The NHL season is a true marathon, with several games going on most days of the week. If you want to bet on all of them, you’ll need proper guidance and some expert NHL picks -and you can find these in dozens of NHL picks communities on Whop!

These are groups of expert NHL cappers that study all hockey matchups every day to find the best possible picks for their members. They research all available data and stats to come up with high-value plays with a mathematical edge, and look through every sports betting app to find the best odds and lines.

If you want to start betting on the NHL or improve your betting game, you can find several expert hockey picks on the Whop marketplace. Below, we’ll give you a rundown of the different types of plays NHL picks communities offer and whether you should choose their free or paid services. 

But before that, let’s discuss if these expert plays are worth your time and money.

Are Expert NHL Picks Worth It?

With the NHL being such a complicated sport, finding a sports betting edge on your own is difficult. The league has been around for many decades, and there are tons of stats and data from thousands of games that help the oddsmakers sway the odds in their favor. They also have access to advanced betting algorithms that determine the best lines to put out every day.

That’s where the NHL expert cappers come in. These guys usually have years (or even decades) of experience betting on all NHL markets, so they know what to look for in terms of high-value picks. They also know how to research every pick properly and ensure its edge before committing to it.

Unless you’re an expert yourself, doing this daily isn’t really manageable. So, if you want access to the highest-value picks possible, you need to trust the experts and tail their plays. The good thing is you can easily find expert NHL picks, both free and paid, on Whop.

You can join an NHL community on the Whop marketplace and tail the daily expert picks the group’s cappers provide. And you’ll also learn valuable tips and insights on how to bet and manage your bankroll efficiently.

What are the Different Types of NHL Picks?

New to betting on the NHL? Here are some popular types of hockey bets you’ll find on most NHL picks communities on Whop.

NHL Puck Line Picks

nhl puck line

The NHL puck line is basically the same as the run line in baseball or the point spread in the NFL. NHL games usually have a low score, so you’ll find the puck line set at -1.5 and +1.5. When you place a bet on the 1.5 puck line, you’re looking for one team to win by at least a two-goal difference or the other to lose by up to one goal.

You’ll notice most puck lines don’t have even numbers, such as -2, to avoid frequent pushes if the favorite wins by two goals exactly.

You may also come across alternate lines, like the 2.5 or even 3.5, with much higher odds. These are great if you find strong favorites who you believe will crush their opponents with a big goal difference.

You can find puck line plays on a bunch of NHL communities on Whop, thanks to the popularity of this bet type. A good example is Sizzling Selections, a group of experienced handicappers that offer daily puck line picks on the NHL while also tackling other sports at a decent win rate.

NHL Picks on the Money Line

nhl moneyline

The NHL money line works similarly to all other major leagues, and you’re basically wagering which team will win the match. Most sportsbooks will only offer the standard 2-way moneyline that includes any overtime and shootouts. However, certain betting apps will give you the option for a 3-way moneyline with the draw as a separate result.

There are several moneyline picks available online, both free and paid. The majority of them are consensus picks, but you can usually find some great underdog plays if you look hard enough. It’s always a good idea to consider “fading the public” when it comes to the money line since it’s the most popular bet type, and people prefer to put their money in strong favorites.

The Whop marketplace is home to several NHL communities giving out moneyline bets daily. One of the sharpest NHL minds around is JokerPickz, who runs the Joker’s Hideout community. He’s been researching the NHL for years and specializes in moneyline bets on hockey and other sports.

NHL Total Goals Picks

nhl totals

If you don’t want to mess around with the winner of a certain matchup, you can turn to over/under bets on how many goals both teams will score. Depending on the sportsbook you choose, they might offer one or a few totals lines for the NHL. Some bookies even have total goals lines with and without overtime.

You’ll generally find totals lines in the 4.5 to 7.5 range. But these can always be different depending on how aggressive both teams are. If you see total goals with even numbers, such as 6.0, remember the bet pushes if exactly six goals are scored.

There are several groups on Whop that offer NHL totals picks, including SecuredPicks. This sports betting Discord server has several different mods, each one specializing in a particular sport, and provides high-value plays on the NHL every day.

NHL Team and Player Prop Picks

nhl prop

Prop picks are steadily increasing in popularity, with many sports betting Telegram groups and Discord servers specializing in them. You can find a bunch of different player props, including whether a player will score a goal, an assist, or a point. 

There are also dedicated bets for goalies, such as how many saves they’ll make or if they’ll get a shutout. And if you don’t want to place specific player prop bets, you can always choose team-based props, such as whether both teams will score or how many shots on goal each team will have.

Both team and player prop picks are exciting bet types, but require tons of research on the stats and data behind them. Thankfully, there are several expert prop cappers on Whop, including SITHLORDCHAMBA. He’s got a dedicated NHL package, where he gives out daily main-market plays, as well as high-value prop picks.

