Many people compare sports betting to Wall Street, as inside knowledge and research can give you a tremendous advantage. That’s exactly what Jason thought when he established The Lock Talk back in 2021. He transitioned from a career in Wall Street to sports betting, where he found a great edge through rigorous studying and research.

Lock Talk is an online Telegram group where you can find different picks on all major American leagues. These picks are carefully selected daily from a team of expert analysts and are thoroughly explained by Jason to all members.

The Lock Talk group has been growing strong and has amassed thousands of members, who all feel like a big family. You can join them today, either through the free or premium membership package. If you’re not ready to “lock in” yet, check out our review to see how the community operates and what you can expect to get for your membership.

The Team Behind Lock Talk

The lock talk

Lock Talk began as a passion project for Jason, a former investment banker at Wall Street. While he enjoyed his day job, he wanted to implement the skills he’d learned to create his own business. That’s when the thought of sports betting came to mind, as he’d always been a huge sports enthusiast and also noticed he could easily find an edge on several plays.

So, he created The Lock Talk, a private Telegram community where he and his team of expert analysts go through all games daily to find the best picks possible. The group has been around for over three years and has gathered thousands of members. Jason’s also very active on social media and often puts out videos with daily predictions and insights for all members.

Exclusive Daily Plays

daily plays

Each day, Jason will sit down with his team of analysts and take a look at all the games. While the group primarily specializes in the MLB, NBA, and UFC, you’ll often find Jason discussing and giving predictions for other major leagues, like the NFL or NHL. And depending on the time of the year, you might find more baseball bets than NBA or UFC picks.

The group heavily researches all the stats and data available and settles on the picks for the day. These can vary from moneyline picks to totals, runlines, and even occasional player prop bets. The team also covers daily fantasy sports if that’s more your thing.

Then, Jason will post them exclusively on the VIP Telegram channel, followed by in-depth write-ups. There, he explains the entire thought process behind each pick, including relevant stats, matchup information, and things to note when you want to wager on them, such as line and odds movement.

It’s important to note that The Lock Talk uses its own bankroll management system. Most plays come with a wager recommendation of 1 unit, and there are also the so-called “Hammer Plays”, which warrant a larger bet of 2 units. Each player should determine a unit size that makes sense for their bankroll, and you can always ask Jason to help learn more about bankroll management.

Not Just a Sports Picks Group

Telegram chat

What makes The Lock Talk stand out among other sports pick groups is how much Jason actually cares for all members. He doesn’t just post his plays and call it a day. He goes out of his way to motivate everyone, celebrate their wins, and ask everyone to reach out with their winning slips.

And if there’s a bad losing streak going on, he’s the first one to be sad about it. However, he knows that losing streaks come just as frequently as winning streaks, and everything will pick back up in no time. That’s why he tries to keep an upbeat attitude about it and explain to everyone that a few bad days won’t decide the whole betting season.

the lock talk bet tracking

That’s also the reason why The Lock Talk maintains a very extensive bet tracking system. Jason tracks all the group’s picks, including wins and losses, along with the units for each one. Then, at the end of each month, he’ll do a recap post showcasing all the winnings (or losses) accrued over that month so people can decide whether they want to keep their membership.

Jason is also always available to ask questions or reach out to for customer support issues. He’s very fast to respond and always looks to help members as best as he can.

What You Get With The Lock Talk

Let’s do a quick recap of all the features you’ll get if you subscribe to The Lock Talk.

Several picks every day
Daily slips with multiple plays, all curated by Jason and his team by studying relevant stats and data.

Targeted sports coverage
The group focuses on a few key sports, including the MLB, NBA, and UFC, which allows them to specialize even more and find mathematical edges easily.

Extensive write-ups
Every play comes paired with an in-depth analysis, written by Jason, that explains why the pick was chosen and the parameters the group considered.

Full results tracking
All picks are thoroughly tracked along with their recommended unit sizes to ensure transparency in the community.

Large sports betting community
Huge Telegram group with thousands of members who are all eager to learn and become better bettors.

Free vs VIP Channel

The lock talk premium access

The Lock Talk has two different channels on Telegram, one available for free and one with VIP access. You can join the free channel to check out the group’s performance and receive occasional free plays.

To unlock the VIP channel, you can choose the Lock Talk Daily membership, which will cost you $35 and get you the betting card for that particular day. This can work great if you’re only interested in specific days of the week or only like to bet during major events.

For more frequent bettors, there’s the Lock Talk Long-Term Access pass, which comes with all exclusive VIP plays for as long as you pay. The monthly plan comes out to $450, which is definitely on the expensive side, but it’s worth it considering the value you get.

Other pricing plans are also available, including a three-day access pass for $75 and a weekly membership for $125. If you’re after lengthier bundles, you can choose the quarterly membership for $999 or the annual package for $3,500. The latter is also the best value, as it costs less than eight monthly payments and comes with a full year of access.

Join and Lock in the Best Sports Plays

By now, you should have figured out that The Lock Talk is not just like any other sports picks community. Jason built this group out of his love for sports and helping others get better at betting.

He puts in a lot of effort every day to find the best plays possible and is there to answer questions and help solve any issues members might face. These traits have given Lock Talk the highly coveted Whop Verified badge, an accolade reserved only for communities with top-notch services.

If you’re sold on joining The Lock Talk, you can do so through the Whop marketplace. Once you subscribe, you’ll unlock access to a group of aspiring sports bettors who follow Jason and his team of analysts on their way to success.