Football goes hand-in-hand with three things – friends, wings, and some expert bets. Whop is here to provide you with several NFL picks from a bunch of sports betting Discord servers and Telegram channels full of experienced handicappers.

These sports picks communities offer both free and paid services, and their veteran cappers come up with daily NFL plays of all types. They also ensure you get the best NFL game odds and lines every week.

In this article, we’ll show what these NFL picks communities offer in both their free and paid services. Before that, though, let’s talk about why you should tail expert cappers for your NFL picks.  

Why Choose NFL Picks from Expert Cappers?

You may be asking yourself, “Can’t I just find and play my own picks for the NFL?”. You certainly can, but there’s a reason the market is full of expert bettors offering their plays online. The NFL has so many active bettors wagering millions of dollars, which makes oddsmakers very precise on the odds and lines they put out. Plus, they have access to decades of stats and data that give them a huge edge over the average bettors.

That’s where professional cappers come in. These guys have been betting full-time for years and have learned how to dance around the tricks of the Vegas sportsbooks. They know how to research effectively for every pick and only share their highest-confidence plays that give them a mathematical edge over sportsbooks in the long run.

And the best part is that you can unlock access to these expert plays for free or for a monthly subscription, depending on the service. 

What are the Different Types of NFL Picks?

Each NFL group of cappers offers daily picks, including various bet types, for all members. The most popular ones are:

NFL Point Spread Picks

Some NFL matches can get very “chalky”, which is why most players turn to betting against the spread. That’s basically the sportsbook giving the favorite a points handicap to make the odds closer to even.

Each team will come with a plus (+) or minus (-) symbol next to their spread. The favorite gets the minus symbol, which essentially shows the number of points they need to win by for your bet to hit. The underdog gets the plus symbol and must win or lose by up to the specific number of points for the bet to pay out.

Due to its popularity, many NFL picks Discord servers offer spread bets. One popular choice is Kleos Sports Consulting, a group that utilizes betting algorithms to come up with the highest-value spread plays.

NFL Picks on the Money Line


If you want to keep things simple, you can just place moneyline bets on which team will win the game. If the odds are close and you believe one team has the edge, but the game could be close, then going for the money line is usually the optimal play.

Underdogs are also great moneyline bets since you already get a lot of “plus money” value from them. What’s more, moneyline picks for strong favorites make for great parlay legs, but we’ll talk about them further below.

You’ll basically find moneyline NFL picks anywhere you look on the Whop marketplace. You might have come across Sean Perry Wins, where famous poker player Sean Perry often hammers his highest-confidence moneyline plays with six or even seven-figure bets.

NFL Total Points Picks

total points

If you don’t want to mess around with which team will win the game, there are always the picks for total points. NFL totals are essentially over/under bets on the total number of points both teams will score throughout the game.

Oddsmakers create the lines and odds for totals betting, and they usually offer one main line and several alternative ones. Most of the action is usually on the main totals line, which can sway the odds and even create some line movement.

That’s why the top NFL cappers get in early on totals lines or fade the public altogether. You can find several NFL totals picks in many communities, including Cook The Books. This group’s cappers and analysts have tons of experience in all NFL bets and know when it’s a good time to choose a total points bet instead of the money line.

NFL Parlay Picks

parlay picks

We’ve already mentioned parlays, and you probably know them very well since they are what draws most people into sports betting. Choosing to place parlay bets means you want a high-risk option with an equally high payout.

However, it’s very rare for large NFL parlays to hit consistently, so you’re better off using fewer “legs” to have a better shot at a payout. You can opt for moneyline parlays and stack a bunch of favorites or go for different player prop parlays (more on them later).

With parlays being so popular, it’s no surprise you can find dozens of parlay-focused Discord servers on the Whop marketplace. One of the top ones is ParlayBanditz, created by two high school friends who wanted to provide the public with the best parlay bets in the NFL and other sports.

NFL Prop Picks

prop betting

While not as popular in the NFL as in other sports, there’s still a lot of value to be found in prop bets. In NFL prop picks, you want a specific event to happen that doesn’t always affect the outcome of the game.

Popular NFL player props include a player scoring a touchdown at any time, total passing yards, and total rushing yards, among others. These require extensive research into stats and data, which is why several experts rely on algorithms to calculate and come up with computer prop picks.

NFL props are the bread and butter of several Discord servers and Telegram channels on Whop. TheCappersCollective is a group of 18+ sports cappers, several of which specialize in the NFL and offer daily high-value prop bets to tail.

Is it Best to Use Paid or Free NFL Picks?

