Reselling is perhaps the best entry into entrepreneurship, for many reasons. You can get started with very little investment, no previous experience, and best of all, the hard work of convincing someone to buy a product is done for you–with reselling, you’re typically selling well-known name brands that have established demand.

It’s also easy to find a niche that you have an interest in with reselling, as there is an established demand for many including clothes, sneakers, electronics, and even non-physical items like NFTs. 

While there are many platforms and apps where you can resell your chosen product category, not all of them are made equal. Understanding which reselling apps are best for different categories and use cases will help you to maximize profits and move inventory more quickly.

Let’s dive in with the best apps you can use based on what you are selling.

8 Best Apps For Reselling Anything

1. Poshmark


Clothing is one of the steadiest niches in reselling, and also one of the easiest to get started in– it is incredibly likely that you have clothes that you don’t want, and others do. All you have to do is take a picture and list it on the best platform. Poshmark rises to the top as a clothes reselling app, with incredibly competitive platform fees, an increasing market share, and a growing loyal audience base. It’s available as both a free mobile app and a web app.

Top sellers can pull six-figure profits annually, and there are many inspiring success stories of people starting from scratch on the app which was founded in 2011.

On Poshmark, you can sell anything from modern to vintage clothes, and you can also sell shoes and accessories as well.

One of its notable features is “Posh Parties”, which are virtual events where you can share listings to increase visibility and sales while they run. You can also bundle and sell clothes together, which saves on fees and brings a higher average order value.

Notable alternatives to Poshmark include Mercari, which has similar fees and audience but tends to be better for accessories rather than clothing.

Although the audience for Poshmark began as predominantly female, there is a growing group of males and men’s clothing on the app, which can be found on the app store in addition to Google Play.

Best for: Selling clothes online
Sign up/subscription fee: Free, no ongoing subscription
Platform fees: Flat fee of $2.95 for sales under $15, and 20% commission for sales above $15



The sneaker market remains as one of the most popular categories for resellers, and it has the potential for great profits for those that build their knowledge of the shoe game up.

In terms of apps, there are several to choose from, but GOAT is one that has risen to the top. Its free mobile app is available to download on iOS App Store, Android, and Google Play and it’s become a go-to for sneakerheads who want to buy or sell shoes.

They pride themselves on having one of the most rigorous authentication processes to ensure that customers receive only genuine sneakers, and to keep the bar for sellers high, they have a rating system which rewards good sellers with lower fees and other promotional perks.

Another cool feature of the app is their “GOAT Clean” service that offers refurbishing of pre-owned sneakers to like-new condition which increases their resale value.

Best app for: Reselling sneakers
Sign up/subscription fee: Free, no ongoing subscription
Platform fees: GOAT charges a variable commission fee starting at 9.5% on top of a seller fee, which varies by location. The seller fee ranges from $5 to $30. 

3. MagicEden


NFTs are digital collectibles that have gained a loyal audience of investors and traders in the past few years, and although the market is quite volatile, it’s also full of tons of opportunities. There’s a lot to learn when it comes to reselling NFTs, but one of the most important things to know is where to buy them.

MagicEden has emerged as the top marketplace for NFTs, and over the years, the platform has taken over major competitors like OpenSea thanks to its ease of use, good design, support for numerous blockchains, and functionality.

Its popularity has cemented a strong community of NFT collectors and resellers, making it the most liquid marketplace with the best prices for NFTs. To move even faster by sniping NFTs with software, Whop is home to tools and groups that allow you to do so, which include Trident Kit and MinTech.

They have been working on a mobile app with full functionality, with a previous version released for Android, but currently, only their free web app allows you to trade and view NFTs on their marketplace.

Best app for: Reselling NFTs
Sign up/subscription fee: None, free to sign up and use
Platform fees: 0% listing fee, and a 2% transaction fee, with discounts based on volume for highly active traders

4. Amazon


While Amazon’s dominance reaches across all product categories, resellers should have the company in mind if they are selling home goods.

Buyers love browsing Amazon for many items that they can use for their home, including kitchen products, home appliances, and tools. You can take advantage of retail arbitrage to find these products for a good price and sell them for more.

