Getting started as a brand new entrepreneur can be intimidating, but having a solid action plan and starting in an area that is beginner-friendly will put you on the right track for a profitable start to your journey.

One of the areas that offers the most ease and flexibility in starting is reselling. As a reseller, you can take advantage of the growing demand for ecommerce by joining as someone who sells products that customers are already interested in.

In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about reselling, aka flipping, which is arguably the number one best way to start making money online as an entrepreneur today. We’ll also include a list of the best items to resell in all categories, where to find and sell them, and which are the most profitable. So, if you’re looking for the best things to sell to make money, you’re in the right place.

Our goal with this guide is to make a fully comprehensive resource for the game of reselling absolutely anything–so be sure to bookmark this page for future reference! 

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An introduction to Reselling, aka Flipping 


Reselling refers to buying an item and selling it again with the goal of securing a profit. It’s also known as flipping, and it’s a great way to make money online and in person, with many individuals establishing a good side hustle or full time living doing so.

Some people have concerns about the legality of reselling, especially surrounding ticket reselling, but generally speaking, reselling is completely legal so long as you are the rightful owner of an item that you’re selling and you are pricing within the fair market range.

How does reselling work?

As a reseller, you are capitalizing on the free aftermarket of trading goods between people and businesses. In this market, there is a range in prices for specific items, which is known as volatility. This volatility allows you to profit when you buy an item on the lower end of the market range and sell it higher.

The volatility can be a product of a change in demand or an inefficiency between platforms, some of which most consumers might overlook when making a purchase–making money between different platforms in this way is more specifically known as retail arbitrage

A common example of making money from price volatility and demand in reselling can be found in the shoe aftermarket: a company such as Nike will release a shoe that is met with tons of hype and demand, and when combined with a limited quantity, the model will sell out quickly and fetch a higher price on the aftermarket thanks to a demand that exceeds the supply. In this case, shoe resellers help to set the aftermarket price, whose volatility is determined by factors such as the price of previously sold similar models. 

However, sneakers are just one item that you can resell for profit.

In fact, you can sell almost anything, anywhere, in any category, making it easy to find something to resell that you are already interested in. This is another reason why reselling is such an amazing entry point into owning your own ecommerce business or entrepreneurship in general. 

Let’s dive in now with the best items that you can resell in all categories:

30 Best Items to Resell in ALL Categories

Navigating the vast landscape of reselling opportunities requires a well-tuned radar. You have to be able to notice and pick up on the best and most valuable items to resell, in various categories, across different online platforms.

Here is a curated list of the top-performing items to flip for profit:

Best things to resell on ebay

reselling on ebay

If you could only pick one platform to use as a new reseller to start off, it would have to be eBay. EBay is superior because it’s the grandaddy of all online marketplaces, and it has steady demand for all types of items. Not only can you resell items on eBay, you can even buy items there to flip right back on there for a profit. Even though Amazon has higher overall sales volume, eBay’s requirements are much more lenient and allow for selling of items in all types of conditions.

Here are some of the best things to resell on eBay:

  • Vintage clothing and accessories
    No matter what the year or season is, there’s an evergreen demand for vintage clothing and accessories. Whether these pieces are purchased for nostalgia, quality, or fashion, buyers are always on the lookout for vintage wear in good condition, so learn what their taste is and you can find these items in overlooked places such as thrift stores and local classifieds.
  • Rare Collectible Items
    EBay might be best known as somewhere to acquire items that are odd and hard to find. While you might not initially be aware of what people are looking for, simply browse different fringe categories and sort items by price. From there, look for items that fetch high prices on sold listings or that are listed in auction format and are receiving a lot of active bids. You might be surprised what you find, but keep looking and make a list of things to look out for when sourcing and you might get lucky.
  • Used and refurbished electronics
    One of eBay’s most popular categories is electronics, and although it might be hard to make a profit on new electronics which might be sold for break even or a loss after fees, finding used electronics for a good price or refurbishing them and listing them for more is a good way to generate profits as a reseller. Repairing phones, laptops, and other gadgets or finding them in good used condition is a great strategy for bringing in consistently profitable inventory for eBay.

