Creating and running a successful Telegram channel is, in itself, a huge feat. What’s more challenging, however, is finding ways to monetize your brand-new community. After all, Telegram has 800 million monthly users, nearly half of whom are aged 18-34, and all of whom are very hard consumers to please. 

So, what can you do? How can you monetize your Telegram channel without losing the trust of your community? That’s what we’ll help you find out! 

We’ll look at some of the most popular Telegram monetization methods, provide tips on monetizing your content through the platform, and see how Whop can help you from start to finish - whether you have 10 or 10k members. For now, let’s eliminate some of the doubts you might have!

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Who Can Make Money With Telegram?

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Everyone can make money with Telegram. All you need to do is create a channel, market it correctly, make the best content possible, and offer your members as much value as possible. 

Now, this is easier said than done. As a new creator, you might feel like you can’t really provide tons of value. But take a minute to reflect on that. You have tons of knowledge of your respective niche, and you can present it in a unique POV.

For example, if you’ve had some success in day trading, you can offer your knowledge through trading tips for beginners. You can help them avoid the mistakes you made along the way, as well as offer them straight-up trading signals to buy or sell a specific stock.

Or, let’s say you’re a comic book artist. You can create videos teaching people how to tell a story through each image and place them behind a paywall directly on your Telegram!

Think about it; whether you’re a teacher, an influencer, an expert, even an artist, or none of the above, you still have something unique to offer. And, with Telegram, you don’t need to have thousands of members to make some money. You can start doing that now, even without having a single member on the channel.

How Do You Monetize a Telegram Channel? 5 Proven Strategies

Now, we get into the actual ways to monetize your Telegram. Here are five different ways to make money with Telegram.

1. Subscriptions

Subscriptions to Telegram channels are hands down the best way to make money on the platform. You might be thinking, “Why would someone buy access to my channel? What’s in it for them?”. 

Well, your paywalled channels can have exclusive content based on your expert knowledge. If, for example, you’re a sports capper or you simply like sports betting and have had some success with it, you can post sports picks every day on your private channel. That’s exactly what some huge creators, like Sean Perry and Mazi VS are doing on Whop! 

All you have to do is create your Whop, connect your Telegram within seconds, and you’re sorted! Now, you can manage your channel, payments, and all your operations from one hub. Plus, you can promote your Telegram on the Whop Marketplace and get it in front of hundreds of thousands of potential members! 

2. Paid Posts and Ads

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If you’ve done your fair share of networking on Telegram then you may have been approached by other channels and creators offering you an incentive to share their channel on yours. Or, in simpler terms - post ads.

Telegram itself has added a platform for ads, Telegram Ads, where anyone can post adverts, and the owners of the channels where they’re posted get a 50% cut of the ad revenue. So, if someone pays $10 in Toncoin (the currency ads use) to advertise their post on 10 servers, you’ll get $0.5 if you’re picked to host the ad.

However, most people still opt for the good old way, which is connecting with other creators or brands and being paid directly. To get paid, you can use third-party apps, like our own Whop Checkout link, which you can set up in minutes. Plus, we only take a 3% cut, so you’ll receive almost all the money the ad creator will spend (and vice versa).

3. Sell Digital Products

If you’re an artist or a creator of any kind, selling subscriptions to your channels is a good idea, but there are other ways to make money. One way is to sell all the digital products you create on a platform like Whop and use Telegram as your primary marketing/community-building channel.

Why use Whop? Well, while Telegram is a good place to sell digital products, it isn't the best option. You can sell downloads and art, but in order to sell more profitable digital products like courses and ebooks, you need a more robust monetization platform. That is why you use Telegram and Whop together.

You can use Telegram as a channel to build rapport with your community and show them that you know what you’re talking about. Then, you can create your hub on a platform like Whop, where you can upload your course, operate your Telegram channel, and handle payments!

4. Accept Donations


Many creators want to make money through their content but don’t wish to put it behind a paywall. And, that’s alright! You can still make a quick buck by accepting donations. Telegram’s pretty helpful with that, as well.

The platform has plenty of bots, some of which can help you get paid directly on there. You can create a pay-what-you-want link on Whop Checkout, integrate it with one of the bots on Telegram, and get donations from your community.

5. Affiliate Marketing

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One of the best ways to monetize content, regardless of what platform you use, is affiliate marketing. The same goes for Telegram, and it’s pretty similar to sharing paid posts or ads on your side.

What you’ll have to do is connect with companies that will give you affiliate links to share with your community. However, you’ll have to make sure that these companies align with what your channel is about. So, don’t go out securing affiliate links for skincare when your community is about trading.