Keep in mind that the platform can be quite competitive and if you want to start as a beginner, you should make sure you are thoroughly prepared by learning about different niches, the existing competition, how to make listings that stand out, and how to source your product profitably.

A large number of independent sellers on Amazon make a good living through the app which can be downloaded straight from the App store and Google Play, and its full functionality on mobile allows you to manage inventory and track sales even if you’re on the go.

If you’re a beginner wanting to learn more about selling on Amazon, check out our 6-step guide here

Best app for: selling home goods
Sign up/subscription fee: The app is free to download and use, and the basic Individual seller account is free. Professional seller accounts are $39.99 per month.
Platform fees: Amazon charges a referral fee of 8-15% depending on the category, and a variable closing and listing fee. Sellers that use FBA pay additional fees related to storage and fulfillment.

5. eBay


Electronics are a preferred niche for many resellers thanks to their steady demand year-round, with sales for modern items and gaming consoles peaking during the fourth quarter holiday sales boom. Other top-selling items like phones and vintage electronics have a more consistent market of buyers.

Many buyers flock to eBay to buy electronics, making it the best app to sell items like laptops, cameras and other modern gadgets on. Downloading the app is free and simple from the App store of any modern mobile device. It’s particularly good for selling used electronics, and there’s even a strong market for electronics that are sold only for parts and not working, which is unique to eBay.

One perk is being able to list items as an auction, which attracts more interested buyers and can potentially increase your sales volume. EBay is one of the few marketplaces left that has enough traffic for most products, including electronics, that allow you to confidently start an auction even at a low price.

Their Global Shipping Program allows you to reach an international audience so that you can sell your electronics more quickly.

Read the best practices for reselling on eBay right here.

Best app for: Reselling electronics
Sign up/subscription fee: Free for basic use, store subscriptions range from $4.95 to $299.95 per month depending on the store tier and capabilities.
Platform fees: Final value fee of 10-12% based on the sales price and category, and occasional insertion fees based on category and if you have a store subscription.

6. The RealReal


There are two ways to increase revenue as a reseller: you can either increase the volume of your sales, or you can increase the price of each item you’re selling. If you sell luxury or designer goods, you’ll be selling at a higher price, meaning you won’t need to move as much inventory if you want to generate significant revenue.

However, in order to reach luxury buyers, you have to find them where they hang out and make purchases–because of fakes and the questionable reputation of sellers on most platforms for designer goods, discerning buyers avoid general platforms that market to the masses.

The RealReal is a preferred platform for buyers of luxury goods, making it the best marketplace for you to resell designer items on. Your listings will be done by consignment, meaning that you send in your item for them to fulfill, so the shipping and handling will be taken care of by The RealReal, hence a higher than average commission compared to other marketplaces.

The fee structure caters towards sellers who have more expensive items, with the least fees being for designer handbags for over $7500, for which there is a fee of 15%.

Buyers here will pay top dollar compared to other marketplaces because of The RealReal’s stringent policy and enforcement against counterfeit goods and their curation which attracts some of the hardest-to-get trending products.

The platform does have a subscription fee for a First Look service which gives first dibs to the best items, but it’s a fee that buyers pay, which should further bolster your confidence that their buyers are ready to spend.

The RealReal has a mobile app on the App store and Google Play that you can use for both buying and selling.  

Best app for: Reselling designer goods
Sign up/subscription fee: None for sellers
Platform fees: The RealReal takes a commission of between 15-80% of your item based on the price, with lower commission for higher priced goods

7. Chrono24


The resale market for watches has been steady for quite some time, and in recent years, it has gained more interest in the younger generations who historically were not as interested in timepieces as they are now.

Trading watches profitably takes a good bit of knowledge, including knowing the best watches to resell and the best place to sell them.

Chrono24 is a leading marketplace for watches, with an active user base that buys top watches in all price ranges, and a competitive commission structure that makes it seller friendly.

You can create and manage listings inside of a mobile app in addition to their web app, and it’s completely free to use.