Now, let’s tackle the dilemma of free vs. paid NFL expert picks. As we mentioned in the beginning, the NFL gets a lot of action not only from Americans, but also from people all around the world. This means the oddsmakers are almost always on top of the odds and lines, which is why NFL picks require even more research and expertise than other leagues.

This basically means you’ll either have to settle for free picks, which won’t have as much effort put into them, or shell out for premium plays. Both types have their strong and weak points, and it ultimately comes down to what makes you feel more comfortable.

If you’re just starting out in your NFL betting journey, you’re probably better off testing the waters with some free picks – especially if you have a low bankroll. As you start winning and growing your bankroll, you can consider some entry-level paid NFL picks that won’t break the bank.

If you have a very large bankroll and want the highest-confidence plays possible from experts with decades in the market, you’ll only find them in premium communities. There are a bunch of these groups, full of veteran cappers and analysts that provide dozens of NFL picks for monthly subscriptions.

In either case, you should ensure the picks you tail align with your bankroll management strategy. For example, a low-bankroll player shouldn’t purchase expensive picks that cost hundreds of dollars only to bet $5 on them. And if you’re lucky to have a large bankroll, making a small investment in a paid NFL picks community might help improve your game and win rate.

Top 3 Free NFL Picks Communities

Below, you can find some great free options for your daily NFL picks on Whop.

  • ElitePickz – One of the top NFL communities on Whop, with several expert analysts and even former oddsmakers on the team. The group provides free access to their Discord server, which also includes occasional free plays and a free guide on how they’ve performed so far.
  • Shark Bait Sports – A beginner-friendly NFL group that teaches you all the basics and explains all picks in detail. They offer a five-day free trial to try out their premium service and a very affordable membership in case you want to continue with them.
  • Make Vegas Pay – A group of elite NFL cappers providing daily NFL picks. All their bets are based on stats and data, and you can also learn more about their research process through their educational guides. You can unlock all this content by joining their community for free.

Top 3 Paid NFL Picks Communities

If you want the best plays possible, here are some of the top premium NFL groups you can find on the Whop marketplace.

  • The Moonshot – The go-to place for all your NFL picks, weekly previews, and discussions. The group is one of the oldest Discord servers around and includes several expert cappers providing NFL plays every day. And it doesn’t cost a fortune to join them either!
  • Lightning Locks – A group full of professional cappers, some of whom specialize in NFL bets. They offer dozens of plays every week as betting guides and in-depth results tracking for transparency.
  • JuJu's Picks – A relatively new group led by renowned capper JuJu, who specializes in all football markets. He offers daily picks and shares his ideas and knowledge directly with his members through the premium VIP chat.

Find the Latest Expert NFL Free and Paid Picks on Whop

nfl picks whop

What’s great about the Whop marketplace is you can literally find NFL picks groups for all tastes. There are communities dedicated to the NFL, like High Limit Sports, or groups that cover all sports through specialized cappers and analysts, such as Trust My System.

The latter is actually one of the top sports betting Telegram communities on Whop, which means they offer excellent services for all members.

It’s also important to note that most Whop communities offer free and paid services. This means even low-bankroll players can access high-quality plays from premium groups, albeit less frequently compared to paying members.

You can check out all the available NFL picks communities on the Whop marketplace and find the one that fits your needs best. Then all it takes is to sign up and gain access to their free services, or pay to unlock their premium picks.


What is the best website for NFL predictions?

Whop is the number one marketplace for NFL picks Discord servers and Telegram channels. You can find hundreds of communities – both free and paid – offering expert NFL predictions throughout the regular season, playoffs, and the Super Bowl.

Who makes the most accurate NFL picks?

There’s no single person with the title of most accurate handicapper. If you want NFL picks that are well-researched and insightful, you should join one or multiple NFL picks communities on Whop.

Where can I bet on NFL games?

To bet on NFL games, you’ll need to reside in a state where betting online or in-person is legal and be over the minimum age requirement. Then, you’ll need to find a reliable sportsbook, create an online account and place your bets.

Where can I find NFL expert picks?

You can browse the Whop marketplace to find tons of expert picks on multiple sports, including the NFL. There are a bunch of communities, and each one has several expert cappers with years of experience and good track records. You can check out their work and choose which ones you want to tail.

Do expert NFL picks always win?

Not even the best NFL picks can guarantee wins. At the end of the day, sports betting is a form of gambling and requires luck to win. However, expert NFL picks – whether they’re free or paid – have a lot of thought and research behind them and give you the best chance at a decent hit rate.