There are over 19 million Discord servers active every single week. These servers are home to a wide range of groups, covering all kinds of topics from software development, to craft, to gaming communities. Since there are so many servers, finding the best one for you can take time - but only if you don’t know where to look!

So, how do you find Discord servers? Well, when looking for your perfect group it is important to note that there are two types of servers: private and public. Joining private servers is difficult as they do not share their invite links with the general public. On the other hand, joining public servers is very easy - you just need to find them.

In this guide, we will go through the most popular ways to find public servers and how to join them.

The Easiest Way to Find Discord Servers: Server Discovery

Server Discovery is an internal server directory, and it’s the easiest and safest way to join servers. The feature was introduced in 2019 and allowed servers to apply for discovery, but only if they meet certain criteria. This criteria involves:

  • Respecting the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service
  • Having more than 1,000 members
  • Having a server at least eight weeks old
  • A family-friendly server name, description, and channels
  • A 2FA requirement for moderators

These requirements are in place as they make a server safe!

There are tens of thousands of Discord servers currently listed in Server Discovery, and everyone can access it by clicking the “Explore Discoverable Servers” (compass icon) button at the bottom of the server list.

Once you’re in the Server Discovery section, you’ll be greeted by Discovery categories, a search bar, and 20 featured servers. These servers are some of the most popular Discord servers, and all communities here have more than 340k members!

You might wonder why all of the featured servers are gaming servers. That’s because Discord’s target audience was gamers up until the pandemic, which made Discord shift their audience to virtually everyone.

discord discovery

As you can see in the image above, there are five categories: Gaming, Music, Education, Science & Tech, and Entertainment. Server owners can choose which category their server is listed under, and you can search a category to find a server.

Using these categories is as simple as just clicking on them, which will then display 20 featured servers.

server category

Using Server Discovery you can also find servers using the search bar visible in every section of Server Discovery. Here, you type in the keyword or phrase, click search, and you will see all available related servers.

The categories section is still visible on the left-hand side of the search screen, and you also have the option to filter your search results by category and server language.

find communities
Here you can see that we have entered 'Graphic Design' as the search term and Server Discovery then displays all related servers

In addition to filtering servers through categories and keywords, you can also filter by language. You can filter your search results by language using the language dropdown menu right next to the search bar.

discord server language

Upon finding a server that you like the look of, you simply click it!

When you click on a server in Server Discovery, you’ll be directed to the server, where you can see all the content available to the public without joining it. This helpful feature lets you see the content before deciding whether you want to commit to joining the server. Then, if you do choose to officially join the server, you can do so with the blue bar at the top of your page.

That's all there is to it! Server Discovery is a great way to find and join servers, but not all servers might have the discovery feature turned on.

So, let’s take a look at how to find Discord servers without Server Discovery.

Using Discord Server Directories

Server directories are the most popular way to find Discord servers. Since the Server Discovery feature was not introduced until 2019, server owners needed a way to promote their Discord servers before this, and so server directories were created.

These directories are very similar to Server Discovery in that you can see featured servers, take a look at categories, search for keywords, and more. The most popular server directories are


Here we will explore how to find Discord servers via and Disboard. Both platforms have their unique advantage: Whop allows users to monetize their services (including Discord servers), and Disboard, on the other hand, allows users to “bump” servers. Bumping servers highlight them in the Disboard’s directory, and each server can be bumped once every thirty minutes.

Finding Discord Servers on Whop

Finding servers on Whop is a very easy process. Just type the keywords you want to search on the search bar at the top of the website and press enter.

You’ll receive a list of results (which you can filter by price) - remember, not all results might have a Discord access feature. So, make sure to check that at the bottom of the product page, under the “Includes” section.

Using Disboard to Find Servers

Disboard is very similar to Server Discovery and Whop. The landing page of Disboard includes a search bar, categories and tags, recently bumped servers, and featured servers.

To find servers on Disboard, you can either search for keywords or click on one of the categories, which will list all the servers related to your query. Clicking on the “Join This Server” button will direct you to the invite link of the server.

Finding Special Interest Servers

While Discord has over 19 million active servers per week, some of them are not available in either Server Discovery or server directories. So, how can you find servers without them?

The answer is their websites and social media! While it’s not guaranteed, most communities have Discord servers, especially if their target audience is between the ages of 16 and 34 (users between the ages of 25 and 34 make up 42% of all Discord users, with 16 and 24 coming in second with 22.2%).

If you’re wondering if a person of interest, app, community, service, or company has a Discord server, you should visit their website and social media, and check their social links. Discord server invites are usually listed side-by-side with social links like Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Join Your Friends' Discord Servers

The final way of finding servers is by asking your friends! Your friends are more likely to recommend servers that you will enjoy since they know you and your interests.

Inviting other users to servers is really easy to do in Discord, and many servers encourage their users to do so. Joining a Discord server through a friend invite can also help you integrate into the community more quickly than compared to joining a server where you don’t know any of the members.

Another advantage of asking your friends for servers to join is the possibility of them sharing private servers with you. Private servers tend to have a small number of members, and they make up almost 90% of all servers on Discord. Since private servers don’t promote themselves to the public, your friend can get you some insider invites!

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