Best things to resell on Amazon

amazon reselling

Amazon’s reach as an ecommerce giant eclipses any other platform that tries to compete, which makes it a good place for resellers to sell a large variety of different products. However, many categories and brand names on Amazon require approval, or ungating, in order to sell.

Here are products that are the most beginner-friendly to sell on Amazon:

  • Books
    Amazon started as a marketplace for only books, and today, it’s still amazing for sellers of all types of books, including fiction, non-fiction, and academic texts. Local thrift stores, moving sales, and libraries can all be a goldmine for finding books. You can even scan a book’s barcode to look up its price and ranking quickly on Amazon to determine its profitability, and you can easily fulfill books in bulk using FBA if you start to scale.
  • Home Goods
    Homeowners and long term renters are some of Amazon’s most loyal and top spending customers, so reaching them by purchasing home goods is an excellent strategy as a reseller. Since this is such a broad category, you’ll want to start by researching different categories and their top sellers to determine which products have the greatest demand. Keep an eye out for these items on clearance shelves in other stores and in due time you’ll find something you can flip for profit.
  • Pet supplies
    Lovers of furry friends are always buying essentials, toys and accessories to keep them satisfied. As an Amazon seller, you can target both brand name goods to resell in the pet niche or if you want to go the private label route, pet toys are one of the largest and most popular categories for independent Amazon sellers.

Best things to resell on Facebook marketplace

reselling box

Facebook marketplace has emerged as one of the more popular methods of peer-to-peer selling locally. Both buyers and sellers are drawn to the higher trust aspect thanks to the ability of viewing seller’s ratings and personal profiles. It’s also good place to sell items in person that are difficult or expensive to ship, such as fragile or large items.

These are some of the top things to resell on Facebook marketplace:

  • Furniture
    Perhaps the best thing to resell on Facebook Marketplace is furniture. The marketplace is largely local, so there is no need to ship, which saves you the greatest additional expense for something like a large piece of furniture. You’ll also find many instances where someone is moving and they’re giving away beds or furniture for free. In order to flip furniture on Facebook marketplace, you simply need a method of transport and sufficient room for storage.
  • Bicycles
    Another group of items that benefit from the local aspect of Facebook Marketplace reselling is bicycles. Make sure to pay attention to seasonality when sourcing and selling bikes, but if you’re buying when the outdoor weather is good, you’ll find steady demand and the ability to score good deals from rushed sellers and sell bikes for a good profit as someone who is patient. Get familiar with different bike brands and their quality, and research their value online before determining prices.
  • Clothing and accessories
    Facebook marketplace can be a goldmine for unwanted and overlooked clothing and accessories that fetch higher prices on eBay or other platforms. If you are familiar with brand names and trends or high-quality names in sportswear, you can browse Facebook Marketplace and find underpriced items that you can either sell right back on the same platform or list on eBay for more.

Best Things to Resell Across Multiple Marketplaces (or in Person)

Some things have such a high resale demand that they can be sold pretty much anywhere, including in person or even on your very own storefront outside of any platform.

These products are still subject to fluctuation in demand, trends, and seasonality, but generally speaking, they are quite consistent.

Best clothing to resell

  • 90’s and Y2K
    Clothing from the 1990s and 2000s has made a comeback mostly with younger buyers, and the demand for pieces in this era is higher than it’s ever been in 2024. Be sure to browse eBay and curated secondhand stores for brands and prices, then go about sourcing these types of clothes for lower prices. Scour thrift store shelves, clear out old clothes from family or friends and look online to see if you can find clothes from this era at profitable pricepoints.
  • Trending fashion
    Fashion that is trending overall includes 90’s and Y2K clothing but can also encompass more modern brands and styles. In order to figure out what type of clothes are trending, social media is your best bet as it is a strong indicator of consumer desire and demand. Look for what brands and styles the most popular influencers are wearing and promoting, and keep an eye out for clearance sales or the opportunity to buy them gently used for a discount.
  • Sportswear and accessories
    A category of buyers that always has steady demand includes those who are seeking activewear and related accessories such as running shoes and sports watches or fitness trackers. In this area, most buyers will want quality brand names, and some might not care about the condition as long as the quality is good. For example, used Patagonia and brand name running shoes like Hoka and Brooks have a highly active market for used items that resellers can take advantage of.