If you’re running a travel Telegram, you should become affiliated with agencies offering travel itineraries or websites that offer accommodation, like or Airbnb. Basically, your affiliates should be all about your main channel theme! 

Expert Tips for Making Money on Telegram

Now that you have a few monetization ideas for your Telegram channel let’s see what you have to do daily to manage and grow your community!

Create High-Quality Content

Make sure that whatever content you post on your Telegram, be it your free or paid channels, is high-quality. To do this, you should give your unique perspective, inject your personal tone, and, overall, create content that isn’t boring to read or so basic that it can be answered with a simple Google search.

The same goes for any product you might be offering through your Telegram. If you’re selling sports picks, don’t post about the NFL one day and the Brazilian 3rd Division the other, as your members might feel like you’re untrustworthy.

Be Active and Consistent

Creating high-quality content won’t matter as much if don’t actively engage with your community and consistently post on your channel. As is true in the stock market “Time in the market beats timing the market”. 

This isn’t a “Get Out of Jail Free Card” to post random stuff daily, though. While you should focus on posting something consistently on your Telegram, you must make sure that it meets some quality standards.

Have Great Customer Service

As with every app out there, some issues will arise when your community members use your Telegram. They might be unable to access your premium channels even though they’ve already paid you, or the media you send might not be loading.

In such cases, you must have great customer service. While they will mainly focus on resolving any issues your members will have, they’re also the first in line to receive all the user feedback you can utilize to improve your channel. Thankfully, if you use Whop to get paid through Telegram, you’ll also get access to our incredible customer support team, who will answer any queries within seconds!

Build a Strong Community

To really capitalize on your community, you’ll obviously first need to build one. But your community must be strong; otherwise, they won’t trust your advice and might think you’re just out to scam them.

Building a strong community is all about engagement. As we mentioned above, regular, high-quality posts are sure to get some engagement going. However, you’re on Telegram! Use all the features it offers. We’re talking polls, Q&As, and even server-exclusive bots and contests. These will all be great ways to get all the members hooked. 

Grow Your Following

While engagement is important, you’ll first need to get eyes on your channel in order to get them hooked. So, before you use Telegram to its fullest, spend some time growing your following.

Doing so can be difficult if this is your first rodeo. You’ll need to join other Telegrams, be active on there, and, hopefully, engage with enough members to have them join yours. But, if you already have a following from any other platforms, you can just cross-post your channel on these and promote it to oblivion.

Find a Platform to Support You

Even if you do everything we just mentioned, your chances of succeeding are still not the most optimal. Sure, you might have a vibrant community, but what will you do when it comes to monetizing it? Will you be able to manually handle every single payment? And, what about any disputes?

These can be quite daunting! Alas, you’ll need a platform that will support you with all the financial stuff so that you can focus on creating content and managing your community. You’ll need a platform like Whop, where you can manage payments and offer an extra set of unique features, like forums and courses, to your audience. And all that will only set you back 3% per transaction!

Telegram Monetization – Are You Eligible?

Realistically, you might be wondering if there are any limitations to monetizing your Telegram. Don’t you need to have a specific number of members or don’t you have to invest a significant amount to begin selling your expert knowledge and tips?

Well, the answer is simple. Telegram monetization through Whop has no upper or lower limits. You’re eligible to earn from your channel whether you have a single member (well, 2, if you include yourself), or thousands of active users on it. 

Besides that, Whop can help you expand your ventures into different types of content. From podcasts to courses and everything in between, you can do all of it directly on your whop, with your Telegram just a tab away.

Join Whop and Make Money With Telegram!

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While monetizing your Telegram channel can be difficult if you're just starting out, stick with it and it can be your ticket to financial independence. Even if we focus on short-term wins, monetizing your community can be a great way to make some extra income while pushing you to create even better content. 

That’s all great in theory. But when the time comes to actually handle the payments, you’ll need a platform to help you. A platform to seamlessly connect with Telegram and not take half of every dollar you make. That platform is Whop! At Whop, we have hundreds of creators that are monetizing their Telegram channels, contributing to a whopping $350,000,000+ in revenue. And there’s a reason for that!

Your hub, your whop, is THE place where you’ll be able to handle everything, from your Telegram channel to your payments and marketing. Plus, when you decide to pivot and create your very own digital products, it’ll only take a few clicks to host them on Whop. 

If you’re ready to get your Telegram on Whop, join us! Create your whop, connect your Telegram channel with it, and hop on the road to financial freedom, all within a few minutes.