Like many assets on secondary markets, tickets fluctuate in value. Where there is volatility, there is potential profit, and when there is profit potential, there are traders.

You may be familiar with going online to buy a ticket for a sporting event or live concert, only to see that the tickets have sold out and are currently going for above the original asking price. Sometimes you choose to wait it out, only to come back to see that the price has gone up even more. Individuals who are known as ticket scalpers are behind this behavior that has been frustrating consumers pretty much since the dawn of online ticket buying.

If you’re a money-minded individual, however, you might take the stance of not knocking the hustle, and learning the game instead. Event ticket sales are quickly approaching $100 Billion in sales annually, and ticket reselling is a big part of it in every category, including sporting events, concerts, festivals, and more.

Here, we will start by listing some of the best groups to make big bucks in this game, and if you are a curious self-starter, we’ll lay out a guide on how you can get started in the potentially lucrative game of ticket reselling so you can get a better idea of how the ticket aftermarket works.

🏆 The Best Groups to Join to Maximize Ticket Reselling Profits

Since ticket reselling is such a difficult game that requires a vast amount of knowledge, perhaps your best bet for having an edge is by joining those who really know what they’re doing is best!

Here are some of the top Discord communities that you can join if you want to cash in on the ticket flip. It can be quite a lot to resell tickets alone, and if you’re trying this, you’re very much at a disadvantage compared to those who are able to utilize the power of a group.

Whop has a diverse set of reselling communities, including those that are partially or fully dedicated to reselling tickets.

Here are our top 7 ticket reselling communities:

🥇 #1. GFNF

GFNF home page

Most known for their extensive high-speed and accurate monitors, GFNF has an exclusive reselling Discord community. The main community shares tips on reselling everything from concert tickets to electronics, sneaker reselling, and even sports betting. There is also a community focusing purely on concert and event ticket reselling.

Its dedicated team has crafted thorough guides on the art of the ticket flip, namely in the concert area. They offer a free preview, and at times are sold out! Pricing is at $17.50 per week or $60 per month for the general membership, or $50 a month for the ticket reselling focused community.

👉 Join GFNF here

#2. House of Resell [UK Only]


Reselling is one of the greatest entry points to entrepreneurship, and some individuals began in this game and have since grown to the level of sharing their knowledge with an exclusive community. House of Resell is, as its name says, home to a vast array of reselling channels and tools, including a dedicated channel for flipping tickets. The UK-based group has been in the game since 2014, and now has a global community of enthusiastic resellers. 

A peek inside House of Resell’s Discord

The group includes in-depth guides specifically on ticket reselling, so it’s great for absolute beginners. It offers a free 5-day trial and an ongoing subscription of £34.99 per month.

👉 Join House of Resell here

#3. Notify


Originally a community focused primarily on the shoe reselling game, Notify has now expanded to cater to those who want to make money in many types of areas, including ticket reselling.

One notable standout of the community is 1-on-1 coaching, which ensures that you are satisfied with the group and understand all of its resources so that you have the greatest chance to profit. There is also premium information dedicated to ticket reselling, with insider tips, event analysis, and buying and selling strategies.

In terms of pricing, Notify offers a free guide but no free trial. Membership to their gated Discord starts at $49 per month for those that want access to the full server, with tiered multi-month options of $125 for 3 months and $239 for 6 months.

👉 Join Notify here

#4. SwipeSignals

Swipe Signals

If you’re simply looking to gain an edge for reselling tickets only, SwipeSignals is a great community to consider.

In addition to offering access to lightning-fast monitors with extensive coverage, the group provides investment strategies so you can learn how to maximize profits. Anyone in the world can join, and the ticket coverage is broad, including everything from concerts to sporting events.

The pricing is set at $85 per month to access their exclusive Discord community, and there is often a waitlist to join.

👉 Join SwipeSignals here

#5. SeatSecure

seat secure

Another private community that is dedicated solely to flipping tickets is SeatSecure. SeatSecure boasts 1-on-1, 24/7 support for all paying members. In addition to dedicated support staff, the community also features monitors and custom tools that are focused on profitably reselling tickets.

Insider information about low-key events and opportunities are also shared behind the closed doors of their private Discord community.

Pricing is set at $80 per month, which will grant you an all-access pass to their Discord.

