Spring and summer are synonymous with baseball, and nothing beats watching an MLB game with your friends! Well, nothing except for some expert MLB bets and predictions to go along with it, and you can find top MLB picks from a bunch of different handicappers right here on Whop!

The Whop marketplace houses hundreds of MLB picks communities with large Discord servers and Telegram channels. These groups employ several veteran cappers and analysts who spend hours every day searching for the best MLB predictions and bets.

In this article, we’ll show how free MLB picks compare to paid betting predictions, as well as the types of MLB bets these online communities specialize in. Before that, though, let’s answer the question of why you should look for expert MLB plays in the first place.

Expert MLB Picks for Every Bettor

Both free and paid MLB picks from expert cappers give you the best possible chance to hit. That’s because these guys are experts – they’ve been honing their skills for years and know how to find the best betting opportunities.

This is extremely important in a competitive league with a huge history and heritage, as is the case with the MLB. Its popularity draws a lot of attention and betting action from players all over the world. This means all sports betting apps need precision with their odds and lines, which is why their top oddsmakers are working on the MLB.

The oddsmakers at the best sportsbooks have access to a huge amount of data and stats. Combined with their advanced algorithms and risk assessment tools, they can release extremely accurate odds and very sharp lines.

That’s why you need expert handicappers with even sharper minds, who can find plays with a mathematical edge. So, if you want to improve your game, you need to start tailing the best. You can also learn useful tips and betting strategies from them to use when you search for your own plays.

If you just want to have some fun betting on the MLB, then you don’t really need expert picks. At most, you should look for some free plays, which you can find on several free MLB communities on Whop.

MLB Picks: Parlays, Moneyline, Prop Bet, and More

Here are some of the most common types of MLB bets and predictions you can find right here on Whop.

MLB Run Line Picks

mlb run line

The MLB “run line” is basically the same as betting against the spread in other leagues and sports. The favorite gets a run handicap they need to overcome, while the underdog can lose by up to the same number of runs.

In baseball, there aren’t as many run lines available as in other sports, which have several alternative spread lines. The majority of MLB games come with the 1.5-run line, which essentially means the favorite has to win by 2 runs or more, while the underdog can lose by up to 1 line.

Betting on the run line gives you much better odds than laying “chalk” on a -200 favorite, for example. At the same time, there are many one-line games in the MLB, so betting on the underdog’s +1.5 line gives you way more opportunities to hit.

Almost all MLB communities will provide picks on the run line due to its popularity. One group that stands out is 4Deep, which is also one of the top MLB Discord servers on Whop. The cappers at 4Deep know where to find value on the run line and are always on top of the best odds for this bet type.

MLB Moneyline Picks

mlb moneyline

If the run line seems too complicated, you can just place moneyline bets on which team will win the game. Since baseball is normally a low-scoring game, MLB moneyline bets are very common, so their odds are almost always on point.

While strong favorites and MLB consensus picks are difficult to fade, the experts tend to look for value underdog plays. Even if it’s tough to go against a team with a very strong pitcher, there are several factors that can affect the final outcome. And underdogs usually pay huge plus money, so you don’t even need to hit very often to maintain a profitable track record.

You can find free and premium MLB picks on the money line from several communities on Whop. One great example is MaziPicks, where Mazi VS puts out several moneyline bets every day on multiple sports, including the MLB.

MLB Prop Picks

prop betting

If you don’t want to mess with the outcome of the game, you can always look at MLB prop bets. These are basically picks on events that don’t necessarily affect the final result and can be team-oriented or player-oriented.

The most popular ones by far are player props, which include hitter props and pitcher props. Team props include how many strikeouts or home runs a team will hit and even some fun bets like who’ll win the initial coin toss.

There are several sports picks communities that specialize in player props for the MLB and other leagues. Among them is Platinum Slips!, a top sports betting Discord server with a variety of expert cappers that offer daily MLB props.

MLB Totals Picks

total picks

Another interesting approach many bettors take is opting for MLB totals, aka over/under bets. In this market, you’re wagering whether the combined runs for both teams will be over or under the line that is proposed by oddsmakers.

It’s important to note that the total runs are heavily impacted by several factors, including the pitching matchups and weather. The latter, in particular, plays a huge part, as the wind and air temperature can significantly alter how fast the ball travels.

Since MLB totals are so hard to predict, it’s better to leave it to the experts and just tail their plays. You can find a bunch of MLB communities on Whop that offer over/under bets for the MLB and other leagues. 

A good example is Sean Perry Wins, one of the most popular sports betting Telegram groups in the Whop marketplace. Sean has a dedicated MLB package that includes several daily plays with a bunch of totals picks among them/

MLB Parlay Picks

parlay picks

MLB parlays are a fan favorite because they allow you to stack a bunch of strong favorites together for better odds. However, keep in mind that parlays with too many legs become much harder to hit, as several things can go wrong with just one match and ruin your whole parlay.