Best electronics to resell

electronics to resell
  • Video games
    One of the most high-volume and lucrative categories to target as a reseller is that of video games. With them, you can choose to resell sought after new titles, limited editions, and vintage classics. For example, rare Nintendo games like EarthBound can fetch over $200, while older titles like “The Legend of Zeld” often command prices upwards of $100.
  • iPhones
    While almost everyone today has a smartphone, in terms of reselling speed and prices, it’s hard to beat that of the iPhone which has successfully cemented a cult following and a highly active source of buyers. You can even sell broken iPhones quickly for parts, or you can repair screens to increase prices, and there is an active market for models of any make and year.
  • Audio equipment
    Audiophiles and music pros create a thriving industry that savvy resellers can capitalize on. Building a good knowledge base is essential so you can know which brands and items buyers are looking out for that the general public might be clueless about. For example, models like the Sennheiser HD 800 S headphones can sell for over $1500 brand new and still quickly fetch high prices used, and it’s possible to find them undervalued by sellers who might not be aware of the price and demand.
  • Home gadgets
    In recent years, homeowners and apartment dwellers alike have been making their living spaces smarter. Items like the Nest thermostat, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Ring Doorbell have a demand on numerous marketplaces and can sometimes be found on steep clearance or at a fair price in good used condition.
  • Cameras
    Even though smartphone cameras have risen to incredible levels of capability, the demand for cameras, lenses and other accessories remains steady.  Look out for DSLR cameras by Canon and Nikon, and get familiar with lenses and their prices, some of which might surprise you in terms of their pricing and demand.

Best trading cards to resell

trading cards
  • Rare and vintage Pokémon cards
    Pokémon cards started to have a resurgence during the pandemic, and this demand and rise in pricing has remained steady up until this day. Clear out childhood belongings of yourself or relatives to see if you can dig up a rare card in good condition, and this could result in a nice payday: for example, a first edition holographic Charizard from the Base Set has a value of up to $5000 or more if in good condition.
  • Sought after sports cards
    Another type of trading card that has grown in and maintained demand are those of sports players. Like with Pokémon cards, vintage sports cards like early rookie cards from icons can go for enormous prices, but there’s also a market for rare newer cards as well. A subcategory of reselling within sports cards in which packs are sold and opened on livestream, which is known as card breaking, is another way that resellers make money and build an audience in this niche.
  • Limited edition Magic cards
    One category of trading cards that has an incredibly active and long-standing cult following are those from Magic: The Gathering. These cards are used in competitions and double as valuable collectibles, and the value is based on their rarity and utility. Prices can be eye watering: For example, a Black Lotus card from the Alpha set, which is one of the most powerful cards in the game, can sell for six figures in pristine condition. 

Best sneakers to resell

sneaker reselling
  • Nike Air Jordan Retro
    Nike’s Jordan brand made history during its inception in the 1980s as a shoe model that blended high-end materials and pricepoints with the formerly boring sports shoe. Today, Jordan retro models, which are remakes of classics, have perhaps the most steady demand of buyers compared to any other shoe model from any brand.
  • Limited celebrity collaborations
    Some of the best selling items in any niche for resellers includes those that are associated with celebrity names, and in the world of shoe reselling, this is especially true. Examples include Adidas Yeezys and Nike collaborations with J Balvin and Kobe Bryant.
  • Historic models in good condition
    Well-preserved classics with historical significance are highly desirable for sneakerheads of all ages, and they become especially more valuable as certain colorways and silhouettes become discontinued.  Nike’s Jordan produces some of the most sought-after models in this realm, with the Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam” and Jordan 1 “Bred” being primary examples.