While the app has listings and subscriptions that cater only to certified watch dealers, individuals will be able to create free listings as well. Be sure to upload good pictures and enter precise details about your watch and its condition, as buyers can be very discerning especially when they are paying top dollar. 

Best app for: Reselling watches
Sign up/subscription fee: Free to sign up, ongoing subscription for reduced seller fees for dealers starting at $84 per month for their Light Subscription and up to $254 per month for their Premium Subscription
Platform fees: Variable commission fees ranging from 2.5%-6.5% and a 2%-3% payment fee

8. Facebook Marketplace

If you want to sell absolutely anything, you’re best off using an app that has the broadest reach and allows you to sell locally so you don’t have to worry about shipping and fees. Facebook Marketplace has grown exponentially since its inception and is now the preferred local marketplace for many buyers worldwide.

Good items to sell on Facebook Marketplace include furniture and fragile goods which both benefit from the fact that most of your audience is local so you don’t have to worry about the cost or care of shipping them.

You can sell to an audience that wants products delivered as well, and the fees are industry leading: Facebook marketplace only takes a 5% selling fee, with a minimum fee of $0.40.

Competitors to the app include Letgo and Offerup, which have its audience but haven’t reached the popularity of Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace can be found inside of your Facebook app, which is completely free to download on Google Play and the App Store.

Best app for: Selling anything
Sign up/subscription fee: Free to use
Platform fees: No fees for local sales, and a 5% selling fee  ($0.40 for items $8 and less) for shipped items.

How Can I Successfully Resell Online?

Becoming a successful online reseller takes having the right tools and knowledge to find and capitalize on the best opportunities that the free market offers.

One crucial step is choosing the right marketplace, which will vary based on what you’re selling. Make sure to research where your buyers preferred place is to buy the item, and how you can become a seller there, including if there is any cost or requirements before you can start making listings. Finding a marketplace that has a mobile app can make your life as a seller more convenient, and most of these reseller-focused apps are free to use.

After you’ve picked a marketplace to sell on, you’ll need to create appealing listings, which means that you have to take good photos, make an accurate description, and price your item competitively. Follow any instructions and be sure to adhere to the marketplace and app guidelines each time you make a listing.

Once your item sells, you need to fulfill orders promptly and follow up with good customer service so you can gain a reputation and a loyal customer base, which is crucial for scaling to making a good living as a reseller.

Find Reselling Success With Whop!

Finding the best app to resell your item on is just one small piece of the large puzzle that makes up the full picture of being a successful reseller, and with so much information online to be found in this ever-changing market, keeping up and formulating an actionable blueprint can prove to be quite difficult, especially if you’re just starting out.

Rather than going off on your reselling journey all alone, you’re better off finding mentorship and guidance, ideally in a community setting. It used to be hard to find a trustworthy, expert-led group for reselling, but now with Whop, you can find all of the best reselling communities in one place.

From different items like sneakers, tickets, and everything in between, to multiple methods including dropshipping, Whop has you covered with private groups and tools that will help you to succeed.

Head over to Whop’s marketplace of highly vetted sellers right here to check out all of the private reselling groups, and get started on your journey as a profitable reseller the right way today!


How do I price my goods for resale?
The first thing you need to do to price your goods for resale is to look at existing prices for the item online across all marketplaces. You’ll need to price your item at a fair market rate so that buyers will be attracted to your listing, but you’ll also want to balance this with competitive pricing so that your item moves quickly. 

Do you have to pay for resale apps?
The vast majority of resale apps are totally free to use, and some like Amazon and eBay have subscription fees if you choose to upgrade your seller capabilities. Amazon’s Professional Seller account is a paid service which costs $39.99 monthly, and allows you to sell using FBA. EBay’s store subscription starts at $4.95 per month, and allows you to create more listings and enjoy reduced fees. Most resale apps can be found on the App store or Google play.

What is the best app for reselling?
The best app for reselling will vary based on the item you’re selling. As a reseller, you are most profitable when you get the highest price, so you’ll want to sell on an app that has the most active audience. Examples include: GOAT for shoes, Chrono24 for watches, and eBay and Facebook Marketplace for clothes, electronics and anything else.