That’s why implementing parlays in your game requires a proper bankroll management strategy to ensure you don’t lose as much during bad streaks and win the maximum you can when you hit. You can find several parlay-oriented groups on Whop, like ParlayCapital. This Discord group has many cappers for different sports and its own unique system of mixing player props and parlay bets.

Apart from standard moneyline parlays, there are also prop parlays and same-game parlays. For prop parlays, you combine different player props (usually safer options with lower odds) to increase your total odds. In same-game parlays, you mix multiple options from one match, which can help you create the ideal slip with both player props and main-market plays.

Now, let’s have a look at whether it’s worth it to pay for premium betting predictions or stick to free picks. In both cases, you get expert plays from veteran sports cappers who’ve been betting on baseball for years. As we’ve already discussed, it’s important to trust the pros in a sport like the MLB, as there are so many factors that can affect the outcome of each bet.

There are several MLB communities on Whop offering both free and paid services, and the main difference between the two is the time and effort put into each play. Obviously, cappers will save their highest-confidence plays they’ve researched thoroughly for their premium members. 

This doesn’t mean their free plays are random or based on instinct – it just means they may not be as well-researched as their paid picks.

Another strategy these groups of cappers follow is offering free access to part of their Discord server or Telegram channel, which includes occasional free plays. These are basically the same as their premium plays, but you get them less frequently as a teaser for their paid services. 

You can choose to stick around and just tail the free plays or commit to their premium membership to unlock daily access to their high-value picks.

At the end of the day, choosing between free and paid MLB picks comes down to you as a bettor. If you want the best picks possible and can afford to pay a premium for them, you can join a paid MLB community. If you just want to place a few occasional MLB bets for fun, tailing free expert picks should be more than enough for you.

Top 3 Free MLB Picks Communities

Here are some of the top MLB communities on Whop that offer free access or free trials for new members.

  • WAR Room Capital – A community full of data-driven MLB bets on the money line and other markets. The group utilizes advanced betting algorithms and provides a monthly free trial for new members to try their premium services.
  • TKWINS – An established group of cappers with 20+ years of experience betting on the MLB and other sports. They offer free expert picks for all members, as well as an affordable VIP membership if you want a premium option in the future.
  • SecuredPicks – One of the top sports picks communities on Whop, with a bunch of veteran cappers and analysts who provide daily MLB picks. Their free access unlocks their community of 70K+ members and one free slip every day.

Top 3 Paid MLB Picks Communities

If you’re ready to take the next step in your MLB betting journey, consider getting a paid membership for a premium MLB community like the ones below.

  • ndotdiab – An established MLB-focused group with 10K+ members and an affordable membership. You can get daily plays with in-depth analyses of the MLB and several other sports.
  • Beat the Books – One of the top Discord betting communities with 10+ world-class sports cappers and decades of combined experience. Several of them specialize in the MLB, and you can tail their expert plays every day.
  • CodyCoversSpreads – A private Telegram group run by famous handicapper Cody, who’s been beating the bookies for 5+ years. Cody offers daily main-market plays and props on all major leagues, including the MLB.

Find the Latest Expert MLB Free and Paid Picks and Predictions on Whop

The Whop marketplace is home to dozens of dedicated MLB communities, as well as groups with expert MLB cappers. Communities like ElitePickz, and Official Picks are some of the top sports betting Discord servers and offer both free and paid daily MLB picks.

If you want to join them for free all you have to do is sign up and claim your free access. This will unlock part of their Discord server where you can chat with other free members and tail occasional free plays from the experts.

And if you like their free services, their premium offerings are just one monthly subscription away. So check out the vast selection of MLB picks communities on Whop and find the one that fits your needs today!


What is the best free MLB prediction site?

Whop is a great place to find both paid and free MLB predictions. The Whop marketplace is full of sports picks Discord servers and Telegram groups, with veteran cappers and analysts providing daily MLB consensus picks and MLB computer picks.

What is the best thing to bet on in baseball?

If you want a safe and reliable baseball bet, there’s nothing wrong with just betting on the money line. If you’re after something more complicated, you can look at the run line or the total runs for the game. And if you don’t like to mess with the final outcome, there are dozens of team and player props to pick from.

What do baseball betting odds mean?

There are different types of odds around the world, but the MLB is usually expressed in American odds. The minus symbol shows how much you need to wager to profit $100, while the plus symbol denotes how much you’ll profit from a $100 bet. For instance, -350 odds means you need to risk $350 to make a profit of $100, while +185 means you win $185 for every $100 you wager.

Are free MLB picks worth it?

Even free MLB plays have a lot of thought and research behind them by expert cappers. In most cases, free MLB picks are plays that didn’t make the cut for premium members, which basically means they're not very high-value. But they’re still thoroughly analyzed and usually much better than what the average bettor can come up with.

Do paid MLB picks always win?

Regardless of whether they’re free or paid, no MLB picks always win. You can certainly have a better shot at hitting when you follow premium plays by expert cappers, but no one can guarantee you’ll actually win.