Nothing beats watching some fun NBA games with friends in the evening – except for some great NBA picks to go along! So, where can you find the latest free and paid NBA picks? On Whop, of course!

Whop’s got you covered with dozens of NBA picks communities offering free and premium services. 

You can find many expert plays from veteran cappers with years of experience in the NBA betting market, and these communities have thousands of members with whom you can discuss betting ideas or anything related to your favorite sport.

In this article, we’ll help you find the latest and best NBA picks and determine whether premium picks are worth your money compared to free ones. But first, let’s answer a few basic questions about NBA picks.

Why Choose NBA Picks from Professional Cappers?

Nowadays, sports betting apps and oddsmakers have access to tons of data and advanced algorithms, making it very hard to find an edge on your own. So, if you want to find high-value picks that can potentially make you profitable in the long term, you need to spend hours researching.

Expert handicappers (aka cappers) do this professionally, which means they have the time and know how to find the best plays. They know what to look for and what aspects to consider, and their experience in the market helps them avoid potential traps the average bettor might fall into.

Plus, they often have access to advanced betting algorithms that help them compute data much more quickly and come up with more reliable results. They can also give you advice and tips on other aspects of sports betting, such as bankroll management or improving your mental game.

What are the Different Types of NBA Picks?

nba picks types

So, what kind of free and paid NBA picks can you find online? Some of the most popular categories are:

NBA Moneyline Picks

moneyline picks

If you like straightforward bets, the moneyline is for you. With moneyline picks, you just bet on which team will win the game. NBA moneyline picks also factor in any overtime and only give you two moneyline pick options, whereas other sports have a 3-way moneyline with the draw as a separate option. 

There are several approaches you can take with moneyline bets. Some players prefer strong favorites, while others only bet on the moneyline when the odds are close to even. Then, some find value in heavy underdogs, especially if other factors might affect the game's outcome. And who doesn’t love a good underdog win – especially if it pays huge plus money?

You can find great moneyline picks on many sports betting Telegram communities specializing in main market plays, such as GOAT Sports Bets.

NBA Picks Against the Spread

nba spread picks

When you’re dealing with strong favorites and big underdogs, most players turn to betting Against The Spread (ATS). The spread (or handicap in some sports) is a very popular market that basically gives the favorite a points handicap that they need to overcome for the bet to hit. For instance, a -10 spread on the Boston Celtics means they must win by 11 or more points to win the bet.

You can find great examples of betting against the spreads at CodyCoversSpreads. Cody is a well-known handicapper who’s mastered spreads and knows when a good opportunity arises in this market.

Before choosing this particular market, it’s important to check how each team performs against the spread. Even the strongest favorites don't always cover their spread. And it’s also important to note each team’s performance at home and away. An underdog may get a big boost from the home crowd and give the favorite a run for its money.

NBA Totals Picks

nba totals picks

NBA totals (aka over/under bets) refer to the number of points both teams will score by the end of the game (including any overtime). You’ll usually get a “main line” of total points, with both the over and under being close to even odds, as well as several alternative lines.

Most experts bet on totals when they’re not sure who’ll win but know that a game will maintain a high or low tempo. When two strong and offensive teams go against each other, it might be better to place an “over” bet than try to pick who wins.

Also, in do-or-die scenarios, like a Game 7 in the Playoffs, the “under” is much more likely to hit since both teams will be defending and playing more cautiously.

You can learn much more about totals betting in a sports Telegram channel specializing in these types of bets, such as KingCapSports. Anthony, the channel owner, is an expert in over/under bets and frequently gives out totals bets in all his membership tiers.

NBA Prop Picks

nba prop picks

More bettors have recently turned to prop picks since they’re fun to research and can provide some great value since they aren’t as popular. Props (aka proposition bets) are plays on stats or things to happen in a game that doesn’t directly affect the final outcome.

The majority of bettors focus on player prop bets, but there are also team-specific props, like how many three-point shots or rebounds each team will have. There are also special props, like who will win the first jump ball.

Player props have a lot of statistics and data behind them, as well as other factors, like player form, how they do against specific opposition, etc. Advanced prop bettors usually rely on algorithms to give them the highest +EV props and play them on sports betting or daily fantasy apps.

There are tons of player-prop-focused groups. However, one that stands out is Exclusive Analytics. The community’s cappers utilize betting algorithms to come up with reliable computer picks and props based on math and stats.

NBA Parlay Picks

nba parlay picks

Parlays are a high-risk, high-reward betting strategy that involves two or more picks (aka “legs”) from different matches. The odds of each leg are multiplied, and if they hit, they can lead to huge payouts. However, they’re often much more difficult to pay out since you need all legs to hit, which offsets their rewards.

