Sometimes, it takes huge money losses to understand how Vegas odds and lines work and how you can utilize them to your advantage in the long run. That’s exactly the story of Cole and Chase, who created StatBetz for this reason – to find the best value plays and ensure the best possible chance at being long-term profitable bettors.

StatBetz gives out daily premium plays that rely on the expertise of professional full-time analysts combined with the power of betting algorithms. By putting in a ton of effort daily, the StatBetz team can provide several high-value picks on all major American sports and even more.

On top of their excellent plays, the team has cultivated a huge Discord community and is actually one of the top sports betting Discord servers on Whop. If you’d like to get some expert picks, you can learn more about StatBetz in our review below and see if they fit your needs.

A Successful Community


StatBetz was established in 2022 by Cole (aka “colepicks”) and Chase (aka “chaseclaw”). They quickly expanded their team with professional analysts, including CLVKing, Scott, and Shield. They also have dedicated staff members who are available around the clock to help members with anything they need.

Despite its young age, StatBetz has grown to a very sizeable 13K+ members and is very successful on Whop. They also boast impressive retention rates, as most of their original members from when they started out are still in the group. StatBetz has even received the highly-coveted Whop Verified badge, an accolade saved for only the top communities that offer premium services.

Premium Picks from Multiple Cappers

stat betz discord

Speaking of premium services, you can find all the different StatBetz plays under the “Stat Official Premium Picks” category on their Discord server. Each one of the team’s cappers has their own dedicated channel, where they can post their plays, along with explanations behind them and their recommended unit size.

The latter is key to ensuring proper bankroll management, which in itself is the number one aspect every bettor should focus on if they want to maintain long-term profitability. 

Another great thing about having different channels is that each analyst can focus on their own preferred sports and bet types. You can also find special channels for player prop parlays and future bets if you prefer these betting strategies.

The StatBetz cappers utilize a unique metric called CLV (aka Close Line Value) to determine whether their plays are good value or not. They basically look at where each betting line closes right before a game starts and see if they got a good price for it. According to the experts, this is a great way to see if your plays are of high value, and you’ll see this value in the long run.

All the Betting Knowledge You Need

colepicks discord

StatBetz doesn't just rely on providing picks for their members. They want to make sure each bettor has the fundamentals down and has access to a variety of tools so they can research and create their own plays.

They have a dedicated “Sports Bet Knowledge” channel, where they teach members basic betting-related terms, including the different types of odds and bet types among others. 

They also have a channel called “Analyst Lesson Explanations”, where Cole and other analysts discuss some key concepts every bettor should be aware of. These include bankroll management tips, and how to maintain the same betting philosophy regardless of results.

The team at Stat Betz are huge proponents of Discord, as the platform allows them to provide unique tools to help their members. They have dedicated bots for all sports, including line shopping bots and prop bots.

The former scour all top sports betting apps to find the bet lines and odds for your bet. The latter helps anyone research their own prop plays by providing stats and data from a player’s last 10 games, so you can have a better idea about how often they hit their prop.

What You Get With StatBetz

  • Daily premium picks on multiple sports
    High-value plays every day on several sports, including the NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL, soccer, and UFC.
  • Team of professional analysts
    Group of full-time expert cappers and analysts that work together every day to come up with the best possible picks.
  • Guides and educational material on sports betting
    Dedicated sections within the Discord server to learn key sports betting terms and the mental aspect of the game.
  • Bots for line shopping and prop research
    Several tools are available to members, including bots to research their own prop bets, and find the best lines and odds.
  • Huge community of like-minded bettors
    Over 13K members with dedicated chatting channels and even a “Members Play” channel.

Choose How Often You Pay

stat betz whop

You can unlock everything that StatBetz offers through a single membership. All you have to do is choose your payment frequency. The standard monthly subscription comes out to $99.99 and there’s also a weekly package for $49.99, although it’s much better value to just go for the monthly plan.

What’s even better value is the lifetime package at $749.99. It’s just like paying for seven and a half months, and instead, you get permanent access to the entire Stat Betz Discord server with all the premium picks.

StatBetz – Join Cole, Chase, and the Group’s Experts to Start Seeing Green in Your Slips

Chase and Cole have done an amazing job with StatBetz. In a very short time, they’ve grown a huge community with thousands of members and incorporated multiple professional cappers and analysts to ensure the best results.

They really want to ensure every member is satisfied with their services, which is why they put so much effort into their daily plays and cultivate a fun and friendly atmosphere on Discord.

If you want to join a large community of aspiring bettors, StatBetz is the place for you. You can join through Whop and unlock daily expert plays on a bunch of sports while also gaining access to the knowledge and experience of several experts with years in the market.