Best collectibles to resell

ebay collectibles
  • Vintage comic books and action figures
    The market for fans of comic books and associated action figures is a big one, and with the current popularity of modern Marvel movies continuing to fuel new interest, it creates a realm that is incredibly conducive to reselling. You can find and sell these on eBay or at dedicated local stores. Familiarize yourself with the cultural significance of different characters or books and look out for first appearances, limited editions, and graded items that serious buyers are looking for.
  • Autographed items
    Autographed memorabilia from celebrities, athletes and public figures hold great sentimental and investment value for fans and collectors alike, particularly when the item is associated with the person’s talent. Examples include a signed basketball from a retired NBA player or an autographed guitar from a legendary band member. Having documents or certificates that verify authenticity of autographed items is of utmost importance as it can have a huge effect on the price.
  • Rare vinyls
    The market for people who want vinyl records is steady, especially with more people craving nostalgia and the raw, analog relics that are hallmarks of the past. Look out for sought-after iconic albums, interesting genres, and artists with strong cult followings to capture buyer attention, and if sourcing from a local record store, look out for designs or names that stand out and check eBay for price comparisons.
  • Funko Pops
    One of the most popular modern collectibles that have cemented their spot as a sought-after collector’s item is Funko Pop. These small vinyl figurines feature pop culture icons ranging from well-known video game and TV characters to those that appear in comic books. Rarity, box condition, and edition numbers are of utmost importance when looking for these. Track new releases in addition to learning about the aftermarket pricing for old models that have strong demand. 

Best watches to resell

watches to resell
  • Seiko
    One of the best watch brands to sell with a highly active market especially on eBay is Japanese brand Seiko, which is arguably one of the best watch brands in terms of the quality that can be bought for the price. Familiarize yourself with different models, and pay attention to nuances like exclusive made in Japan versions and discontinued models that can be especially profitable to find and sell.
  • Vintage timepieces
    Many watch collectors admire the quality, craftsmanship, and history of timepieces from the past, particularly when they’re still in good condition. Watches that are several decades old and still running strong pay testament to the quality of the brand and can see an increase in price over time. Look for unique models like automatic pocket watches and well-priced vintage Omega and Rolex. While authenticity is less of a concern for older watches, you’ll want to make sure there is as much of the original components as possible inside the watch as cheap replacements will lower the value drastically.
  • G-Shock
    Casio’s G-Shock watch line remains to be one of the most iconic watches ever made, and since they’re known to be durable and reliable, the aftermarket price of them is quite consistent, making them a great watch to resell. Their price range can vary drastically, as there are simple models that can be found for as low as $50 or less while limited edition complex models with features like power reserve and solar power can go for several hundred dollars.

What is the Most Profitable Thing to Resell?

making money

While all of the items mentioned above can be profitable, there are some specific items that have the highest potential for profit in each category.

Since these items often fetch higher prices, they attract more discerning buyers who are knowledgable about specifics and want to use dedicated apps or platforms that specialize in each item. For example, high-end watch buyers will want to use Chrono24 and WatchBox, buyers of luxury items will use Farfetch and The RealReal, streetwear enthusiasts browse Grailed, and sneakerheads prefer to use dedicated sneaker apps such as GOAT. 

Let’s continue with a list of the most profitable items that you can resell in different marketplaces and categories:

Most profitable things to resell on Facebook marketplace

  • Antiques
    Facebook marketplace can be a low-key goldmine for antiques like valuable vintage furniture, kitchen items, and other home goods and collectibles like porcelain figures and rare paintings. Check eBay for anything that looks interesting, and you might be pleasantly surprised with how much more they might fetch online compared to the marketplace.
  • Cars
    A growing number of people are using Facebook marketplace to sell cars thanks to broad local exposure and no platform fees. Use this to your advantage and get informed on the cars in your area, and if you see something that seems to be undervalued or with an easily manageable repair that is affecting its price, it can have the potential to make you serious money.
If you want to learn more about profiting from the car market, check out our full guide on car flipping here!
  • Seasonal sporting goods
    One of the easiest and most profitable strategies for making consistent money using Facebook marketplace is to buy seasonal sporting goods, but in a way that no one else is doing it– look for out-of-season items to scoop up for the low that you can flip quickly with huge profit margins when their prime time comes around. While this strategy requires storage and patience, it’s a great way to make a longer-term investment as a reseller that is sure to make you profits.