👉 Join SeatSecure here

#6. TicketCowboys

ticket cowboys

For those who want to join the upper echelons of ticket reselling brokers, Ticket Cowboys has a home for you.

They are truly an exclusive community–capacity is capped at 150 members, and one must join a waitlist in order to get in. As with any waitlist for a Discord group on Whop, you aren’t charged until you’re accepted into the community.

The $150 per month price point puts you inside of a tight-knit community of helpful experts in the ticket game, and includes exclusive perks such as monthly live trainings, and industry connections to help you become a ticket broker in the most efficient way possible.

👉 Join Ticket Cowboys here

#7. Ticket Broker U


Ticket Broker U is a private Discord community that offers advice for both ticket resellers and brokers alike, so it’s a great place to start if you want to learn the basics and take your game to a level that is as high as your ambitions are.

Once you pay the $69.99 per month to get into their group, you’ll gain access to daily calls with industry experts who have a cumulative 30+ years of experience, 24/7 support, premium ticket-related tools, and even discounts from their affiliate partners. For those who want to try them out before fully committing, you can buy a 1 week pass for $25.

👉 Join Ticket Broker U here

Ticket Reselling 101

Now that you have an understanding of the top ticket reselling communities let's take a closer look at what it means to be a ticket reseller - starting with the basics. First of all, the game isn’t simple, so it will be best to consider joining an expert community. There are also a few key considerations that you should understand so that you can decide which type of reselling group is best for you.

Different types of ticket reselling

The first thing to know is that ticket reselling is nuanced, which is one of the reasons it is more complicated than it appears at the surface. Here are the two general categories of ticket resellers:

Ticket Scalpers

Scalping is simply the act of flipping a ticket with the goal of doing so for a higher price. Most ticket resellers will fall into this category. Sometimes, scalping is done in person and can be performed even without spending any money out of pocket by using customer money to fund a transaction that has a profitable spread. Scalping refers to a shorter time frame, so ticket scalpers will hold and flip a ticket in time frames such as a day or even hours.

Ticket Brokers

Brokers are businesses or individuals that have greater control and knowledge over pricing and often work more on volume, typically in combination with connections to secure the most profitable prices. Although it’s still technically reselling, ticket brokering is seen as more professional and is considered more of a career rather than just a hustle. It also generally favors buy and holds with longer timeframes, or if the flip is quick, it is premeditated and well-timed. 

Different Ticket Pricing Terms

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with ticket scalping and reselling, let’s break down the difference between the different types of pricing in the ticket-flipping world.

Retail Pricing

Retail pricing is the standard way that consumables are priced. It means that the price is what it is for everyone who is buying it, no matter when they buy it, or what their location is. The uniform price generally keeps everyone happy as there are no surprises or guessing how much a ticket might cost – that is, until the ticket is sold out, which from there, creates a free market that resellers profit from and consumers pay a premium for.

Dynamic Pricing

A ticket with dynamic pricing will vary based on numerous factors that are often opaque and might remain a mystery on the consumer side. If you’ve ever purchased a plane ticket, you’re probably very aware and frustrated by this pricing model with tickets that can fluctuate drastically in price. Many sporting events are priced dynamically when they are first released for sale, and whenever tickets are sold out, they are dynamically priced depending on supply, demand and, timing (tickets sold closest to the time of the event often sell for the highest premium).

Where to Resell Tickets Online

If you want to successfully resell tickets online, you need to know about each of the platforms that allow you to do so.

Here are the top three:


stub hub

One of the original platforms that allowed ticket reselling, StubHub has been in operation since 2000. They are incredibly reseller-friendly, so the process for reselling there is quite simple and can be done both on a desktop and within a mobile app.

Once you buy tickets on the platform, you can list them for sale on their marketplace simply by selecting the option to sell your ticket. Although it is free to list your ticket on StubHub, there is a fee ranging from 10-15%, depending on factors that affect pricing and demand such as the type of event and overall market conditions when selling.



Another platform that makes it easy to resell tickets is Ticketmaster. It is one of the oldest ticketing systems in existence, as it was founded in the late 1970s, long before the Internet was widespread.

Today the website supports ticket reselling for events of any kind, however, not all tickets will qualify for resale.

