Welcome to our review of the ESPN Bet sportsbook. ESPN is a name famous among sports fans due to its unrivaled coverage of the biggest and best professional fixtures, including the NFL, NBA, and English Premier League. But what is ESPN Bet, how do you join, and which sports can you gamble on today? We provide the answers to those questions and others in our ESPN Bet sportsbook review.

Whop’s Review Process

Before diving into the thick of our ESPN Bet sportsbook review, we wanted to pause briefly to explain our decision-making. How did we arrive at our conclusion, and what steps were used in reviewing the sportsbook? Knowing how we reviewed the bookie gives our readers a better understanding of our work, the research processes, and comparisons.

Our gambling review writer, Frank Monkhouse, boasts many years of experience in the field. During his career, he’s encountered and reviewed all the top names in the sports gambling arena, learning the subtle differences between a good app and a great app. He wanted to share his experience and opinions with readers in the hope it’ll help you find the best bookie at the first opportunity. We go deeper than the competition to ensure our betting reviews are more in-depth, modern, and reliable than you’ll find at the competition. The result is a betting review you can trust.

The History of ESPN Bet - A Young But Exciting Sportsbook

espn bet homepage

Before looking at where ESPN Bet is now, let's explore where it came from. The world-famous sports gambling app launched in May 2018, acting early on a Supreme Court decision to change the laws on gambling in the United States. ESPN Bet was one of the first betting apps to join the fold and attract online gamblers.

Then, the ESPN Bet smartphone app and website launched in 2023 in 17 states, extending the bookmaker’s reach. They now boast millions of active users across the world, and many more are registering each month.

What Sports Does ESPN Sportsbook Cover?

ESPN lives and breathes sport. This is evident in the broadcaster’s coverage and ESPN Bet’s sportsbook options. Members can gamble on a wide range of sports, including the most popular options, like American Football, soccer, basketball, ice hockey, tennis, horse racing, boxing, and more.

Looking for something a little different? You can also wager on more niche options, including reality TV, awards, specials, politics, esports, and more. If there’s public opinion on the result of an event, you can be confident that the ESPN team is offering odds and accepting wagers.

Each sport has a wealth of competitions to gamble on, including the most popular and those broadcast live on television. You can stick to your favourite leagues and tournaments or try something different when targeting a profit. There’s always an eye-catching fixture about to begin.

After selecting your sport and competition, it’s time to pick a fixture. You’ll see a long list of upcoming fixtures relating to your chosen tournament. Browse the options and click the odds of your pick to add to your bet slip, and then input a stake, check, and confirm. Your bet will be live, and a cash-out amount will be added. Many bettors like to focus on one sport and competition, while others enjoy mixing it up to increase their chances of landing a profit.

ESPN Bet Gambling Platforms

ESPN bet areas

When making sports wagers on ESPN Bet, customers have two options. They can gamble using the modern and sleek website on a desktop computer or bet on the go using the smartphone app. Both platforms boast all the same sports, competitions, markets, promotions, odds, customer service channels, and more. You can register on either platform, and you’ll lose nothing when choosing one over the other.

Although they are almost identical, each platform does boast advantages. The ESPN Bet website is ideal for those with time to browse the sports, tournaments, and markets to find value or watch the games on a live stream, benefiting from the larger screen of a laptop compared to a smartphone. The app is perfect for those betting on the move.

ESPN Bet’s Top Features

ESPN Bet is a website and app that’s packed with the latest and most popular features. In this section of our ESPN Bet review, we highlight our three favourite sportsbook gambling features. Each is available to both new and existing customers today.

Live Betting

Visit the ESPN Bet homepage, where you’ll find a link to the live betting platform. Members can browse, check the odds, and gamble on sports fixtures that are already in play, including football, soccer, and boxing. Live betting is perfect if you missed the start of play or fancy wagering on a game that’s more interesting than you expected. Most of the pre-match betting markets remain, and an ESPN Bet live trader will update the odds to reflect the score and flow of the contest.


The best promotion is reserved for new customers, but there’s a long list of recurring deals. Click the promotions tab for today’s new customer deal, which you can claim after registering. There’s also a long list of bonuses, including free bets, risk-free bets, enhanced odds, cashback, profit boosts, extra places each way, and more. The marketing team updates the deals often, meaning the best way to check the latest offers is to register.

My Bets

The My Bets tab is a great way to check on the progress of your open bets or get an update on the results. Simply click the My Bets tab from the top navigation bar to view your wagers. It’s a great way to check on which sports, competitions, and markets bring you the most joy, ensuring you can perfect your predictions. Access your ESPN Bet account at any time using your smartphone or desktop to see what’s available today.

Is ESPN Bet Worth It? Pros and Cons

There are many pros relating to the ESPN Bet platform, but this sportsbook isn’t yet the complete package. There are areas the bookie must improve on before they’re ready to take on the best in the business, and we cover the positives and negatives associated with ESPN Bet. See an overview of the pros and cons below.

ESPN Bet pros

  • Gamble on a range of sports, competitions, and markets.
  • Get great odds on the teams you follow most.
  • Bag a generous welcome bonus when registering.
  • Wager on the ESPN Bet website or mobile app.
  • Rely on a fast and friendly customer service team.
  • Move between sports and casino betting using a shared wallet.

ESPN Bet cons

  • ESPN Bet doesn’t accept crypto tokens.
  • The sportsbook operates in a limited number of states.

How to Register With ESPN Bet

If after reading this review you're keen to set up an account, here's how:

  1. Click any link on this page and select Join.
  2. Complete the registration form and add your personal information.
  3. Decide on a username and password that’s memorable but secure.
  4. Add the ESPN Bet promo code if required and deposit $10 or more.
  5. Gamble on a qualifying sportsbook market to release your welcome bonus.
  6. You’ll find the free bet in your account balance.

As you’re joining remotely, ESPN Bet must verify your details to ensure you are who you claim to be, are old enough to gamble, and the payment card shares the same information as your gambling account. To verify, simply use your smartphone to take a pic of your photo ID and send that to the customer care team, who will review and pass your account.

ESPN Sportsbook Promo Code

ESPN Bet boasts a long list of recurring deals and promotions, but they reserve the best for their new players. The welcome bonus is a great way to encourage new customers to join while helping the sportsbook stand out from the crowd.

Create an account today, deposit funds, and wager to release the free bet tokens. You can then use your promo to gamble on a long list of sports and markets.

ESPN Bet customer support

The ESPN Bet website and app are simple to navigate, which helps limit the strain on the customer care team. If you ever encounter an issue with EPSN Bet, your first stop should be the frequently asked questions page (FAQs). There, you’ll find a long list of popular questions with handy answers attached. Browse the subjects and see the question that best suits you to receive a helpful answer. 

The FAQs page is ideal for troubleshooting, but if you’d like to speak to a member of staff, you can contact the customer care team using Live Chat, email, or telephone. Live Chat is the quickest way to get a response. Simply type your query into the conversation box and await an answer through the same channel. The chat will remain open until you choose to close it and are happy with the response.

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