Every high-value sports pick requires intensive research and knowledge of the market. And what better way to know the ins and outs of a sport or league than being an actual insider in the industry? Meet Alex Caruso, a sports analyst and handicapper with multiple appearances on several networks, including ESPN. 

Alex gives out several plays on his social media channels daily and has a private Telegram group named Alex Caruso Sports. There, he provides exclusive plays you won’t find on any other platform and in-depth analyses behind each of his plays.

If you’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to truly be inside of the industry, you’ll learn a lot at Alex Caruso Sports. Keep reading our review to see what this sports picks Telegram channel has to offer.

Not The Basketball Player You’re Thinking Of

alex caruso

So, who exactly is Alex Caruso? He’s definitely not the Chicago Bulls player you might be familiar with. Alex has been an aspiring analyst in the sports industry for many years. He also used to host The Fresh Fantasy Podcast, where he and several guests discussed football news and tips for fantasy football.

He’s also been on sports networks, including ESPN, and has very active social media pages where he provides daily picks and insights. Recently, he decided to create Alex Caruso Sports to give exclusive data-driven picks to premium members.

Thanks to his excellent services, Alex has already acquired the Whop Verified badge. This unique accolade is only earned by communities offering the best services on the Whop marketplace, and it can’t be bought.

Talk Bets with Alex

Alex Caruso’s services are mostly available on his private Telegram channel, but you can also find his bets on the Alex Caruso whop. Alex’s hub has already gathered hundreds of members who have joined for free and participate in the Bet Talk app.

This is similar to an online forum, where any member can post whatever they want and start discussions with other members and even Alex himself. You can ask questions or request information, and any member of the community can help you.

This is extremely helpful since Alex’s Telegram doesn’t have a chatting feature. It’s easier for him to maintain organization this way. But, with the addition of the Bet Talk app on the hub, members can basically talk about anything they want, as well as share news and betting ideas.

Exclusive Telegram Picks

alex caruso telegram

Now, let’s get into the meat and bones of Alex Caruso Sports – the actual sports picks. Alex provides a bunch of different picks and betting ideas on several platforms. However, his Telegram picks are exclusive to his paying members and are often his highest confidence plays.

Alex covers several major American sports, including the MLB and NBA. He also dabbles in the WNBA and gives out occasional UFC plays as well. That’s not a ton of variety, especially when you look at other sports betting Discord servers with several cappers. However, Alex prefers to specialize in a few sports rather than give out mediocre picks and cover all major leagues.

Alex mostly prefers single bets, which can be both main market plays and player prop bets. He doesn’t enjoy huge parlays and believes the best value is opting for single bets, especially when it comes to his prop picks.

Another great thing about Alex’s Telegram channel is that you can get instant alerts whenever he posts a new play. This is essential because you want to get the best odds and lines before they move to maximize your value.

Learn As You Go Along

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If Alex’s daily picks are high-value, his knowledge and insights might be even more valuable. Remember, we’re talking about a fully-fledged sports analyst and handicapper with a proven track record and appearances on huge sports networks like ESPN.

Alex always accompanies his plays with an in-depth explanation of his thought process. He’ll analyze the parameters that led him to choose a certain bet and provide stats and data to support his claims. He’ll also show you which platform has the best line so you can bet on it before it moves.

Aside from his knowledge and experience in sports betting, Alex also utilizes his connections within the industry. He’ll often shout out other sports analysts and cappers who gave him useful insights or helped him settle on a specific play. That’s basically like having access to the sharpest betting minds in the market for a very small fee.

On top of his picks, Alex also likes to treat his members and keep them happy. That’s why he organizes frequent giveaways, where all members of his Telegram group can win multiple prizes, including membership extensions.

What You Get With Alex Caruso

If you feel overwhelmed with all this information, we’ve broken it down into a few key features that you’ll receive once you join Alex Caruso’s group.

  • Daily exclusive picks from an expert
    Unlock several daily plays you won’t find anywhere else from Alex Caruso, a renowned sports analyst with appearances on ESPN.
  • Targeted sports coverage
    Alex covers a few select sports, including the NBA, WNBA, MLB, and UFC, where he feels most comfortable.
  • In-depth analysis for each play
    Every pick comes with a thorough write-up analyzing all aspects and data behind it, as well as how Alex decided to bet on it.
  • Instant notification alerts
    Once you join the Telegram group, you’ll receive immediate notifications on your phone every time Alex posts a play.
  • Bet Talk app
    You can enter the Bet Talk app on the Whop Hub and post anything that’s on your mind, as well as interact with other community members.

Different Payment Plans to Choose From

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Every exclusive pick from Alex Caruso can be yours for just a single membership. Alex offers several packages to choose from and is very dependable when it comes to his return policy. If you’re not satisfied with something, he’ll gladly offer you free days in the chat room to compensate for it.

You can join Alex Caruso Sports for the very low fee of just $5 for daily access or $9.99 for weekly access. The latter also includes a three-day free trial. If you’re in it for the long run, you can take advantage of Alex’s Lifetime Membership, which comes out to $1,500. It might seem like a large amount at first, but remember, we’re talking about a one-time payment for permanent access to all of Alex’s exclusive picks.

On top of all these, you can always join the Alex Caruso Hub on Whop for free. You’ll find hundreds of members, and you can talk with them through the Bet Talk app.

Alex Caruso – Join Alex on his Way to the Top Today!

With dozens of sports picks communities popping up every day, it’s hard to find reliable cappers and analysts to provide insightful plays. That’s exactly what Alex Caruso tries to do every single day. He meticulously studies all upcoming games and uses data and statistics to come up with his picks.

He’ll also not hesitate to contact his industry accomplices and discuss each play with them before posting it. This essentially means you get the knowledge and insights of multiple veteran cappers for the price of one.

And while the Telegram group doesn’t allow you to interact with Alex or other members, that’s what the Whop Hub is for. So join the Alex Caruso sports picks group through the Whop marketplace today and unlock access to high-value picks from an expert insider. The group already has hundreds of members with whom you can discuss your betting ideas and tips through the Bet Talk app on Alex’s Hub, too!