NHL Parlay Picks

nhl parlays

If you like slips with huge odds you can look at NHL parlays that include two or more main-market plays or props. Parlays are a great betting strategy to combine multiple huge favorites for better odds, or several player props in one slip.

There are also the same-game parlays, which allow you to combine options from one match to create the perfect scenario. For instance, you can choose one of the two teams to win, add an option for both teams to score two goals, and a few players to score points.

Parlays are so common among bettors that several sports picks communities specialize in them. On Whop, you can find groups like ParlayScience, which have several analysts working every day to come up with the best parlay slips on all sports, including the NHL.

Free vs Paid Expert NHL Picks

What’s great about NHL communities on Whop is most of them offer both free and paid services. Regardless of which one you choose, you’ll still get top sports cappers and analysts working tirelessly to provide high-value NHL picks.

The main difference between free and premium plays is how much effort is put into each one and how confident the cappers are about it. 

While every pick will be thoroughly researched, certain communities may only use things like advanced betting algorithms on their premium plays. Or, they might save the plays they’re most confident in for their paying members.

Some communities offer one of their premium picks as a freebie every day to attract more members. Others only give out free plays occasionally or during periods with very popular matches, like the Playoffs or the Stanley Cup Final.

In any case, expert NHL plays are usually much better than what the average bettor can come up with unless you have a lot of time and resources available to do the research on your own.

Top 3 Free NHL Picks Communities

If you’re just after some free NHL picks to bet on for fun, there’s no reason to pay huge amounts of money on premium communities. There are several free groups that provide free picks to their members, including:

  • Puck Picks – A relatively new NHL-focused group with daily puck line, moneyline, totals, and player prop picks. The group offers free access to the Discord server and a very affordable membership if you want to upgrade.
  • Cook The Books – One of the top sports betting Discord servers on Whop with special analysts and cappers for every sport, including the NHL. The team offers a seven-day free trial to try out their premium services and see if you like their picks.
  • Official Picks – A team of cappers that provide high-value props and other expert picks on the NHL and all major American leagues. You can access part of their Discord for free, and they provide one free slip every day.

Top 3 Paid NHL Picks Communities

If you’re ready to commit to a paid NHL picks community and improve your game, there’s no shortage of options on the Whop marketplace.

  • Lobo's Lock$ VIP – A great entry-level Discord group with an affordable membership and an NHL expert (and coach) with 10+ years of experience betting on hockey and other similar sports.
  • TheCappersCollective – A huge premium Discord server with dozens of cappers and analysts, including several NHL specialists. You can find daily hockey plays, as well as tons of useful material, to become a better bettor altogether.
  • MaziPicks – The ultimate sports Telegram channel, where notorious capper MaziVS shares his plays every day on all sports, including the NHL. You can get exclusive main-market picks and props from an expert with almost a decade of experience who bets six to seven figures on all his plays.

Find NHL Picks Today on Whop!

As you can see, Whop is home to hundreds of amazing sports picks communities with cappers specializing in all leagues, including the NHL. Depending on your needs, you can find groups that offer free services, including free picks and access to free chatting channels.

Or, you can pay a premium membership and unlock access to all picks and plays a community has to offer. Regardless of your choice, you can access all these communities on the Whop marketplace and claim access to their Discord server or Telegram channels through your Whop dashboard.

So join an NHL picks community on Whop today and obtain the best hockey bets and predictions from expert handicappers with years of experience!


What is the most accurate NHL prediction site?

Whop is full of NHL betting communities that offer daily predictions for hockey games. While no pick is guaranteed to win, the handicappers on some of the top sports picks groups boast impressive win rates and great accuracy in their plays.

How do you read NHL hockey odds?

American hockey odds come with a minus and plus symbol indicating the favorite and underdog. If the favorite sits at -250 odds, it means you need to risk $250 to make a profit of $100. Plus money dogs at +350 odds, for instance, will pay you $350 for every $100 you risk.

How many picks are in the NHL draft?

The current NHL entry draft has seven rounds, with each player receiving one draft selection per round. In 2023, a total of 224 players were drafted across 32 franchises.

Is the puck line a good bet?

The puck line is a great option if you believe there’s a clear favorite that will destroy the opponent and win by many goals. Alternatively, you can back the underdog to win or lose by up to the number of goals the puck line indicates for a safer option.

Are free NHL picks worth it?

All types of NHL picks by experts are worth it since very few bettors can actually put in the time and effort required to come up with optimal plays. Free NHL picks might not be as high-confidence or thoroughly researched as premium plays, but they’re still a great option for most bettors.

Do paid NHL picks always win?

No bet has a 100% chance to win simply because there’s a lot of luck involved, just like any gambling activity. What makes NHL picks great is the effort and research the expert capers put in, as well as the different tools they use to ensure their plays are as high-value as possible.