Setting up a Discord server can be very time-consuming and quite tedious at times, which is why Discord introduced server templates. Server templates are a great way of sharing your Discord server layouts with others and, of course, using other individuals’ templates to set up your own server.

When you create a Discord server template, you’ll be given a link you can share, and anyone who receives a link can click on it and be prompted to set up a Discord server with the respective layout.

What's Included in a Discord Server Template?

As you may expect, not everything is included inside a Discord server template, but most things that take time to set up are. Below is a list of what is/isn’t included within a Discord server template:


Not Included:

As members/bots and messages aren’t copied over, you’ll essentially be left with an empty server with the same layout as the original. This is exactly what a “template” is - you can’t use Discord server templates to make an exact 1:1 copy of a Discord server.

Creating a Discord Server Template

Creating a Discord server template is as simple as clicking some buttons and requires no modifications to your Discord server. Before you’re able to create a Discord server template, you must have sufficient role permissions to do so within your Discord server. More specifically, you need the “Manage Server” permission. If you own the server, you’ll have this permission by default.

Step 1: Navigate to the server settings by clicking the name of your server at the top-left of the application. Next, click on the “Server Settings” button as shown below.

Step 2: Click on the “Server Template” tab on the left-hand side to see the options to create a template. Simply enter a template name and description, and then you can click the “Generate Template” button. The template title and description will be visible to anyone with the link to your template after its creation.

Step 3: After you have clicked the “Generate Template” button, you’ll see the generated link for your template. You can preview it if you like, or just copy it and share it with friends!

How to Use Discord Server Templates

It’s important to note that anyone with the link to your Discord server template can go ahead and create a brand new server based on it, so only share the link with people you trust (unless you want to allow anyone to use it). When you share your Discord link, you will see a message that looks similar to a Discord invite, but it will instead say “View Template”:

When viewing the template, you’ll see the template name, template description, which Discord server it’s based on, and who created the template. You can also view all channels in the template to know your server's appearance once you proceed. Before you proceed, though, make sure to pick a cool server name and pick out a meme to set as your server image.

That’s it; you’re done! You’ll now have a brand new Discord server with the same layout, channels, roles, permissions, etc, as the original server.

Tips and Best Practices

Though it may go without saying, make sure to pick a descriptive name and description when creating your Discord server template. Anyone who reads the name and description should be able to imagine what the created server may contain before looking at the channels list. Also, ensure your roles and permissions are configured properly before creating/sharing your server template. The last thing you want is a bunch of similar Discord servers, all with poorly configured roles and permissions.

As you can see, creating and using Discord server templates is truly a piece of cake! If you’re looking to create a new Discord server but don’t have any good templates at hand, we’d recommend checking out a site like to find one that suits your needs. You’re now ready to create or use Discord server templates like a pro!

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