For many, sports betting is a hobby they like to dabble in from time to time. However, that’s not the case for Stosh, for whom betting has become his primary profession over the past few years. Being a sports enthusiast for as long as he can remember, he wanted to educate people on how to use proper betting strategies instead of leaving everything to luck and instinct.

That’s why he created Stoshpicks, his personal sports community, which has become one of the most popular sports betting Discord servers on Whop. Through his Discord community, he provides daily plays on various sports, including the NBA, NFL, and MLB.

He also teaches all the essentials every player should know about betting, which helps newcomers better understand his picks and strategies. All his meticulous research and positive attitude have gathered thousands of community members, all eager to become better sports bettors.

Ready to dive into Stosh’s world? In this Stoshpicks review we look deeper at how the Discord server operates and what picks you get every day. We’ll also give you the rundown of everything you can expect to receive with your membership.

Why Join Stoshpicks?


So, why choose Stoshpicks in the first place? The number one reason is obviously for Stosh himself. You’ve probably spotted him on social media, where he has hundreds of thousands of followers and shares his amazing wins and successful plays.

You can find all these plays on the Discord server, where Stosh provides daily NBA, NFL, and MLB picks. He may occasionally post eSports picks as well if he finds good value in them. Stosh is primarily known for his player prop bets since he posts several of them every day and offers options for many different DFS platforms and sportsbooks.

In fact, his insightful basketball player props have made Stoshpicks one of the top NBA picks Discord servers on Whop, which is no small feat. But Stosh will also put out standard plays from time to time, including moneyline bets, spreads, and totals.

His well-researched plays come with an in-depth analysis of all factors and aspects that led him to them. This is important as it gives you a glimpse into his thought process behind every play and can be very helpful when creating your own slips.

Another benefit of Stoshpicks is it’s a tried-and-tested community that’s been around for a while and has thousands of members with over 1K five-star reviews on Whop. Combined with Stosh’s DMs being constantly open for any questions or messages, it proves the quality of service you receive as a Stoshpicks member.

Learn Essential Sports Betting Tips

sports betting tips

Stosh values knowledge tremendously and believes all good sports picks must derive from deep analysis and research. That’s why he tries to educate all Stoshpicks members on the fundamentals of sports betting to help them elevate their game.

The first key concept every new member should learn (which is why it’s conveniently placed in the “Newbie” channel on Discord) is bankroll management. Since not all of Stosh’s picks will hit, it’s important to wager the correct amount on each play to lower the risk of losing your entire balance and increase your chance to profit whenever a bet wins.

Stosh also provides an in-depth sports betting guide with each membership, which further explains all important sports betting concepts. You’ll learn all about the different types of odds and how to read them, as well as all the different bet types that exist and which ones Stosh prefers.

All these concepts and ideas might sound trivial to someone who’s been sports betting for years. However, they are incredibly important for any new player just starting out and not something you’ll find as thoroughly discussed in other sports picks communities.

What You Get With Stoshpicks

Here’s a quick recap of everything you’ll receive once you become a Stoshpicks member:

  • Several daily picks
    Multiple bets provided every day, including player props and moneyline bets on popular sports, like the NFL, MLB, NBA, and eSports.
  • In-depth analysis of all plays
    All picks are accompanied by a thorough analysis and explanation by Stosh to ensure everyone comprehends the logic behind them.
  • Sports betting guide
    Comprehensive guide on essential sports betting concepts, such as types of bets, odds, bankroll management, and how to research every play.
  • Massive and successful community
    Whop Verified Discord server, which contains thousands of eager sports bettors, has more than 1,000 5-star reviews.
  • Consistent support from Stosh
    Stosh ensures all members are satisfied and maintains his Discord DMs open 24/7 for any messages, questions, or prop suggestions.

Picking the Right Package

stoshpicks pacakges

Another thing that sets Stoshpicks apart from other similar sports Discord servers is its relatively low membership price. You just need to pay $50 a month to gain access to the entire Discord server, which includes all of Stosh’s daily picks. You’ll also receive the Sports Betting Guide and be eligible to participate in all VIP Giveaways for a chance at awesome prizes.

As you can see, the Stoshpicks membership offers tremendous value, considering the amount of content you get. Stosh isn’t interested in charging exorbitant amounts of money despite having years of experience and providing insightful plays. Instead, he believes in cultivating a large community of individuals and helping them out in any way he can.

And don’t forget that Stoshpicks has the highly-coveted Whop Verified badge. This accolade is only reserved for top communities that offer exquisite services, and cannot be simply purchased by anyone.

Stoshpicks - Let Stosh Help you Elevate your Game

It should be clear by now that Stosh has created an amazing community and has done so all by himself. He puts tons of hours into researching his plays every day while also managing the server and his social media platforms and even responding to all DMs. He truly is a one-man show!

If you’re ready to hop on Stosh’s train to the top of the sports betting world, then join Stoshpicks on the Whop marketplace today! Become a member of a rapidly growing community full of aspiring sports enthusiasts who want to become the best sports bettors they can be!