive audience just through soccer and tennis.

So, he gathered some well-known sports cappers, including Mr. Motion, Francisod, Jakeduhsnake, and Chris, the most recent addition. These guys helped Hype expand the sports coverage at Sharptank and provides even more expertise and useful insights for all members.

Variety of Cappers for Different Tastes

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One key aspect that makes Sharptank so highly sought-after is its wide variety of cappers and sports the group covers. Leading the shiver is Hype, the group’s resident soccer expert who specializes in prop bets. He likes to put out both singles and parlay bets on several different player prop categories and even some main market plays if he finds value.

Then there are people like Jake, Mr. Motion, and Francisod, all experts in the major American leagues. Depending on the action available, they’ll come up with a bunch of high-value picks in the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL. Their plays mostly revolve around player props on daily fantasy platforms, but they’ll also provide other bet types, such as spreads and over/under bets.

Lastly, there’s Chris with his dedicated Cash Crew subgroup. Chris is the latest addition to the Sharptank team and has his dedicated membership and channels within the Discord server. He hosts frequent livestreams and has a dedicated chatting channel for members to chat during said streams. He also has a “Slips” channel, where he posts all his daily plays on all sports imaginable.

And don’t forget about the “Public Plays” channel, where any member is free to post their slips or bet suggestions. The Sharptank Discord server also has numerous bots for things like injury reports and +EV bet opportunities on all popular sports betting apps.

Learn from the Sharps

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Apart from expert picks, Sharptank is a great place for newcomers to understand essential betting concepts. Once you join the server, you’re encouraged to read through a short guide describing important lessons that only come with years of experience.

They include things like playing for entertainment instead of chasing profits while also determining a bankroll size you can easily afford to lose. The guide also includes information on the different types of odds and how you can find +EV bets based on the implied odds for each bet to hit.

Every Sharptank capper knows the importance of educating members instead of just giving them blind picks to tail. That’s why all picks are thoroughly analyzed to ensure every member understands why each capper chose that specific play. 

All betting slips are also accompanied by their appropriate unit size according to the bankroll management strategy the group follows. Each Sharp might employ a different method of sizing their bets, but all of them are based on maximizing long-term profits on +EV plays.

What You Get With Sharptank

Sharptank is full of useful features to the point that it may feel overwhelming for new members. So, here’s a summary of all the server’s key aspects to help you improve your sports betting game.

  • Daily plays on several sports
    The Sharptank team provides a bunch of picks with different betting strategies on all major American sports and more
  • Various cappers to choose from
    Pick from several expert cappers, each one specializing in one or a few sports
  • Educational material for all bettor levels
    Find guides and betting tips from the experts that are perfect for both newcomers and advanced bettors
  • Built-in automated tools and bots
    Utilize several bots within the Discord server, including injuries and lineup bots, as well as algorithms for finding +EV bets
  • Active community with hundreds of members
    Join a blossoming community where members chat freely, post their own picks, and participate in giveaways

Pick the Right Membership

sharptank membership

The Sharptank Discord server is essentially split into two communities – the VIP group and Chris’s Cash Crew. If you purchase the VIP membership for $20 a week or $60 a month, you’ll gain access to all VIP plays from Hype and the other main cappers at Sharptank. If you want to join Chris’s group, participate in his livestreams, and tail his plays, you’ll need to pay $60 a week or $180 a month.

In both cases, you’ll gain access to the rest of the Discord server, including all educational material, community channels, and Discord bots. You’ll also save a decent amount if you opt for a monthly membership instead of paying every week. Still, the weekly subscription is a great way to test each pick package before committing to one.

Sharptank – Enter the Tank and Start Tailing the Sharps Today!

If you don’t want to feel like a small fish in the sports betting ocean, you should join Sharptank and let the Sharps take you to the top. These guys know how to succeed and have maintained a great win rate and track record, which is evident by their ever-growing numbers.

The Discord community has 100+ five-star reviews on Whop, which isn’t common, especially for such a young group. That’s because the Sharps don’t just post plays with no explanation and no interaction with the community. They care about each member and offer 24/7 support to answer any question or issue.

So jump in the deep waters and swim with the Sharps by becoming a Sharptank member today. You’ll find hundreds of aspiring bettors, just like yourself, who all want to learn from the experts, improve their game, and devour the books.