There are cappers and sports picks communities that specialize in creating parlay slips utilizing main market plays or player props. Some focus on the so-called “bankroll builders”, which are small parlays with strong favorites that help increase your bankroll. Others offer “hail-mary” parlays that often include several legs and come with huge odds that are very hard to hit.

Since parlays are so popular among bettors, you can imagine there are many parlay-oriented groups on the Whop marketplace. ParlayScience, for instance, provides several daily parlays with high-value picks as their legs. They’re also one of the top sports betting Discord servers on Whop, with thousands of members and hundreds of positive reviews.

Now, let’s talk about whether you should pay a premium for your picks or rely on free plays. Both pick types have their merits, and you can ask yourself these follow-up questions to help you decide.

  • Can you afford premium NBA picks?
  • Are you willing to pay for them?
  • Will they provide enough value to justify their cost? 

You should always make sure you can properly afford the NBA picks you purchase. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on a monthly picks subscription if you’re just betting $5 or $10 on each slip, or you’ll never make your money back. If your bankroll is low, you can just rely on free picks until it grows to a reasonable amount to warrant paying for premium picks.

Even if you have the available bankroll to splurge on premium picks, you should ask yourself whether you actually want to pay for them. Some people love creating slips and using their own betting strategies, even if they’re suboptimal. To them, copying plays from others is unheard of.

The value of paid NBA picks compared to free picks is subjective. If you want to improve your game and potentially become profitable, then learning from the best is a no-brainer. But if you just want to bet as a hobby on the side, there’s the argument to just sticking to free plays. Just remember that some groups may only offer occasional free picks that didn’t make the cut for their premium picks section.

Top 3 Free NBA Picks Communities

If you’re after some free NBA picks, you have a bunch of communities to choose from on the Whop marketplace.

  • SHOWTIMESPORTSLOUNGE  – An NBA Discord group that provides highly researched and insightful plays with a mathematical edge. Their free service includes access to the Discord community and occasional free plays.
  • SecuredPicks – One of the top Discord communities on Whop that focuses on NBA bets with a statistical advantage. You can join their group, which features 70K+ members, for free and unlock one daily free slip.
  • Visionary Pickz – A group of NBA cappers that aim to find +EV plays through technical analysis. They offer a three-day free trial, and their premium membership is still relatively affordable if you wish to continue past your trial period.

Top 3 Paid NBA Picks Communities

If you want even better expert NBA picks, you’ll need to get a premium membership in one of the top paid NBA communities below.

  • Sharpe Locks – The community combines an affordable membership with several daily picks on the NBA and other sports. Its data scientists developed an advanced betting algorithm to aid in its plays.
  • Titan Picks – One of the top NBA betting communities that specializes in player props but also includes main-market plays. The group provides several daily slips, all thoroughly researched by a team of veteran cappers and analysts.
  • Sean Perry Wins – A private Telegram community founded by renowned poker player Sean Perry. He’s also an expert bettor on most American sports, including the NBA, and has employed a team of expert analysts to help provide the best NBA picks possible.

Find the Latest NBA Free and Paid Picks on Whop

So, what exactly does Whop offer in terms of NBA betting? The Whop marketplace is home to some of the best NBA picks Discords and Telegram channels, including Beat the Books and Mazi Picks. These communities have teams of expert NBA cappers with all the tools and experience to provide the best possible plays daily.

The best part is that most of these groups have both a free and paid section! This means you can just access their free community, which often comes with free plays and a free members chat, and see if it fits your needs. And if you want to take the next step in your game, there are always their paid NBA picks, which have much more research and expertise behind them.

Browse the Whop marketplace today and find the perfect NBA picks community. Signing up and claiming their free services or purchasing a membership is very easy, and you’ll immediately unlock access to their community through your Whop dashboard.


What is the best NBA picks website?

The best place to find both free and paid NBA picks is the Whop marketplace. You can choose among dozens of dedicated NBA communities, each with its own cappers and analysts providing premium and free picks.

How to bet on NBA games?

If you want to place NBA bets, you’ll need an account on a legal sportsbook. Then, you’ll need to choose your bet from a few different types, including moneyline picks, spreads, totals, and props. You can also use a daily fantasy (DFS) platform specifically for NBA player props. 

How do you pick against the spread in the NBA?

Betting ATS (Against The Spread) essentially means wagering if a team will cover their point spread (or points handicap) assigned by oddsmakers. You’re either betting on one team to win by a certain number of points or the other team to lose by up to the same number of points.

Where can I find free NBA picks?

You can find several NBA picks Discord servers and Telegram channels on the Whop marketplace. Once you join them, you’ll unlock their free services, including free picks and even a free channel to chat with other members.

Do paid NBA picks always hit?

Despite being well-researched and insightful, nothing guarantees a pick will hit, regardless of whether it’s paid or free. At the end of the day, there’s a lot of luck involved, and premium NBA picks can ensure you get the best possible chances of hitting.