Most profitable things to resell on Amazon

  • Brand name goods
    Many independent resellers account for the listings of brand name goods on Amazon, and these tend to have the highest demand and sales volume. While profit margins can be slim, if you can find a profitable source from something like return pallets and you take the time to get approval to sell them by getting ungated, you have the potential to open up a significant income stream.
  • Wholesale items sold individually
    One of the most tried-and-true business models in any realm is to purchase something in bulk for a discount and to sell the item at a higher price individually. You’ll need to build some knowledge, connections, and capital in order to compete as someone vying for wholesale business, but many of the most profitable resellers use this exact strategy to make a good living on Amazon.

Most profitable clothing to resell

  • Designer and luxury clothing
    As with any item, the higher the price, the more potential for profit even if the margin is slim. The demand for luxury clothing and accessories is probably higher than you might think if you’re not a consumer of them yourself, so they can be a goldmine for resellers who can source them profitably. Source from discount outlets and the rare sale and browse thrift stores for rare underpriced luxury pieces. Authenticity is of utmost importance, and when selling, use a dedicated platform like The RealReal or Farfetched.
  • Streetwear
    One item of clothing that overlaps between casual and luxury is streetwear, and if you’re not familiar with the market, you will be shocked to see how much for and what people are buying. For example, simple looking tees from Vetements, Supreme and Balenciaga can fetch hundreds of dollars, and some jeans from Chrome Hearts go for thousands of dollars. StockX and Grailed are both great places to do research on pricing and resell streetwear.

Most profitable electronics to resell

  • New release iPhones 
    While the days of the newest iPhone fetching prices beyond their initial MSRP surrounding their release date are incredibly numbered, finding these for a good price and selling them at a profitable margin can be an incredibly profitable business model thanks to the high demand and liquidity of models in any condition. Fixing slightly broken components such as screens and selling these models refurbished is perhaps the most consistent way to ensure you can sell newer iPhones for more than you bought them.
  • New release Gaming consoles
    Gaming consoles release far less regularly than new versions of any other electronic device, so when the releases do happen, consoles sell out quickly and go for a premium on the aftermarket. Models like the PlayStation Portal, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X still have an incredibly strong market that you can profit from. Look out for any news of new releases as well, and be sure to sell these during the holiday season to get the most profits.
  • Cameras
    Photographers of all levels and hobbyists alike continue to drive the demand for cameras, and if you get to know the best models and their market, you can source profitably and cash in big as a reseller. Look for quality brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony, and if you have a larger budget, you can seek high-end and professional gear made by Leica and RED. Be sure to familiarize yourself with how a camera works and its condition before selling it as buyers may have questions that you need to answer well if you’re dealing with a camera worth thousands of dollars.

Most profitable sneakers to resell

  • Travis Scott Jordans
    While shoe brands like Adidas and Nike release sought after collaborations regularly that almost always fetch some sort of resale value, there hasn’t been any model that’s generated profit margins quite like the Travis Scott Jordans. The original Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 High came out in May 2019 and still goes for a huge multiple over its $175 retail with sales consistently in the $1500 range. Newer Travis Scott models don’t fetch quite as much but still go for a nice premium.
  • Limited Air Jordans
    As mentioned earlier in this guide, the Nike Air Jordans are legendary in their historical significance for sneakerheads and sneaker reselling in general, and historic models like the 1985 Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” and 1989 Air Jordan 4 “Black Cement” fetch the highest prices and remain incredibly liquid and lucrative on the sneaker aftermarket.

Most profitable watches to resell

  • High-end Swiss watches
    The most prized watch brands, including Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe and Richard Mille are all Swiss, and while these require deep pockets to work with, they have the potential to generate serious income. Verifying authenticity in this echelon of timepieces is of utmost importance, as is making connections with reputable sellers and serious buyers. Making a few thousand dollars per deal isn’t uncommon when dealing with these watches which are mostly in the five-figure range.
  • Rare vintage pieces
    As with many other items that are great for reselling, rarity and history are some of the greatest contributing factors to the price and profitability, and this is especially true with watches. Rare vintage timepieces that were in limited production and of historic significance such as a John Buckley dial Rolex have an active market of buyers on eBay and dedicated watch reselling platforms like Chrono24 and have the potential to generate substantial profit.

Trending items are good to resell in any category and also tend to generate the highest profits.  You can find our list of 33 trending products that you can sell in 2024 right here!

