Let’s be honest, Collab.Land can be a bit limiting. Here is what makes us different:

The old way (collab.land):

Upon an individual purchasing your NFT, they would need to somehow find your project's Discord server, join the server, verify their account via the captcha bot or role verification, find the collab.land channel, click the let’s go button, open up a collab.land-branded page, and have your users connect their MetaMask (which also doesn’t work on mobile), and then they will have to go back to the Discord.

The new way (Whop authentication):

Upon an individual purchasing your NFT, they can now navigate directly to your project's auth page. Once on the page, they will log in with MetaMask, verify ownership of the NFT, once verified they will connect their Discord, and they’ll be programmatically added to your project’s Discord server with the proper ownership roles you set beforehand.

Step 1: Create a company account on Whop Business

Getting started is easy, head over to Whop Business and sign up for a free project account. Upon clicking sign up it will ask you to auth your personal Discord account. This will be used as a simple OAuth to use when logging into your dashboard.

Step 2: Answer the questionnaire

It is important you select the NFT option in the project type dropdown. This will give you access to all of the features you’ll want to utilize running an NFT project.

Step 3: Connect your Discord server

The Whop Bot must have access to your Discord server to manage users and roles. The Whop Bot will grant roles to users who prove ownership of your project's NFT and remove roles when users sell their NFT or moves it to a different wallet.

Step 4: Add your base contract and roles

After you connect your Discord, you’ll be prompted to add your contract type, contract address, Opensea URL, and the Discord role for holders of one or more of your NFTs.

The first role in the “Select your base membership Discord role(s)” is the role(s) you’d like an individual to have if they own one of your NFTs. The table underneath gives you the ability to set different roles based on how many of your NFTs an individual holds in their wallet.

Step 4: Adding additional contract types / roles

Head over to this page and click Create Product to add another contract address and role(s). For instance, if you’d like all MAYC holders to have a special role in your Discord server you can set that here.

Step 5: Adjust design and branding

Lastly, you can edit your page's branding.

You’re done! You now have your own custom project page which all of your users can go to, to authenticate their ownership and join your Discord server.

Holders can go directly to your projects page on Whop and authenticate their MetaMask and Discord and be good to go! The user will then be programmatically added to the Discord server with the proper ownership roles.