Check to see if your ticket is transferable, perhaps before buying them, if your intention is to flip them. However, since controversy surrounding a 2022 Taylor Swift concert debut on the site, Ticketmaster has faced consumer backlash, so this may affect business for the platform and its resellers in the future.



Although it’s one of the newest platforms to cater to ticket resellers, SeatGeek, which was founded in 2009, has allowed for straightforward ticket reselling for its users since its inception.

Your tickets will be listed and sold on SeatGeek’s marketplace, which also has a strong user base of buyers. Be sure to follow their instructions for uploading your ticket to sell, which means doing so in the correct format to ensure transferability. In case there are any issues with tickets, their customer support is responsive and can be reached at any time.

Hurdles and Risks to Overcome When Reselling Tickets Online

Now that you know where to resell tickets, you still need to understand some of the potential roadblocks and risks that are inherent to this game.

Some people get started not knowing these exist, only to have their business operations cut short due to encountering one of these hurdles, which include getting blacklisted or banned from using one of these platforms to buy tickets for resale. Here are some strategies you can use to overcome them. 

Read the Terms of Service

Most people skip the fine print, and this is sometimes to their detriment. In the ticket reselling world, it’s important to read the Terms of Service associated with your ticket and selling it. For example, sometimes, even if a platform generally allows ticket reselling, it might not be possible for a specific event that you choose, meaning if you were only intending to flip the ticket, you might be stuck with needing to go to the event if you’re unable to sell or even transfer the ticket.

Browse Anonymously

Ticket reselling operates in sort of a grey area, where although it’s not technically illegal in most cases (more on this in the FAQ’s) it’s discouraged, and some platforms like Ticketmaster will actively flag and even blacklist users from accessing their site or buying tickets if they find consider their behavior to be against the TOS. In order to avoid this, you can browse anonymously to cloak your location and IP address with VPN, proxies, or a combination of the two.

Join a Group

Ticket reselling can be a tough journey, especially if you are doing this alone and are not technically inclined or business savvy. Private Discord communities dedicated to ticket reselling information are often your best bet in terms of investment considering the time, opportunity cost and unrealized potential profits that could have been had while in a helpful group.

Resell in Person

You may have seen ticket scalpers on street corners outside stadiums during sporting events or concerts, and more often than not, the only reason they’re withstanding that potential social ostracization is because it is profitable to do so. If you have it in you to put yourself out there and do so, try by striking up a conversation with a regular scalper to get an understanding of the opportunity and how competitive they might be with each other, and also any potential local unspoken rules or anything to keep in mind.

Become a Profitable Ticket Reseller Today!

There you have it! If you are looking to delve into the world of ticket reselling, whether as a ticket scalper or broker, then your first step is to join a ticket reselling community.

👉 Browse the best ticket reselling communities on Whop today and gain access to insider tips, advice from experienced resellers, bots, tools, and everything else that you need to maximize your ticket reselling profits. Check out all of the above communities, plus many more, on Whop's reselling page.

Ticket Reselling FAQs

How much money can I make reselling tickets?

As with any entrepreneurial venture, it’s impossible to put a number on how much you can make through reselling tickets. That said, some individuals make a living off of reselling tickets alone, but doing so takes a lot of time, dedication, and ideally some capital to invest. In terms of individual profit per ticket, one can make anywhere between $10 to even $1000 per ticket depending on the event type and exclusivity.

Is ticket reselling illegal?

In the US, ticket reselling is illegal in 16 states, with 7 requiring special licensing to resell tickets. However, generally speaking, it is legal to sell a ticket for an event that you had originally intended to attend, so many resellers use this loophole to engage willingly in the business. Ticket brokering at a larger scale almost always requires a legitimate business in addition to some sort of license to run properly.

What’s the difference between ticket scalping, ticket reselling, and ticket brokering?

Ticket scalping is often done by individuals, including those in person, who are flipping tickets in a generally shorter timeframe. Ticket brokering can happen at scale with multiple tickets, organized purchases by groups of individuals, and more sophisticated investment strategies that include buying and holding. Ticket reselling is the broad category that includes all of these aforementioned activities.

Will ticket reselling continue to be a profitable opportunity?

So long as there is a free market in the ticket reselling aftermarket and consumers continue to pay a premium for a continued series of events and concerts, ticket reselling will remain an opportunity. If you want to learn a new entrepreneurial skill and diversify your income, it is a pursuit worth considering.

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