Where Can I Find Items to Flip for Profit?

finding items to resell

Finding items through profitable sourcing of inventory is the cornerstone of a successful reselling business. Doing so requires a mix of knowledge, market research, resourcefulness and networking to compose an effective strategy that allows you to build the base to operate a solid business from. 

Here are some of the best places to find items to flip for profit, and strategies to maximize the potential of each of them:

At home

Declutter and find unwanted items in good condition
Getting started as a reseller can start immediately and without investment by starting right at home. Start by decluttering things you don’t need, and you’ll probably find a few things that are in good working condition that someone else would happily use. Search for items that were mentioned in this guide, and look on Amazon, eBay and Facebook marketplace to see how much people are willing to pay for these. Doing this is a great way to turn clutter into cash and to build the initial momentum and incentive to get your reselling business going.

Search for hidden treasures
Look in areas like the attic, basement, or garages of your family’s or relatives' home to see if you can find valuables that aren’t needed. You might strike gold, especially when it comes to well-preserved antiques that you can sell locally or online.

Ask family and friends
Reach out to family members, friends and acquaintances and let them know that you’ve started an online business for selling goods of any kind. You can even offer to help declutter and downsize for free, and will help you to uncover opportunities that aren’t yet public knowledge.

Local Marketplaces

Browse Craigslist
Craigslist is sometimes overlooked due to low quality listings and scams that plague the platform more than others, but with a keen eye and good filtering practices to avoid common scams, it can be an excellent resource to find items to flip. Regularly check the “Free” section for any valuable items, and search for sellers that are in a hurry with items that can be resold as is or lightly refurbished for a profit. Be sure to secure a phone number and talk to the seller before meeting them in a safe public space, and negotiate when appropriate so you can get an even better deal.

Look for moving, garage and estate sales
These types of sales are absolute goldmines for resellers. People hosting these are often eager to get rid of items quickly, so the prices are often below market value. The best deals can be found either at the very beginning or end of the sale, as you will find the most valuable items early, and at the end, you can benefit from bulk discounts or getting things totally for free. Keep an eye out for high-value antiques, collectibles, and valuable vintage home appliances.

Facebook marketplace
One of the better places for both finding and reselling items locally is Facebook marketplace. Their filtering system, seller ratings, and ease of contacting through securing messaging on the platform without giving away sensitive data like a personal phone number makes it a preferred choice for buyers and sellers alike. Be sure to be prompt in communication and quick to arrange a meetup if you find an time that you have calculated to generate profit based on the price it sells for on other platforms.


Look for misspelled listings or poorly described items
Sometimes, sellers make typos or don’t know how to describe their items well, including taking low quality pictures and omitting descriptions. While you might need to contact these sellers to get questions answered and have better pictures sent, you could strike gold as these listings tend to be overlooked and undervalued. The best way to find these is by searching a brand name and narrowing listings by category and price.

Track auctions with a low starting price
Take advantage of eBay’s auction format to score deals on items that are listed in this way. Sort for items that have low starting prices, and make note of their end date and exact time so that you can be there to post a winning bid at the last second if the price stays low. Be sure to look out if the auction has a reserve price as this will dictate a minimum price that the bids must meet in order for the item to sell.

Set up notifications for items with high demand and low supply
EBay has email and push notifications that come in handy when tracking a hot trending item that might sell out even on the platform after being completely sold out everywhere else online. Set up price filters and look for profitable Buy-it-now listings, and jump on them quickly if you receive a notification for one of these trending items that fit your profitability criteria.

Wholesale suppliers

Research and thoroughly vet potential suppliers
Once you discover where to find wholesalers, such as on platforms like Alibaba and Aliexpress, you will find that there is an overwhelming amount to choose from, so you’ll have to get good at vetting them. Ask specific questions, read reviews, and start with a smaller order before placing a larger one to verify the quality of the product that you’re receiving.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate
Wholesalers operate in the B2B world as bulk sellers where negotiation isn’t only common, it’s expected. When negotiating, be sure to bring up proof to back up your requested prices such as competitor pricing and quality. Buying in larger quantities will allow you to be eligible for bulk discounts, and if you’re starting smaller to test quality, negotiate lower minimum order quantity for less risk if the product turns out to be lackluster.

