Sneaker reselling, is a 'side-hustle' commonly practiced by many teenagers and adults worldwide who are interested in buying shoes and reselling them for higher prices, for financial gain. This is done through purchasing limited supplies of sneakers through differing means and selling / reselling them for a higher price to individuals who didn't buy on the initial sale. Purchasing on the primary sale is nearly impossible to do in this day and age. However, with the right tools and people around you, individuals have found ways to make huge profits on sneakers. Within this article we will break down, reselling Discord servers and the other handy tricks the modern reseller uses to get their hands on hyped and limited sneakers.

Sneaker reselling for beginners

By definition, sneaker reselling is the purchasing of a pair of shoes, then selling them for a profit. In our scenario, we're purchasing the shoes directly from a retailer (Nike, Adidas, etc) and reselling them to consumers who didn't buy on the initial 'drop date' and want their hands on the limited shoes such as the recent, Air Jordan Lost and Found. Although, many may opt to resell by sourcing their shoes from outlet / discount stores, buy used pairs or even strictly buying bricks (low-return shoes). This article will specifically be covering sourcing shoes online and through online platforms.

Due to the low supply of shoes on online platforms, a process of 'botting' shoes is used, whereby high-end software programs are used to automate the process of purchasing the shoe. Bots are incredibly fast and effective - leading to only individuals using bots even having the opportunity to buy on the primary sale. In addition, to being faster, bots are scalable and avid resellers can purchase larger quantities of shoes than manual users, leading to more profits and more sneaker flipping.

Running a Sneaker bot can be different and will require you to have a strong internet connection, proxies, a cook-group and multiple cards if you plan on scaling up. These requirements shouldn't cost you more than $100 USD per month, especially for a beginner. That being said, if you are tight on funds you can easily rent various bots for daily, weekly and monthly periods through platforms such as Whop.

Sourcing information to being reselling sneakers

Information on sneaker releases is usually confirmed through social media posts form specific boutiques / retailers, with information such as the primary sale quantity found on websites such as 'Footlocker' a few days before scheduled release.

When it comes to sneaker reselling, information overload can be a huge issue. In order to combat this, reselling Discord servers are used to keep the critical information at the forefront of the resellers minds, with all of the reselling related information centralized and highlighted on important dates.

At Whop, we highly recommend that individuals use a cook-group, as most do a fantastic job in finding niche releases most people overlook. An example of this is the shock releases that take place on Nike SNKRS. These are usually extremely anticipated by botters (Resellers using bots), as they have access to the earlier information on the release through their relevant cook-groups.

The importance of joining a reselling Discord server

To reiterate, joining a reselling Discord server is essential because it gives you an informational advantage over other resellers. Although information from cook groups is the bread and butter, many flourish from the community or support offered within the group. Beginners who try to resell completely alone struggle with the lack of support in running their resell business.

We must also note that there is plenty of different cook groups, that cater to different needs and niches, most groups in the general reselling category offer sneaker reselling information. We would highly recommend you check them out, with some of favourites being; Hidden Society, AK Chefs and Notify.

Where can I sell my sneakers at?

If you have success picking up shoes, there are many different ways to go about selling your pair(s). Many opt to sell shoes on StockX quickly, mainly due to the early payout for shipped orders. GOAT and Alias are also great options. If you are in a large city or are willing to consign pairs. Flight Club and Stadium Goods remain two amazing options for those willing to do consignment. Finally, local is the best option as you go through zero middlemen, therefore you aren’t responding to any fees that you would incur selling anywhere else.

Which sneaker bot is for me?

Whop features various bot rentals suited towards various different retail sites. Wrath remains the king of AIO (all in one) bots, with Shopify, Nike, and Finishline/JD Sports arguably being the best out of any bot at the moment. They also support Best Buy, Footlocker US/CA, and AMD although these modules aren’t competitive with other bots or not useful for sneakers. Project Enigma remains one of the best Nike bots available at the moment. With Nike, remember you must have accounts and proxies. MekAIO falls short of Wrath arguably, but it is a cheaper and sometimes better bot, and finally, Cybersole remains a competitive option for both European and North American sites.

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