Follow market trends
All of ecommerce peaks during the third and fourth quarter, which means that during these times, wholesale suppliers are busiest and are often already tied up with existing clientele. Be sure to plan accordingly when launching your business, and load up stock before the end of the year so that you don’t have to deal with delayed fulfillment or insufficient stock levels.

Find Reselling Advice and Education on Whop

Now that you’ve been armed with this mega-guide for finding the best and most profitable items to sell across different platforms and the best strategies to find them, you’re well ahead of most people who don’t know where to start in the vast world of reselling.

However, while our guide and the rest of our educational blog is a great way to build a knowledge base on reselling and other online money-making areas, carrying out an action plan requires dynamic and personalized guidance that isn’t possible with just text or even video advice.

Finding success from a mentor in a group setting is perhaps the best way to ensure success as a reseller. So, if you want to benefit from the power of an expert-led, dedicated group that will help you get you started on a profitable journey while avoiding any pitfalls or the opportunity cost of starting inefficiently, check out all of our groups dedicated to reselling.

Not only will you get a helping hand from niche experts and a tight-knit group with a shared goal, but you’ll often receive additional benefits from unique tools and software that will give you an even greater edge against competition and the chance to finally make the amount of online money that you want and deserve!


How do I prepare myself as a new reseller?

Before diving into specific items to resell, start by getting a broad understanding of the current state of the reselling market, including different niches. By staying in tune with market trends and understanding your target audience inside of a specific niche, you can position yourself for reselling success. Research popular categories, analyze consumer preferences, and keep a pulse on emerging trends to start right and have an edge against the inevitable competition. Make sure to have and to respect an initial budget as well in addition to setting goals to get started with the right mindset to lay a foundation for continued success.

Do I need a lot of money to start reselling?

As a reseller, you can start with any budget range, including the most limited. It’s possible to find items at thrift stores or on clearance racks for a few dollars or even less and to sell them for profit, and with good financial management, you can slowly build a budget by saving money to flip higher priced, more lucrative items. You can also start by finding items to sell that you or your friends and family already own, and creating an account and listings on many platforms like eBay is free and easy to do.

What is a good way to diversify and increase my reselling income?

One of the best ways to increase your reselling income is to diversify your income streams. The best way to do this is to list on different platforms so that you can gain maximum exposure for your items. Additionally, finding and using different platforms will allow you to find the best place to sell items in your niche where you can fetch the highest prices and move inventory quickly. Once you’ve identified one or two good platforms, narrow down to those to keep all of your operations efficient.

How do I determine the resale value of an item?

One of the most crucial skills to being a reseller is determining the value at which you can realistically list and resell the item at. Without an accurate figure, you’ll limit yourself to simply guessing which at best will cause your items to move slowly. The best way to find out the resale value of an item that you are hoping to sell is to look at real-time listings and sold data for exact prices. One platform that makes it easy to see historical data is eBay, which has a built-in free listing filter for “Completed” and “Sold” items that shows the exact price and date something was sold. Other platforms might require paid software to see such precise data, but you can get an idea of the market range by seeing what prices sellers are asking.

How can I find profitable items to resell?

Finding profitable items to resell is possible with research, patience, dedication, and a knowledge of all of the best places to source underpriced items both in person and online. Start by scouring your local marketplaces, thrift stores, and clearance racks where you’re most likely to find overlooked deals without competing against the whole reselling world online. Once you gain initial momentum and a bigger budget, explore other strategies like online retail arbitrage and buying in wholesale that can allow you to scale your business with more sources for profitable inventory.

What are common mistakes that new resellers make?

The most common mistake that a new reseller makes that prevents them from becoming as successful as possible can be reduced to not having the right knowledge and mindset to achieve consistent success. It’s fairly easy to find a profitable item here and there to flip online, but it takes research, a strategy, and consistent execution of a plan with patience in order to build a consistent business. Other mistakes include not knowing how to perform price research, not accurately describing items, using the wrong sales channels, and not getting maximum exposure and profitable prices on their listings.